Friday, December 12, 2008

Biometric Fire Safes

Fireproof Safes with Integrated Fingerprint Technology and Access Control
Maintaining the security of business documents and backup data in a fire safe is a common best business practice by companies all over the world. With the development and adoption of biometric fingerprint locks for doors. Businesses that have multiple employees or high turnover rates often choose electronic locks to easily change combinations, however with the additional of the S&G electronic keypad lock with fingerprint reader a biometric fire safe is a top choice when compared to standard key locks or combination dials.

View the S&G locks here:

Friday, December 05, 2008

How to Mount a Safe to the Floor

Bolt Down Kits and Mounting Brackets
Many businesses and homeowners have the need to bolt down a safe to the floor or attach it to the wall for security and theft reasons. There are several drop safes and depository safes that come standard with "bolt down kits" to easily add this burglary protection.

As an example we will take a look at the Fire Fyter Wall/Floor Safe instructions shown in the image above.

Some Safes You Shouldn't Bolt Down
Keep in mind that if you purchase a fire safe that it's not advised that you drill holes in the sides or bottom to bolt it to the floor or wall. This will not only void your warranty but could make the fire rating null and void. Only bolt down a safe that has holes pre-drill in the base or attached mounting plates!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Home Security Safes

Protecting Jewelry, Valuables, Collectibles and Guns
There are literally hundreds if not thousands of home safes to choose from to ensure your priceless possessions are secure from theft, burglary as well as fire disaster. Before you rush into a purchase it's best to consider your options and storage needs before you buy the best home safe for your money.

What are you storing?
If you only need to protect paper documents such as titles, deeds, insurance or business records you should compare a standard security safe to a fireproof safe. If your documents are worth protecting then a dual label fire and burglary safe would be a wise choice. You'll get more security and protection for your dollar.

Computer Media, Film Negatives, Etc.
Should you need to preserve and protect any type of plastic or removable computer media MAKE SURE that your safe has a UL 125 fire rating. If not, you've just wasted your money on a safe that will not protect these items.

Jewelry Safes
When it comes to precious gems, stones or jewelry you should make the comparison between a burglary rated safe and a TL Rated Safe. Both offer security and protection against theft, however the TL Safes offer the highest and best security rated protection available today. Many TL Safes also carry a UL or Omega Point fire rating. TL Rated safes are the top choice for jewelers and jewelry stores across the USA. If you are protecting items that reach into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars then a TL 30 or TL-15 safe would be ideal.

Hidden Safes
Security safes that are hidden in the wall or floor are ideal when being discreet about your valuables is a must. Keep in mind that only a few manufacturers build fireproof wall safes or floor safes. Dual protection is always a better investment!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pros and Cons of Safes

Comparing Safes of All Types to Determine Which is Best for You
Which safe is right for your home or business? The following review is a general guide to help you
decide. For complete assistance Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Wall Safe

Floor safe
Pros: Convenient security and fireproof protection for valuables, collectibles and firearms. These safes are easy to use even when hidden in a wall. Installation is simple and can be done by anyone with the right tools or a contractor.
Cons: Most in-wall safes are not fire rated and it's up to you to ensure that you understand the difference between hidden wall safe security and security with UL rated fire protection.

: Hidden from plain sight and easy to conceal fireproof floor safes are some of the most popular for new homes or businesses. When installed in a concrete floor you benefit from added fire safe protection.
Cons: Hidden access in floors made of concrete do make these safes inconvenient to use. You want to keep your valuables hidden and secure and letting everyone know where you hide them is counterproductive. During a fire situation you do run the risk of water damage from sprinklers or fire hoses.

Pros: Often simply referred to as safes, these large free standing units are available on caster wheels for installation. Safes offer protection for paper documents, valuable and computer media (tapes, hard drives, etc).
Cons: Depending on the type of security or fire protection offered these safes can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Pro: Cash deposits can easily be secured through front door drops or rotary hoppers. This means convenience at both the retail or event level! Most models are built to be bolted to the floor or mounted below a counter top. Locks or dual locks provide access control and can limit who has access.
Cons: Deposit drops safe offer NO fireproof protection.
Pros: Complete security vaults allow for tremendous storage capacity and walk in or walk through access. Modular vaults offer "instant" security that can be constructed in nearly any location.
Cons: Construction requirements mean proper planning and building codes must be considered. Construction of modular vaults can be very expensive when compared to concrete wall or block wall vaults.

Bank vs Home Safe

Is it time to stash the cash?

Current economic instability and continued news of failing financial institutions has many of us concerned about the future. Uncertainty about market reaction and the overall strength of various financial sectors can lead to decisions that may or may not be justified. How do you decide what is right for you, and does it come down to a Bank versus Home Safe scenario?

