Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fire Resistant Safe Ratings and Products

Determining the best safe to meet your storage needs
There are several distinct differences between a fire resistant safe for paper and a fire safe for computer media or data backup tapes. This primarily revolves around the fire safe rating, either a UL 350 or UL 125.

The UL 350 fire rating means that the interior of the safe (during a fire) will not rise above 350 degrees F for the designated time frame (e.g. 1-Hour, 2-hour, etc). This type of fire protection is meant to protect paper documents. Paper chars and begins to burn at 451 degrees F (remember the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury?).

A fire safe with the rating UL 125 means that the interior temperature of the safe will not rise above 125 degrees F for the designated time frame (e.g. 1-Hour, 2-Hour, 3-Hour). This means that computer media such as DLT or LTO tapes, DVD's and backup CD's will be protected in a fire. This type of media safe will also protect your paper documents.

Once you have determined what you will be storing, then you can easily decide which fire safe rating you need to have. We carry both the FireKing safe and Schwab Corp. safe product lines to meet the storage needs of our clients. By having the best choice in the business we can better meet our client's goals for document and data storage.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

NAS Storage Server and USB Fire Safes from ioSafe Drive Small Business

Working to provide businesses with a cost effective disaster recovery solutions, K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC has announced a strategic alliance with ioSafe to market and distribute their Disaster proof hardware - a Fireproof and Waterproof Back up Hard Drive and the ioSafe R4 NAS Storage hardware.

“We bring a diverse customer base, and an experienced sales team that understands the value a USB Fire Safe to a business. By rolling this product out through our current customers and website community (with thousands of visitors each month) we are providing a very cost effective way to improve market awareness, offer direct routes to precise buying groups and gauge the overall market by learning the needs and concerns of those businesses,” said John Klemme, President of K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC. “As small and medium size businesses look at solutions for instant data recovery in the event of a natural disaster, we are confident that the ioSafe data storage hardware will stand out as cost effective solution for both disaster recovery and business continuity planning.”

The ioSafe adds a new dimension to the complete line of fireproof file cabinets and fireproof safes that K.L. Security currently offers. As small and medium sized businesses rely more and more on their computers, the ioSafe has made it affordable to securely store data on-site and provide easy access.

According to Travis Easter, National Accounts Manager at K.L. Security, “Many companies and even homeowners understand the need to store their documents or personal information in fireproof file cabinets or fireproof safes, but it’s just as important to protect and backup digital information as well. Statistics show that most small businesses don’t survive a disaster, but with proper disaster recovery planning the lifeblood of our nation’s economy will continue on.”

About ioSafe

ioSafe is an emerging leader in disaster ready computer hardware and software solutions for safeguarding critical digital data. ioSafe focuses on developing disaster ready solutions which are easy to install, easy to maintain and provide 24/7 protection for businesses and individual users.

About K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC

K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC is a leading nationwide dealer of fireproof file cabinets, fireproof safes, secure data backup solutions, GSA Approved high security containers, and custom built storage containers. Available products can be researched at the following websites, .

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our Brands

Our business is one that cannot afford to carry brands that cut corners or allow for inconsistent product offerings. Deciding upon the manufacturers we have chosen to carry has been a very important part of creating our growing business throughout the years. Initially we started small, but as our customers needs have grown, so has our product offering.

Here is a brief summation of the manufacturers we represent, and a brief history of their companies. For more information, visit or call us at Toll Free 866.867.0306

Schwab Corporation - Manufacturer of fireproof media and record cabinets and safes, fireproof filing cabinets, as well as fireproof vault and saferoom doors since 1872. Based in Lafayette, IN since that time, Schwab Corp is one of the most trusted names in fireproof records protection.

Fireking Security Group - Developing products since 1951, Fireking has cemented themselves as an industry leader in the record storage industry. Continually adding new products to their line, Fireking has expanded their offering to encompass a wide range of security products.

