Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Electronic Safe Battery Replacement

Sentry Fireproof Safe
Changing the Batteries on your Sentry Safe

One of the most common questions we recieve from our customers involves replacing the AA Batteries on electronic safes from SentrySafe. The process is quite simple and step by step instructions are available at

Sentry Safe Battery Replacement

We refer many of our clients direct to for easy to use how to guides and step by step instructions for electronic and biometric safes.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ioSafe Demo-Lition, a First Hand Account

Once again I was privileged to be part of the ioSafe Demo-Lition team during CES 2010 in Las Vegas. For the third time in Vegas we pulled off our live demonstrations with 100% data recovery.

Back in 2007 for the INTEROP IT Expo and Conference we discovered a sports bar off the strip called Screw Balls which would soon become legendary. Las Vegas Sports Book The owner George was intrigued by ioSafe's idea of a "barbecue" and agreed to let it happen. So it was born, an annual live demonstration in Sin City at World Famous Screw Balls sports bar. The first demo included a select group of storage insiders including Network Computing Magazine and others. Steven Hill captured the first ever video of an ioSafe being torched in Las Vegas Moonlight.

In 2009 ioSafe decided to push the envelope with a full week of demos for the press, bloggers and industry giants during CES. The likes of Engadget, Gizmodo, PC Magazine, Wall Street Journal and more were on hand to get the inside story on the ioSafe Solo Hard drive. Over the course of a week twelve hard drives were subjected to fireproof and waterproof tests with 100% data recovery. The demo was held off the strip at a private location where 'barbecue' scenarios can be shown in full effect. The video below shows the 2009 test in full.

The only way to top 2009 was to go bigger in 2010. That was accomplished with the introduction of the ioSafe SSD solid state hard drive. This external drive is fire and waterproof just like the entry level Solo, however it now offers crushproof and shockproof protection. The internal SSD is wrapped in ArmorPlate steel and can withstand drop, shock and vibration. Review of the ioSafeThe product demonstration brought us back to Screw Balls, this time with an excavator and high pressure water truck.

A 35,000 lb. excavator became the centerpiece of the demonstration and product review showcase. This allowed CEO Robb Moore to not only drop the SSD drive from 20+ feet but also crush it into the pavement. crushproof shockproof I assisted with the setup both prior to and during the live product reviews. Six demonstrations were held throughout CES 2010 with 100% success. Data was recovered from each SSD drive that underwent the stress tests.

For the last five years we have been deploying and setting up ioSafe hard drives and systems in IT environments of all types. This includes Linux, Windows and even some AIX environments. It's been a great ride thus far and I am quite proud to be part of the ioSafe team. I look forward to 2010 and continued success with a great product.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Military Grade Hard Drives for the Computer

Rugged computer hard drives are a must for everyone who works in the field doing research or business operations. Protecting data from accidental drop, shock and vibration are paramount to data integrity.

There are several manufacturers that make rugged external hard drives as well as portable drives. One of the most reputable brand names in the military grade market is Olixir or Olixer (mispelled) engineer high end flash drives, solid state external disks as well as custom computer towers that offer extreme duty protection from accidental drop or impact.

Recently ioSafe debuted an SSD drive that compares to the Olixir in that it can withstand shock and vibration without data loss. The ArmorPlate military grade steel case on the ioSafe drive also features fireproof and waterproof layers to protect from data disaster of all type.

Both brands have attractive features and prices and take data storage very serious. Olixir stands out in the portable hard drive arena and the ioSafe brand is now very well known and trusted in the military spec market.