Our advice is two fold.

First, in order for our economy to begin to turn around, we need to be comfortable with our Banks ability to store our savings in a way that is not only Physically secure, but also Financially secure. Rarely do we question the physical security at our Nations banks; however we have been fielding an ever increasing number of questions based around the Financial Security of the banking industry. Simply put, folks are asking us if they should pull their money out of their bank, and store it in a home safe or burglary rated safe in their home.

Recently, the FDIC raised their account protection from $100,000.00 to $250,000.00. This means that the first $250,000.00 you have in the bank is Federally Secured by the United States Government. For the majority of us, this should calm any concerns of Financial Security, as most accounts are below this threshold.

First piece of advice: Do not pull all of your money out of your bank! Rely on the protections provided by the FDIC Insurance, and actively question your bank on both their investments and their plan for the future.

The team at KL Security takes these types of questions very seriously, and while we do not advise that you withdraw all of your money from your bank, we do advise a balanced approach to personal financial security. Just as we would never advise that you backup all of your computer data through just one method, like tape backup, fireproof servers, or off-site storage, we also do not advise storing your savings in just one location.

A home safe or burglary rated safe is a great way to store emergency savings. If your situation allows, we advise keeping enough cash to carry you through 1-3 months of uncertain times. Choosing the right safe for this job is an important one, and careful consideration should be given when deciding the right type of safe for your specific use.

Call us today to learn about some options you may want to consider!

Increasing File Cabinet Security

A Thorough Review of Upgrade Options and Choices
Business document and computer media security is a small but very important part of the overall strategy for safeguarding papers, intellectual property and vital operational or research data. Standard metal filing cabinets do not offer any protection or security from theft or burglary and will not be considered in this review of available options from FireKing and Schwab Corp / Sentry.

File Cabinet Construction
From a physical security perspective the initial construction of a filing cabinet is vital to deterring theft or break-in attempts. When comparing Schwab cabinets to FireKing there is a distinct difference and overall security. Schwab Corp. builds their product using a one piece construction method. This means that there are not several pieces assembled to make the cabinet shell. The only seams that are accessible are those at the back of the cabinet. This makes it more difficult to tamper with the contents of the unit as the back panel should be sitting directly next to a wall.
FireKing cabinets are built using a multi-piece construction that allows both the sides and top of the unit to be removed.

Lock Bars
Locking bars are an added security feature that can be used with a standard file cabinet and fireproof files. FireKing offers the lockable security bar option direct from the factory to beef up physical security and access control initiatives. By having these installed at the time of order you can easily incread file cabinet security and reduce your long term costs typically associated with retrofitted cabinets.

Lock Upgrades and Access Control
All filing cabinets are equipped with plunger key locks. These locks are not "high security" as they can be picked. Simply put these locks are a deterrant to theft. You can easily install or improve this part of your security plan by choosing a Medecco key lock. These locks (standard on every FireKing file) are UL Listed to resist picking and prying.

One of the only downsides to a key lock is that if you loose or misplace your keys, you'll be spending some money on having a locksmith come out to assist you. Many businesses choose to upgrade to a digital electronic lock. Not only will this offer great convenience, but you can easily change the combination at any time. This option is very important for a business with a high turn over rate of employees. What happens if the battery goes dead? This inevitably will happen over time and it's a simple matter of removing the lock face plate and installing a new 9V volt battery. When the battery gets low the lock will emit a beep as a warning.

Fire Protection, 1 Hour or 2 Hour?
The industry standard is a 1 hour UL fire rating. Why then is there a Schwab 2 Hour cabinet and a FireKing 2 Hour cabinet? There are several reasons and one being that if you want the best, you will buy the best fire rated file cabinet available. If it's worth protecting, it is safe to say that a 2 hour fire rating is a better choice. If you are located in a rural area or have a remote office location it would be a wise choice to purchase the two hour rated fire file - logic tells us that it will take longer for the fire department to respond. In most urban situations a 1 hour fire file will suffice.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FireKing Vertical File Cabinet Review

There are many file cabinets to choose from at FireKing including different widths, depths and heights of cabinets to meet your document storage needs.

Below is a complete list of the FireKing Model #'s and online examples of these cabinets.

31" Deep vertical cabinets with Medecco key locks and UL 1 hour fire and impact rated protection


25" Deep FireKing Cabinets with Medecco key locks and UL 1 hour fireproof and impact rated protection.


2 Hour Fire Safe Filing Cabinets from FireKing have the best UL rating possible to ensure complete integrity of your business paper documents.


Lateral File Cabinets for extra filing space are available in either 44", 38" or 31" wide versions to accommodate your office environment.