Dahle USA - A subsidiary of their German parent company, Dahle USA manufactures document shredders that fulfill individual needs all the way up to the highest security level for Top Secret classified documents. Overall design and quality construction sets Dahle apart from most of their competitors.

ioSafe, Inc - ioSafe designs and manufactures disaster proof hardware to protect digital assets. Using its patented air cooled hardware technology, ioSafe offers a new breed of data storage. Like an aircraft black box, the ioSafe system provides complete protection for your personal and business data inside a USB hard drive or NAS storage server.

Hamilton Products Group - Hamilton is the largest manufacturer of GSA Approved Security Containers in the world. They build the safes that house virtually all of our Classified Documents, weapons, ammunition, crypto equipment, access keys, and federal evidence. They work hand in hand with the Department of Defense to recognize and implement solutions on a government wide scale.

We continue to provides safes in Indiana.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why did KL Security choose Dahle, and why should you?

The team at KL Security is dedicated to offering only the best of the best when it comes to our line of products. That is why we chose Dahle USA when we decided to add a line of paper shredders to our offering of office and home solutions.

Dahle paper shredders have set themselves apart from the majority of their competition by adhearing to very stringent design and construction requirements. Built to meet the needs of individuals as well as the Federal Government and their destruction of Classified Materials, Dahle has a solution for any need.

When choosing a document shredder, there are a few factors that should come into play. Here is a brief list to consider when narrowing your choice.

- Strip-cut or Cross-cut: While Strip-cut shredders are generally ok for personal use, Cross-cut shredders are preferred, and required in most corporate and governmental applications.

- Security Level: Are you destroying documents that are deemed internally sensitive? What about documents that are deemed Classified by the Federal Government? Or are you simply destroying that unwanted sale ad? No matter the need, we have the correct security level to meet your needs!

- Sheet Capacity: The Security Level you choose will have a lot to say about how many sheets you can process at a time. The higher the security, the smaller the shred size, the less sheets can be sent on a single pass. If you security needs are not as important as the number of sheets per pass, lower the security level and get up to 100 sheets per pass!

For additional information visit our FAQ page! Or call us Toll Free 866-867-0306.

Take a moment to watch the following video. Once you see the quality, we are sure you will agree that Dahle Paper Shredders are top of the line!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Refurbished containers meet expectations!

Demand for Class 5 and Class 6 containers is currently at an all-time high. With this increased demand comes longer lead times, often resulting in unavoidable delays. Government sub-contracts require items such as Classified documents, weapons, ammunition, arms room keys, and the like to be stored in GSA Approved Security Containers before work can begin.

Current lead times for new GSA Storage Containers typically runs between 45-75 days. Failure to plan ahead in order to accommodate these longer lead times has resulted in numerous contracts being revoked by DoD inspectors.

Thankfully, there are solutions available on short notice. Refurbished containers that have been re certified to meet up to date GSA and DoD standards are generally in stock and ready for shipment. These GSA Approved re-certified containers are equipped with the new X-09 locks, which meet the current FF-L-2740 standard, include new handles and moving hardware or bolt work and have a powder coated finish that is more scratch and damage resistant (unlike new containers which are wet painted).

If you find yourself in a pinch, and need a GSA Safe, cabinet or container in a hurry, give us a call! We will be glad to help.

K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC
Toll Free: 866-867-0306
Fax: 765-497-2438

Monday, December 10, 2007

GSA Approved Container Lead Times

Important Notice Regarding GSA Approved Container Lead Times:

Due to increased demand for new GSA Approved containers, safes and cabinets the current lead time on all NEW Class 6 containers is now approx. 60-75 days.

Lead time on all NEW Class 5 containers (IPS, Weapons Safes, etc) is approx. 90 days.

GSA Re-Certified / Refurbished Containers
Lead times on re-certified containers is approx. 5-14 business days .Wet painted containers typically leave the warehouse in 2-3 days. For powder coated finishes this lead time is approx. 7-14 business day.

All lead times are subject to change without notice. Please call Toll Free 866-867-0306 for specific lead times and DX or DO priority rated orders.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

TL-30 and TL-15 High Security Safes

Loss Prevention and Fireproof Security of Valuables
When you or your business are storing tens of thousands of dollars in valuables you will want to ensure that you are protecting those items with high security fireproof safes. Protecting from fire is vital to ensuring you can recover post-disaster, but burglary is often a greater risk for loss.

