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In addition to new GSA Approved Containers we offer a full range of used GSA safes from Mosler, Diebold and Hamilton Products Group. These safes, file cabinets and containers have been re-certified and re-furbished and have passed inspection by a GSA Locksmith.

When to Buy a Used Safe
There are many considerations for choosing a used safe vs. a brand new GSA Safe. This includes price, availability and application. The majority of Federal agencies like the DEA, Army, Navy, DOE, etc brand new containers are the preferred choice as they offer the best warranty and service from locksmiths. Other companies such as contractors or sub-contractors that are required to store classified or top secret materials or evidence may opt for a used container for several reasons. These includes lead time, shipping options, best price, etc. Always remember to consult a professional organization before purchase to ensure you buy the best safe for the application. NOTE: Many buyers confuse Class 5 and Class 6 storage requirements and policies.

EXAMPLE: Class 6 containers are not approved for the storage of DEA evidence or narcotics, only a Class 5 approved safe or cabinet can be used for this type of storage.

How to Buy a Used GSA Safe
The buying process is simple. After a few simple questions including; what type of materials are being stored, do you know the proper policies and requirements and what type of delivery is required, we provide quotes via phone, fax or email to the buyer. This generally takes just a few minutes and is a very simple process.

Best Prices on Safes
As a preferred supplier of gsa approved safes to the military and Federal contractors we offer special discounts to all branches of our military. Additionally we offer package pricing on NSA/CSS paper shredders for document shredding and destruction. Generally speaking if you require a GSA container, there is usually a requirement for a paper shredder. It is always best to call our sales consultants to get the best price on GSA Containers for resellers and we always offer 24/7 Self Service price quotes.

For more information on all used cabinets, storage lockers, gun safes, parts and GSA Approved file cabinets Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306.