Compare Fire Safes and Brands

A Comparison of FireKing, Schwab Corp and Sentry Safes
When making your data or document storage safe decision you need to make sure you are buying a safe that meets all of your business needs and future storage and security goals. Be careful to review your options and features and always ask an expert! One safe brand may be right for your unique business needs, while a competitor brand may not!

Data / Media Storage Safe Comparison
Schwab Corp and FireKing make several models of safes for the storage of media that come in a variety of sizes, UL ratings and customized interior accessories.

UL Rating Comparison
Is your business located in an urban / city area? If yes then you will be okay with the industry standard 1 Hour fire rating label on your safe.

Is a 2 hour fire rating better than a 1 Hour rated safe? In terms of fire protection the 2 hour safe offers superior protection from fire disaster. Does this mean you need to have the higher rated safe? Technically no, as it depends on what your are storing and if your building is equipped with sprinkler systems, etc.

Schwab 1 Hour Safe FireKing 2 Hour Safe FireKing 3 Hour Safe

As you research to compare safes make sure to ask colleagues and other storage or physical security professionals about their own choices and experiences.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hard Drives

Choices, Choices, Choices...
No matter what your storage requirements might be you can choose from a wide range of manufacturers of hard drives that offer a choice of USB, Firewire, NAS or iSCSI transfer speeds in a variety of flavors, shapes and sizes.

Brand Consideration
While most consumers know that they can pick up a Maxtor, Western Digital or Seagate hard drive at any box store, there are several other brands to choose from that offer great storage capacity and backup features.

Want to get elegant about your storage? If you answered yes then you should take a look at the Lacie custom made artist / designer hard drives. These award winning products will look great sitting in that new home entertainment center.

Fujitsu recently announced their partnership with ioSafe for the manufacturing of fireproof backup - an internal hard drive that is waterproof and can withstand damage during a disaster such as fire, flood or sprinklers systems.

Connectivity - USB? FireWire? NAS?
Which hard drive is best for you? Well this can depend on the type of digital media that you are storing (photos, images, video, etc) as well as how fast you need to access this data. NAS or network attached storage can offer data transfer speeds of up to 1 GB per minute - perfect for showing off family photo slideshow at blazing speeds this holiday season :) This doesn't mean you can't do the same with USB 2.0 or FireWire 400 or 800, but you'll get that data faster on a network!

If you are sharing the backup drive at the office or at home, you'll appreciate the NAS version even more! But please don't loose any doubt about direct attached storage USB devices!

So what can you learn here? Looks at your options, make a comparison of the pros and cons of each brand and read a lot of reviews before making your purchase!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Compare Fireproof Data Storage Safes

Choosing the Best Safe for your Unique Business Needs
Part 1 of 3 in a Series for Comparing the Pros and Cons of Data Backup and Storage Products

There are many types, sizes and brands of data storage safes on the market today including industry leaders Schwab Corp, FireKing and ioSafe. While each of these safe manufacturers products have their own unique selling points, this series will compare, contrast and review each product as it relates to a a specific business problem or challenge and how each fireproof safe offers a solution.

Computer Media Storage Challenges
The proper storage of removable computer media tapes (DLT, LTO, etc) needs to be taken into consideration to prevent data loss, mitigate data security risks and improve both business operational objectives and meet storage goals.

Challenge Number #1
Improve Backup Media Security - this is accomplished by ensuring your safe is locked, has limited access control. Ensure that your safe has a lock that meets any federal or industry specifications. This can include HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) PCI storage requirements, etc. Data centers or locked door rooms are also optimal for achieving these goals.

Challenge Number # 2
Choosing the Right Fire Rating - the best fire rating for your unique business needs relates to you physical location and proximity to a local fire department. A one hour safe is typically the best choice for most businesses operating in a city / urban environment. Rural or remote office locations should strongly consider a fire safe with a 2 hour rating or the best 3 hour rating.

Challeng Number # 3
Improve Data Backup Strategy - if you have already implemented a tape backup strategy you should consider supplementing or replacing your tape drive system with a disk based solution. This will allow your to automate the data backup process as well as reduce yearly operating expenses by reducing the number of tape rotations. This can mean a drastic reduction in labor costs. It is suggested that if you supplement your tape media with hard drives that you still use a tape for weekly or monthly archiving of mission critical data.

A thorough review of ioSafe hardware to Dell, IBM, HP and other backup disk drives and servers will help you understand how combining fire protection, physical security and disk based backup into a single system or purchase offers better ROI in the short, medium and long term.

In the second part of this series will look more closely at each general data backup and storage challenge and provide complete lists of vendors, appliances, safes and solutions to both technology issues and solving business problems.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gun Vault Construction, A Step by Step Guide

Building a security vault in a new home can be accomplished in several ways. Many vaults that are built inside the home are made using a concrete block wall or poured concrete walls. Often times a vault that is built in a basement will have poured walls, while a free standing vault in a garage area is generally of block construction.