Burglary Rated Fire Safes
For years FireKing Security Group has been protecting data and documents for businesses worldwide and also offers a complete line of Meilink TL-30 and TL-15 burglary rated safes for high security storage. These safes carry the tool resistant (TL) rating classification from UL to protect against forced entry and surreptitious entry with a variety of tools, pry bars, and in some cases torches. The doors and body of the safe are constructed of hardened steel to prevent covert entry or burglary for a specified period of time. TL-15 safes are rated for 15 minutes and TL-30 safes are rated for 30 minutes.

In addition to these stringent security ratings the Meilink Gibraltar Safe line carries an additional fire rating to 1700 degrees F for 1-hour - making these burglary rated fire safes the most secure products on the market today.

Available in several sizes with many lock options we can accommodate your unique business security needs with a safe that is customized around your storage needs. For added security we can equip these TL-30 or TL-15 safes with audit control locks, programmable electronic locks, alarm systems for unauthorized entry and heat sensors or vibration sensors.

Jewelry Safes and Money Safes
One of the most common applications of high security safes such as the Meilink Gibraltar Safe line is the storage of valuable jewelry and cash or money. Because of the TL rated security and value-added fireproof safe rating, these safes are the choice worldwide for protection and peace of mind. For new home construction that includes a fire rated security vault, these safes are the perfect compliment to your valuable investments.

To learn more visit or speak directly to one of our expert safe consultants, Toll Free 866-867-0306.

Read the orginal post and thread from 2005 here:

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fire Resistant Safes

Storing Documents and Computer Data in Fire Safes
When it comes to protecting your business from disaster it's important to consider your plan for retrieving your business data and important paperwork in the event of a fire or flood situation. Backing up your computer data is necessary to protect against loss from computer or server crash, but a fire resistant safe is vital to recovering that data as a best business practice.

Which Fire Safe is Right for your Business?
While there are many manufacturers of fire resistant safes the most important considerations are the fire rating, size, and weight. Paper documents begin to char in a fire at a touch over 400 degrees F. This means that your fire safe for business documents needs to have a UL 350 rating / classification. The safe is tested to ensure the interior temperature does not exceed 350 degrees - thus keeping your documents safe and secure even while a reaches up to 1700 degrees F.

Removable computer media / data is more fragile than paper and should be stored in a safe that maintains a UL 125 fire rating. This means the interior temperature will not exceed 125 degrees F so that the removable media can be used to recover the data. These fire ratings apply to floppy disks, DLT tapes, LTO tapes, etc.

It's important to note that fire ratings for computer media were established in the 1980's and there are no standards set for hard drives or removable hard drives. Independent fire tests from the Western Fire Center have proven that data recovery from hard drives subjected to 1700 degree fires for 1-hour are possible with internal temperatures reaching 200 degrees F. ioSafe disaster proof hardware is an example of this type of testing with 100% data recovery in all fire tests. Perhaps UL should come up with some new standards in the age of digital data??

Sizes and Storage Capacity
If you are shelling out thousands of dollars for a fire resistant safe make sure you buy one that gives you room for growth!! You don't want to get a new safe and find out that you have maxxed out the storage capacity in a month!

Fire safes are heavy! With that being said, make sure that the floor of your building can support the weight - all buildings have load-bearing capacities and when considering the right safe for your needs it's of utmost importance that you know the weight limit of your upper floors. You don't want to have to pay the return freight charges or worse yet have your fire safe fall through the floor!

World Renowned Brands
Both Schwab Corp safes and FireKing safes are synonymous with security and reliability as well as great delivery and customer service. When you are protecting thousands if not tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of documents or data always go with the best fire resistant safes on the market.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Business Continuity - ioSafe Fire Video Demo

Watch the live fire demonstration from ioSafe on YouTube.

ioSafe, the manufacturer of disaster proof computer hardware (including a fireproof waterpoof NAS device and USB disk drive) held a live fire disaster recovery demonstration in Las Vegas, NV for Information Week and Network Computing World.

