Monday, September 11, 2006

Fireproof Safe

K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC provides complete solutions for business continuity, information assurance, and disaster recovery planning with consulting and a line of fireproof safes, filing cabinets, and hard drives backup systems for the GSA, banking, commercial, and small business markets.

For valuable tips and information on choosing the right fireproof safe for your storage needs, please visit the FAQ's section here:

Fireking File Cabinet

Introducing the FireKing Record Storage Cabinet for oversized documents, binders and other medical record storage.

Standard Features Include

High Security Oversized Record Storage
UL Rated 350 1/2 hour
Adjustable Shelves for customized interiors (additional shelves available)
Medeco Key lock - drill and pick resistant
Powder Coated finish for scratch resistance

At K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC you can finanace or lease your business office storage equipment today!

Tape Drive Replacement with ioSafe

Tape Drive Supplement and Replacement Strategies...
Are your monthly overheads from tape drives, tape rotation, and tape vaulting going up?
Does your organization need to backup data in a realtime to establish quick Recovery Time Objectives and recovery points?

Because of the speed, capacity and ease of use, disk based backup is preferred by many over tape and online strategies. It's important to recognize that traditional disk based backup should be used in conjunction with tape or online strategies to protect against natural disasters and comply with regulatory requirements - as a combination of strategies is always best.

ioSafe has developed disaster ready disk based backup hardware to protect businesses against disasters including: server failure, fire, flood, theft, building collapse and other disasters.

Learn how ioSafe technology can help the IT BC/DR professional in the following areas:

- Remote Office Backup / Edge Data Outside the Central Server: Fill the gaps in your existing enterprise DR strategy

- Supplement or in some cases eliminate Offsite Tape Vaulting or Slow Online Backup: Reduce IT hassle

- Onsite Security, Disk Based Speed and Disaster Protection

- Rapid Regulatory Compliance: Simple data protection and security strategies for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other similar regulations.

- Reduce DR/BC Plan Costs: Automated, onsite, centrally managed

- Small/Medium Business Solutions: “Disaster Plan in a Box”
Facilitates rapid RTO and full bare metal server rebuild

- Disaster Ready Disk Based Backup
- Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
- Tape Drive Supplement and / or Replacement
- Remote Office Backup
- Rapid Regulatory Compliance
- NAS/RAID/3 TB Interface Available
- USB2/FW/750 GB Available
- Best of Breed Active Air Flow Cooling

Used correctly, ioSafe solutions can greatly reduce IT/DR/BC costs and headaches. IT staff or SMB owners can deploy a simple onsite (or offsite) disaster ready backup solution in minutes.

Bear in mind that a the best strategies ALWAYS consist of multiple techniques to protect against disaster. Human error (losing a tape, misplacing or dropping one)does account for a large percentage of the risk associate with tape backup, and automation can serve to mitigate this risk.

Every business is unique, from SMB's to large enterprises, and your approach strategy and plan for data backup, archiving,and acheiving regulatory compliance will always have it's own attributes. The important part of the data backup equation to remember is that you are proactive and thorough. There are usually some gaps in your plan that still need to be filled.