Over the course of the next few months we'll be posting blog entries to give you an intimate look into the construction of a gun vault and utilizing the Schwab Vault Door from Schwab Safe. Our goal is to provide custom home builders and architects with an intimate view into the installation of a vault door including the frame, setting the door and a view of a finished gun vault.

The picture above is a standard block wall room that will be used a security vault when the construction phase is complete. The owner has chosen to use a Schwab 2-hour fire rated steel vault door and has left a rough opening (RO) of 42.5" W x 83.5" Wide. This rough masonry opening will accomodate a Model # 7832 vault door.

As the construction process continues this blog will feature a video for the installation of the fire insulated door and the step by step photos from opening the crate to mounting the door into position.

To learn more about fire rated vault doors please visit

Monday, October 20, 2008

Vault Door Security

Homeowners across the country install vault doors in their homes during the construction phase to build both safe rooms and gun vaults. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of contractors and construction companies to ensure that they get the best vault doors with the most features.

Our Schwab Corp doors are available in 1,2,4 or 6 hour fire ratings depending on the application and distance to fire department. Soon we will be showcasing a door installation in a custom built home and provide photos of the entire process.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sentry Safe

This week Sentry Safe (proud new owner of Schwab Corp Safe Company) announced a 50% increase in sales in spite of an economy that is swaggering. While this news has come to us with confidence our company continues to be focused on the positive, providing the best support and service before and after the sale and giving our clients.

As 2009 quickly approaches we look forward to launching our new and improved websites to better serve our clients and provide the best online experience possible. You can and will always be able to call us Toll Free 1-866-867-0306 at any time and speak directly to a safe and data storage hardware expert.

Thank you to all of our clients who have helped make our progress possible! We look forward to continually serving your data storage and document storage needs!

FireKing Safe

For more than 50 years FireKing has been providing businesses worldwide with fire safes and filing cabinets to store and secure vital business documents, records and removable computer media. We have been very fortunate to work with such a great manufacturer and customer service team at FireKing Security Group and want to say thanks for all of your assistance over the years helping us become a more successful company today.

As we look ahead we are focused on business growth and continuing to provide the best support, service, locksmith technical service and only the best fireproof safes and file cabinets possible.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shredding On Site

Document security is an essential element of doing business. When considering a mobile paper shredding service you should ask yourself a few questions to determine if it may be better to buy a paper shredder.

How much will a full year of mobile shredding cost you? The cost of a mobile shredding service will increase & never go away. With the rising cost of fuel and surcharges you could easily pay for a paper shredder very quickly.

Do you know the actual person shredding your documents and are they trustworthy? While most companies have strong reputations you have opened yourself up to a security risk by allowing papers to be taken off site.

Who has access to the paper bins at your office? If documents have confidential information, how secure are they now?

If the information is not shredded on site, where does it go and who else gets to see it?

No matter which service takes your documents, you are ultimately responsible for all the information.

Secure Filing Cabinet

Your office has plenty of paper records stacked in boxes, in desks and you simply don't have the time to scan and digitally archive each and every document. It's time to itemized those vital records and put together a storage plan, buy a filing cabinet and protect the assets that are key to keeping your business going strong in a safe and secure cabinet.

No matter what size your business is, it's important to be able to protect important business papers from fire, flood, theft, etc. You've got several options to choose from including FireKing, Schwab Corp. and many others including Sentry to offer both security and fireproof storage protection.

All fire file cabinets should carry the UL fire-resistance rating for 1-hour, if you need more protection you can also add an impact rating or bump up to a 2-hour fire file for maximum protection. Typically if you are located in a city you will only need the 1-hour rating, 2-hour ratings are certainly more important to rural areas.

Always keep in mind that sensitive internal documents and customer records may need to be shredded on site or with a business-class paper shreddder. Proper document destruction can prevent your business from being liable for lost or stolen records which can be quite damaging to your reputation.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Computer Water Damage

While many computer users take steps to protect digital data from fire damage it is important to remember that water damage can cause severe problems to circuit boards as well as data.

Today there are computer hardware manufacturers that engineer computer hard drives and backup systems that are waterproof and fire safe. It's best to research your options and determine how much data you need to store as well as if your data storage needs will grow in the future.

For more information you can visit

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fujitsu Hard Drives Power ioSafe Fireproof Waterproof

In big IT industry news Fujitsu's mobile HDDs, with up to 320GB(1) capacity, are available in the ioSafe 3.5 Pilot and 3.5 Squadron series, offering the industry a high performance and expanded capacity drive with a disaster-protected guarantee.