Watch the video and ioSafe product review here

Fireproof Disaster Protection - ioSafe R4

[June 13, 2007]
The Pyromaniac In All of Us
(Network Computing Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) Interop is always fertile turf for Network Computing editors. But with most major networking vendors releasing or upgrading a product of some kind, grabbing our attention is hardly easy. Yet when I chatted with NWC tech editor Steven Hill about his Interop schedule, I knew we had a hot story-literally.....

Read this product review of the ioSafe R4 disaster proof hardware - it' changing the way businesses backup, store and recover data after disaster.

This insightful article written by David Greenfield of NWC is another testament to the new breed of data storage hardware being engineered and manufactured today.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

ioSafe Live Fire Demo Review on Information Week

This week at the INTEROP 2007 Business and Technology trade show, ioSafe provided a live disaster recovery demonstration to the press, and related tech. companies.

Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, ioSafe demonstrated how their fireproof R4 data storage device could survive a 1700 degree fire, water spray, and still recover the data on the interanl disk drives.

According to Information Week writer Sharon Gaudin, " was the best damn demo I've ever seen."

Learn more about the Live Fire Demonstration here, or by visiting the ioSafe website. Images of the ioSafe fire test and data recovery are here.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

INTEROP 2007 Tradeshow Las Vegas - IT Trade Show Conference and Exhibition

Las Vegas, NV

May 2007 marks the next INTEROP IT Conference / Exhibition / Tradeshow and I am very much looking forward to attending. This year I'll be attending to not only learn more about the latest in data storage, but to also sit down at INTEROP with ioSafe to learn even more about their latest disaster proof hardware solution - the ioSafe R4, powered by ReadyNAS and Infrant technologies.

INTEROP is the cream of the crop for the technology scene with over 400+ exhibitors and thousands upon thousands of attendees. I'll be giving a full report to many of our clients on the many exciting new data storage appliances available - as well as what the future might hold for new product development that can better serve our clients.

Until then...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Disaster Recovery Journal, Spring 2007 World Tradeshow

Orlando, Florida

These past few days I've spent some time at the DRJ Spring 2007 tradeshow with our friends from ioSafe, engineers and manufacturers of disaster proof hardware. While the tradeshow was attended primarily by Business Continuity professionals (many with the esteemed ABCP or MBCP certification) from around the world, I found the event this year (like years past) to be of benefit and great importance to business professionals at all levels.

From my perspective I view all of the operational systems of a business as important to continuity and disaster recovery - IT environments and access to mission critical data are important to the business process - just like the real people working. Compared to Fall 2006 show there were far more IT vendors present - including IBM, HP, ioSafe, and even eVault. Certainly a testament to the growing importance of business continuity planning.

Tradeshow Spotlight
There were many companies that caught my eye this year and below you will learn a bit more about twoof these companies who, in my humble opinion, are really on the cutting edge of business continuity processes and developments.

COOP Systems - Business Continuity Software
Web based BCP software from COOP Systems is the cream of the crop for functionality, ease of use , and TCO. I had the luxury of getting a demonstration from some of the senior analysts at COOP Systems and was very impressed with the how easy it was to navigate and find answers to common questions. The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and risk data collection features are very thorough and helpful to BC and DR planners who identify and mitigate risks at an enterprise level. Add in the customization aspect, available in real time, and you'll probably seriously consider choosing COOP Systems.

Try it our for yourself with a Demo or Free Trial by contacting Christy Downs at

eVault, a Seagate Company
Most companies use a combination of on-site and off-site data backup and recovery strategies. eVault stands out as one of the true disk-to-disk online backup companies that will easily help you achieve automated, hassle-free data protection. With solutions for small businesses and the largest of enterprises the eVault system can also assist any company in demonstrating compliance for the multitude of Federal Regulations set forth for security and data recoverability. E.g. Security and access control, as well as data recovery in the event of a disaster (computer crash, computer virus, server crash, fire, flood, etc.)

