Monday, May 24, 2010

External Hard Drive Review

The ioSafe Solo is reviewed in the Ottawa Citizen by Murray Mill. Like many of the reviews online, this is another positive review.

"PROS: Security, the ability to preserve and get back data in the event of a disaster, decent price, very quiet.

CONS: My God it’s heavy! My Solo was/is a USB-only device. There are many faster alternatives, but they cost a lot more."

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Top Quality Contractors in Lafayette, IN | Our List of Reliability

Selecting a trustworthy and reliable contractor is vitally important to your safety and pocketbook. Today, more so than ever, there are the low bidders, poor workmanship and a general lack of professionalism and competence in the trades. That said, it's important to find the best and most reliable so you get the most for your money with the highest quality work. We use a variety of contractors and always get asked for referrals on who we trust and who consistently exceed expectations.

Below is our “GO TO” list of local Indiana contractors that we trust time and again and most importantly are comfortable in referring our friends and family to.

ARNIE COOK Roofing – residential and commercial roofing / windows / siding (765-420-7663) > Arnie Cook

ARTISAN ELECTRIC (765-414-3913) > Electrician in Lafayette and Monticello – Chris Voglund

HAGUE QUALITY WATER – water conditioning equipment sales and installation (765) 538-2549 > Steve Sidel

HAYS & SONS | Water and Fire Restoration | Disaster Recovery > (765)-449-9111 > Greg Kreinbrook

HENERY POOR LUMBER – building materials / custom wood / kitchen and bath supply (765) 474-1388 > Jay Andrew

BRENNECO Plumbing | Plumber in Lafayette, Indiana (765-448-6190) > Randy Lynch

MECKO’S Heating and Cooling | Residential & Commercial Heating Cooling > (765-447-7555) > Dave Mecklenburg

R.DOUGLAS PAINTING – high end interior and exterior painter (765) 412-4621 > Gaius Douglas

WYATT COMMUNICATIONS - phone systems in Lafayette , communications / tech support and supply (765) 447-6545 > Bill Wyatt

TRI-TECH CONSTRUCTION – commercial buildings / cement work / crane service / overhead doors | Full Service General Contractor (765) 448-7994 > Ted Christianson

PREMIER SERVICES | Lafayette Concrete Contractor > 765-426-6451 > Jeremy Davis

KJG ARCHITECTURE – full service architects and engineers (765) 497-4598 > Kelly Good

K.L. SECURITY ENTERPRISES – fireproof safes , GSA Containers and ioSafe hard drives 1-866-867-0306 > Johnny Klemme – That’s me!

AMERICA’S ELITE CARPET and FLOOR CARE – carpet and floor cleaning (765-296-7234) > Mark Harbison

BECK’S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE CENTER – Auto Car and Truck Repair Shop (765) 447-9459 > Robert Hancock

MAXIMUMMEDIA – Website designer in Lafayette |Graphic Design and Consulting (765) 413-8923 > Noah Mattern

JP VIDEO PRODUCTIONS – Video Prodcution, TV Commercials and More (765) 269 – 9692 Jay Patzschke

IS PHOTOGRAPHIC – Professional Photographer for Commercial, Senior Portraits and Weddings in Lafayette, Indianapolis and Chicago (765) 420-9621 > Dave Mason

AUTO GLASS EXPRESS – Glass Windshield repair | Convertible tops and all things auto glass (765) 446-7900 > Ron Whitaker

EDGE IT SOLUTIONS - all things IT (765) 807-6121 > Ryan Edgell

We personally know and work with each of the above contractors and can testify to the quality of work and professionalism of each contractor. If you need a reference for any home improvement projects in the Lafayette, IN area or have plans for new residential or commercial construction just let us know!

The contractors above have a service area that includes Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana as well as surrounding towns with contractors in Monticello, Benton County as well as Indianapolis and Chicago.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Serious Fire Proof Safe Protection

If there is one thing that you should do in your lifetime, you should protect your important papers and any items you hold dear to your heart. You should invest in a fire proof safe. It would almost be like losing your purse or wallet if you had your things burn in a fire or were stolen in a burglary from your home.
There are some things that are just irreplaceable and some that are but it would take time and money. If your house has never been broken into consider yourself very lucky. If you have never had to endure a fire in your home once again consider yourself very lucky. There are so many things that we take for granted in our lives that when we hear the heartbreaking stories from others we can only empathize and it might be just the trigger we need before considering doing something about it.
If you have never checked out fire proof safes you will find that they come in all different sizes and are very easy to use and store. The difference between a regular safe and a fire proof safe is the tolerance of heat the safe can withstand. They are easy to use and once you get one you will be surprised how much you end up using it because you may start using it for cash and other valuables you keep in the house. The other nice feature is you can store them anywhere. If you have a small closet in the hall you may decide that is an area to place your fire proof safe because it is not an obvious spot for a burglar to look.
You can also look at a fireproof safe for safe keeping jewelry and passports. Y ou certainly would not want to lose your family's heirloom items or a passport for it is either a very difficult and time consuming to replace or a highly prized possession in the family. Fire proof safes also make a nice gift. It is thoughtful and lets the person know you care. It makes a good wedding or house warming present too. Do not be the one who loses their belongings in a fire when you had a chance to prevent it. Take the time and do some research before purchasing a fire proof safe for your home.