The ioSafe 3.5 series certifies fire safe protection to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes (per the ASTM E119 standard) and waterproof protection from fresh or salt water damage for full immersion at depths up to five feet for 24 hours. ioSafe adds a patented ruggedized casing to the Fujitsu 2.5-inch drive, which can then be deployed and used exactly like any other industry standard 3.5-inch SATA HDD, but with the added capability of disaster protection.

These rugged hard drives set the bar very high and offer the most disaster protection per dollar of any single backup system or solution available.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sentry Safe and Schwab Corp

The world leader in consumer and small business fire safes and file cabinets, Sentry Safe, has recently acquired Schwab Corporation. Since 1872 Schwab Corp. has been the most trusted name in fireproof safes and filing cabinets for business and commercial use.

We are excited to be able to soon be offering our business clients new products and innovations to further protect vital business documents, records, computer backup and more. As soon as we have more information available about Sentry Safe and new product offerings we will be posting updates here and on our websites.

To read the official press release you can click here:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home Media Server

Redefining Entertainment, Photo Sharing and Digital Asset Storage
File servers and media servers have evolved on many levels and made their way into the homes of hundreds of thousands if not millions of homes. Sharing those favorite digital photos and images with family and friends has never been easier thanks to the drop in price and marketing of home media servers as a standard part of the home entertainment theater and suite.

One of the best ways to describe the benefits of this new movement toward media servers is to share a story of a my friend, his wife and their new baby boy. Like all parents, taking photos at the hospital, baby's first day at home, baby's first tooth, and each and every stage of life has now become the standard. [insert home media server] Sharing these wonderful moments with friends and family that don't live nearby is now easier than ever with the simple addition of a file server sitting next to the DVD player. With a wide variety of manufacturers selling these systems you can easily add a 4 TB server to your list of gadgets and holiday wish list.

For those wanting to preserve those digital family photos, videos and music from fire and water damage you may opt to purchase fireproof hard drives to install inside your server or even buy a home media server that already has fire safe disks standard. No matter if you bundle a Drobo or Netgear ReadyNAS with internal fireproof drives you can rest assured that precious family memories.

To learn more about fireproof servers, network storage and USB systems you can visit or

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meilink Safe

For well over a century Meilink high security safes have provided affordable and reliable protection from fire and theft. For businesses that need the best protection for assets that top the scales in the the tens and hundreds of thousands-of-dollars, these safes are engineered to be the strongest that money can buy.

Even with the discontinued production of the TRTL-60x6 Six-sided tool and torch resistant protection (60 minutes or 1 hour security). Meilink continues to be the world leader as a safe manufacturer of the TL-30, TL-30x6 and TL-15 torch and tool resistant safes. These high security safes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and features to fit into different spaces within your business or home.

As all businesses each have their own unique requirements for high security safes our safe specialists and consultants work with you to determine which high security safes will best fit your storage and physical security needs.

What is the TL Rating?
UL TL Rating: The safe must be meet specific construction requirements including thickness of the steel on all sides. The safe is also tested and UL rated to prevent access to contents by physical attack using specific tools including grinders, pick axe, sledge hammer, drills, and saws for a specified period. TL-15 means it passed a 15-man-minute test. TL-30 means it passed a 30-man-minute test. TL-30x6 means it must pass additional tests and added construction requirements on all six sides.

To learn more about these burglary rated fire safes you can visit

Friday, July 18, 2008

Digital Data Trumps Cash

Cash used to be King, but for most businesses this is no longer the case. Digital assets and data are the source of convenience as well as security risks. From storing confidential information to archiving business assets, companies today need to be aware of the pro's and con's of all types of storage media (backup tapes, hard drives, etc)

Mitigating the security risks associated with data backup, storage and archiving are of great importance to every company. PR nightmares can happen very quickly if confidential data gets into the wrong hands. Take the time to consider your backup strategy as a whole; from the type of storage media, to the backup process of manual or automated can help you quickly identify risks.

Most importantly, after you have identified data security risks you need to take steps to ensure that your backup strategy can easily adapt to protect your assets.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

UL Listings

For a very complete resource and guide to Underwriter's Laboratories ratings of fire safes and insulated record protection equipment you can visit the knowledge base at KL Security Enterprises. The safe experts have a wide range of world-class business record storage products to meet the needs of data and document storage for many applications.

The UL classification and rating system is used to determine exactly how long a fireproof safe or filing cabinet can protect documents or removable computer media given a specified time and temperature. While the resource guide online is a valuable tool for research, it is best to go to to learn more.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Goal-Driven Choices are the Best for Your Business
Storing and protect documents and business data is an important part of both daily and future business operations. A lost, deleted or stolen document is a headache that no one in the company wants to deal with, given the amount of actions and tasks already required to move forward in an unsure economy.

When considering a fireproof safe for paper documents and removable media or a hard drive storage device for digital assets it it important to remember that you are making an investment in the viability of your company. Properly securing data and documents is a vital part of business continuity. Proper storage in the event of fire or flood disasters can mean the difference between a simple set back or complete loss of business operations.

Buy a fire safe with your future storage considerations in mind. If your company must comply with Federal Regulations for document or data storage you'll need to make sure that your safe has all of the necessary security features (generally a TL-30 or Class 5 rating) to ensure compliance. For data backup storage requirements it's important to consider capacity (for DLT or LTO tapes) as well as Gigabytes if you are going toward a hard drive, external USB or NAS storage server.

A great question to ask yourself when considering your safe purchase is "What percentage of your total assets do you want to use to protect all of your assets?"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Take your Business Data Off Road

Some companies have serious data storage requirements and some simply take data storage serious. LoD Genuine Off Road Equipment engineers and manufactures rugged jeep tire carriers and jeep bumpers for off road enthusiasts across the country. When it comes to storing data and documents they rely on the expert advice of KL Security.

Because the custom built products that LoD offers for the Jeep JK and TJ, CJ or YJ require strength, reliability and durability they require the same toughness for the storage of business and website data in their off site data storage plan.

With the use of an offsite network storage server attached to an ioSafe fireproof and waterproof hard drive important business data is easily maintained in a secure environment that can be recovered in the event integrity of a fire or water damage situation.

In addition to a solid off site backup plan an additional backup copy is kept in-house to ensure that business operations can continue in the event of a computer or server crash.

For the best in Jeep off road after market accessories count on LoD to deliver, and for the toughest in data storage rely on ioSafe storage hardware.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Which Burns First, Paper or Computer Media?

The easier question to address is which one is destroyed first...paper chars around 400 degrees F, while computer media can begin to deteriorate and/or melt around 125 degrees F. This means that removable computer media such as magnetic tapes like DLT, LTO, as well as CD's or DVD's can loose information at far lower temperatures.

Paper actually burns at 451 degrees F (remember the book Fahrenheit 451?) thus the fire rating standard is UL Class 350 for 1 hour or 2 hr.

The rule of thumb is, don't store data/media disks in a fire file cabinet!!!


What is the best fire safe available?
This question has several answers and depending on the application, security need, storage requirements and fire ratings there are several makes of safes that could be considered the best...for your unique needs.

Most businesses have a "best business practice" requirement to store both paper records and removable backup media such as tapes, DVD's, CD's, or portable and external hard drives. These types of records should be stored in a fireproof cabinet or safe. Depending on the space available there are many configurations to meet your exact needs.

It's important to remember that paper records need UL 350 fire rated files or safes to properly protect from fire while removable media will require the UL 125 fire rating on the safe or cabinet.

If you requirement is simply for security then you can choose from burglary rated safes, TL-30 or TL-15 rated safes (higher security) or the highest security level of GSA Approved Class 5 or Class 6.

Many homes utilize a hidden wall safe or in-floor safe as a deter ant to theft or burglary.

Yes, there are many choices and consideration when it comes time to buy a safe. Contact our expert staff any time Toll Free 866-867-0306 or visit us online at or

Friday, March 14, 2008

Photograph Negative and Film Storage

For film archives, mounted slides and even glass plate negatives proper storage is required for longevity. When it comes to fire protection it's important to remember that a fireproof safe for this type of media must have a UL 125 fire rating.

A fireproof safe with the UL 125 rating will ensure that the temperature inside the safe does not exceed 125 degrees F. By maintaining this temperature rating the negatives will maintain their integrity during a fire disaster.

Imagine if you left your film in your car during the summer with the windows rolled up...even these temperatures are enough to cause damage and warping to these sensitive materials.

For more information about safes, filing cabinets and fireproof hard drives visit

Thursday, March 13, 2008

FireKing MediaVAULT Review

Looking for an easy way to get fire protection for the storage of portable hard drives, USB drive or thumb drives? The FireKing MediaVAULT is a stand alone fireproof box that can safely protect your disk drives from fire for up to one hour and is offered at a mere $345.00

Do you use tape backup? Another great application of this small fire safe is that it can hold up to 12 DLT, LTO or Ultrium backup tapes or a combination of disk backup drives and tapes. This is great for those businesses that use a disk to disk to tape backup strategy.

Weighing in at a mere 74 lbs. this unit can be stored under a desk or inside a file cabinet drawer for added security. One of the drawback of this item is that it comes with a simple key lock and is not built for security.

We use the Fire King Media Vault in our office for external hard drives, backup CD's and DVD storage. It's just the right size for the SOHO and SMB and when put inside our GSA Approved container we get the best security for our data.

If you are in the market for a fire safe that is easy on the pocketbook then look no further.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

File Cabinets

Office organization and storage of business documents is easy with KL Security Enterprises. We offer a complete line of fireproof filing cabinets from both FireKing and Schwab Corp. to meet all of your needs.

Vertical or Lateral?
Depending on what you are storing and how much space you have can easily determine whether you need a vertical cabinet or lateral file cabinet. Vertical cabinets have a much smaller footprint and come in several depths (31", 25", 22", 20") whereas the lateral storage cabinets are far wider at 44", 43", 36" or 30" wide. For those of you in the health care field we also offer end tab filing cabinets.

What is the best filing cabinet?
This depends on your document storage needs. Many companies only offer fire rated files, while others specialize in map and plan cabinets or over sized plan files for architectural drawings. Recently we came across the space saving Ulrich plan files which are great for large format documents and prints.

Every business is unique and most likely you should speak with a document storage expert before making your purchase.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Rugged Hard Drives NAS

If you are looking for a ruggedized NAS or external hard drive then look no further than ioSafe hardware. These fireproof and waterproof backup devices can withstand a fire at 1700 Degrees F for 1-hour as well as fire hoses, sprinkler systems and floods (saltwater or freshwater) up to 30 feet for water for a month.

One of the best features that truly differentiates these backup devices from any other product on the market is their ability to provide airflow cooling during normal operation, yet still protect your data with complete recovery from fire or water disasters.
To learn more about the importance of proper cooling and airflow from please visit the HDD Temperature website or do a Google search about the importance of airflow and cooling for hard drives as it relates to reliability.

No matter if you have a small or medium business, an enterprise company or have several branch / remote offices, there is an ioSafe hardware device for you.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Backup Hard Drive

One of the worst feelings at the office is when a computer crashes and your business experiences a data loss. Not only is there a loss of productivity and the cost of replacing computer hardware but the loss of important data (current projects, client information, sales data, etc) is far more costly.

Purchasing a backup hard drive is one of the easiest ways to avoid data loss. Even if a hard drive or primary server drive crashes you will at least be able to retrieve the data from your backup copy. No matter if you choose to buy a USB external device, RAID or network attached device the important part to remember is that you have a backup copy!

There are hundreds of brands to choose from including portable external drives or an additional internal disk drive inside your desktop PC or Mac workstation. Do your research! You may find that a bus-powered external is best for your particular needs. Most of these drives work across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux so they are adaptable to your business environment.

BACKUP YOUR DATA!!! Don't wait until it's too late!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Lock for Field Safes and Weapons Safes

Beginning March 1st, 2008, all Class 6 Field Safes and Class 5 Weapons Safes will be equipped with the new Sargent and Greenleaf model 2937 Lock. This change will replace the Sargent and Greenleaf 8550 that is currently the standard.

Here is a brief explanation of this new lock, courtesy of the Sargent and Greenleaf website:

"The Sargent and Greenleaf model 2937 lock is a UL® Group 1 lock designed to meet the recent federal specification FF-L-2937. The model 2937 offers rugged all metal- 3 wheel construction, twenty man-hours of resistance to expert manipulation, and stainless steel bolt strong enough to resist 600lbs of force. It comes standard with Spy-Proof® dial for added dialing security. The model 2937 installs and operates like all other Sargent and Greenleaf three wheel locks to ensure easy retrofits and new installations alike."

The Sargent and Greenleaf model 8550 lock is still approved for use on existing GSA containers.

As always, the team at KL Security is ready to answer any questions you may have. Call us Toll Free at 866-867-0305

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Waterproofing Your Data Backup Tapes and Documents

Best Business Practices for protection your data backup tapes from water, flood, sprinklers and fire hoses

Taking steps to protect your business data (servers, hard drives, backup tapes) from fire is a tremendous step toward ensuring your resiliency and financial health. It remains equally important to protect these backups from water as well. With over 95% of fires there is water present. Fire hoses and water sprinkler systems can cause just as much damage to your data as fire. Below are several best practices for safeguarding your backup data and business documents.

Plastic Bags and Rubberized Containers

Removable media tapes (DLT, LTO, VXA, etc) are more prone to damage from fire and water. While the items do remain protected from fire in a UL 125 rated safe they also need protection from smoke and water. By simply storing the tapes in a sealed plastic bag, Tupperware or other rubberized container, water damage can easily be avoided. This best business practice is often overlooked by many businesses. This one simple step can mean the difference between fully recovery or partial recovery.

Waterproof Hard Drive

A fire resistant and waterproof hard drive is a common approach to protecting your data backup. These USB external hard drives offer a great alternative to automated the data backup process as well as mitigating data security risks. Offering protection from a 1700 degree fire for 1-hour and waterproof data backup to 30 feet for 30 days, the ioSafe hard drives and Network attached storage systems are the best choice for businesses.

Water Resistant File Cabinets

Protecting paper documents from fire and water is also a common best practice for business continuity. Schwab Corp., one of the largest manufacturers of fire filing cabinets makes their TRIDENT Series cabinet with additional protection from water. Inside the drawer heads of every one of these fireproof files is a rubber seal to give unprecedented protection from fire hoses and water sprinklers systems.

Off Site Backup

Combining an on site and off site backup strategy is a preferred method to protect from water damage as well as fire damage. In the event of a natural disaster an offsite backup plan is one of the best insurance policies for data and document recovery. Many business use a combination of tape backup with hard drive disk or NAS storage in both the primary business location and at an off site storage facility. This ensures the best recovery time objective possible with a 'belts and suspenders' approach.

Monday, January 21, 2008

TL Rated Safes

Financial insitutions, jewelers, payroll departments, and businesses who carry large amounts of cash and other valuables require the highest level of security. TL rated safes offer that security by adhering to some of the most rigorous testing in the industry. The "TL" stands for Tool, and the number reflects the length of time, in minutes, the safe was subjected to testing.

Available in TL-15, TL-30 safe, and TL-30x6, these safes are tested against attack by grinders, pick axes, sledge hammers, drills, and saws. In addition, the Gibraltar line of safes are also fire rated through the Omega Point 1700 degree fire test during which the internal temperature is not allowed to exceed 275 degrees.

Internal options include various shelves, drawers, and lockers for user customization. Locking options include standard combination locks, electronic locks, and time audit capabilities.

When high security and fire protection are at the top of your priority list, trust a Meilink safe, tl-15 safe, tl 30 or the tl 30x6.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Schwab Corp Vault Door

- UL 155 Compliant Vault Door
- Class B Mercantile Burglary Insurance Rating
- (2) UL 140 Compliant Re-locking Devices
- UL Class 350 - 1,2,4 or 6 Hour Rated

File Room and Vault Door installation is made easy with the Schwab Corp brand. Their vault doors are tested by UL for security features such as the dual re-locking devices, fire protection and water resistance.

When ordering a vault door there are a few bits of information that you will need to provide. First, we will need to know the thickness of the surrounding walls as the jam is set at the factory. For contractors, this is a key feature, as it takes a lot of the physical work out of of the installation. Jams can be set anywhere between 7"-18" and can be installed around block or poured concrete.

Second, we will need to know if you need left or right hand swing. To figure the swing, stand in front of the doorway and decide which side should have the hinges. Right hinge is right swing, left hinge is left swing.

Additional accessories such as daygates, automatic door closers, and additional lock upgrades are available as well.

If you are in the market and are considering the installation of a Vault Door, contact us today to find out which options best suit your needs!

Physical Security Containers

Physical Security Containers, or GSA Containers as they are generally referred to as, are designed for use by the Federal Government and Government Sub Contractors that store items such as Classified Documents, weapons, ammunition, and various items deemed to require the utmost in physical security.

Identifying an approved container is as simple as reading the label. If you are storing any of the above mentioned items in a container that does not have a GSA Approved Label as shown on the right, you may be in violation of Federal Law.

Beginning in 2012 all Classified Information needs to be stored in a GSA Approved Container that is equipped with the X-09 Lock. This is a major shift in policy and will require advanced planning as orders for new containers will be delayed due to increasingly high order volume.

If you have questions regarding your current or future storage needs, give us a call on our Toll Free Line 866.867.0305

Monday, January 07, 2008

Fire Resistant Hard Drive

There are several fire resistant and waterproof USB hard disk drives on the market today and choosing the right product to meet your data storage needs is very important. For the consumer and home user, data storage requirements are usually not as challenging as those for the business or enterprise, however it's of great importance for your fire resistant hard drive to be as reliable as your primary computer system.

Air Flow - Cooling - Heat Dissipation
Air flow and cooling are very important to the reliability of any hard disk drive. Just take a look at your laptop or desktop PC and think about the importance of fans for your computer. Heat is the number one enemy of any hard drive, cooling and air flow are by far the most important element to ensuring your computer or server will last! Would you ever consider cutting the fan on your computer?? NO.

Hard disk drives create heat while in operation (even a little while they are not spinning) and removing that heat with air flow and cooling fins will always remain the number one challenge for hardware manufacturers. Technology will always become faster and smaller, while heat buildup will forever pose a threat to reliability of backup devices.

When choosing the best fire safe USB hard drive for your data backup plan make sure that you're getting more than just a hard drive inside a fire safe, make sure you are buying a reliable backup device!