Online backup (like any single method) does have it’s drawbacks –while business critical data backed up online gives you the benefit of off-site recovery, your recovery point objective and recovery time objective can be quite large (to those not familiar with RPO and RTO this means that you may only be able to recover data from yesterday if you are not utilizing a continuous data protection method or CDP). Minimizing the RTO and RPO are very important to many businesses – so it’s always a best business practice to implement some sort of continuous data protection (CDP) strategy that is up to the minute, if not real time.

Something that I found quite interesting about eVault is the level of customer service and service level agreements offered in their programs – IT solutions coupled with complete consulting services. Couple that with the high availability of disk to disk backup (and greater reliability than tapes) and it’s no wonder why so many businesses choose eVault.

In a Nutshell

All things considered the DRJ show was certainly a treat for me. When looking at the big picture for business continuity, every product or service is simply insurance. Whether you are a small business or large enterprise there will always be a preferred plan that is best for your environment - but I truly believe that it's important to consider all aspects of operational activities for business continuity and disaster recovery. The times are changing quickly and soon BC and DR professionals will need a complete understanding of not only business processes, but also IT environments and data backup and recovery strategies.

For those of you that are new to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, the DRJ trade shows are certainly one of the best places to start learning how to tackle these very important business tasks from both an operational and disaster recovery perspective. There ARE ways to meet short and long term business goals, tackle budget concerns, and even regulatory compliance issues – you’ll find out how with a visit to the DRJ Spring or Fall World Shows.

To learn more about becoming a participant or exhibitor at the upcoming DRJ show in San Diego, CA visit

Monday, March 26, 2007

New to the Team

It's quite astonishing what a new face in the office can do for the work environment. There is a new energy that puts a smile on everyone's face, courtesy of our new office kitten, Spot.

While Spot still has much to learn about data protection appliances and our fireproof safe lines, her daily antics of chasing toys around the office floor or jumping from desk to desk remind all of us here at KL Security of the simple joys in life. It's important to laugh, smile, and enjoy the many things outside of work that satisfy each and every one of us. When the daily grind of the 8 to 5 is getting the best of us, it's comforting to be reminded of the little joys in life. Thanks Kitty.

We'll keep working hard to delivery the best safes in West Lafayette, IN

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Classified Information Storage Briefing



top-se·cret: [top-see-krit]: National security information or material that requires the highest degree of protection and the unauthorized disclosure of which could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.

se·cret: [see-krit]: National security information or material that requires a substantial degree of protection and the unauthorized disclosure of which could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to the national security.

con·fi·den·tial: /[kon-fi-den-shuhl]: National security information or material that requires protection and the unauthorized disclosure of which could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the national security.

Date: September 22nd, 2009

Your company has been working on several projects for the United States Government. Some of this work is deemed Top Secret. Information about this project is required to be stored in a GSA Approved Security Container. Current options include Class 5 and Class 6. Class 5, generally speaking, is for the storage of anything other than Classified Documents – Think physical items such as weapons, ammunition, evidence, Schedule II Narcotics, access control keys, etc. Class 6 is the lower rated of the two and is required for the storage of Top Secret information.

Other projects are deemed Secret or Confidential by Federal standards. The containers you have been using to store information about these projects are simply steel filing cabinets with a metal lock bar that runs down the entire container and is secured with a key operated or combination padlock.

Date: October 1st, 2012

Up until today’s date, October 1st, 2012, the steps you have taken to ensure that the physical security requirements set forth by the United States Government have been sufficient. You have passed previous inspections from the DoD and fully expect and assume you will pass any future inspections.

as·sume: [uh-soom]: to take something for granted; presume

As of October 1st, 2012 you can NO LONGER store ANY Classified Information, regardless of whether it is deemed Top Secret, Secret, or Confidential in ANYTHING OTHER THAN A GSA APPROVED SECURITY CONTAINER.

According to the word flowing through the grapevine, there will be inspections, and infractions will be met with serious consequences, up to and including pulling government contracts!

This is a serious issue, a dramatic change in policy, and a matter that needs to be given utmost attention. Large DoD Subcontractors are acting now. There is a VERY limited production capability in this market. Do not wait until the last minute to evaluate your current and future storage needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to discuss your situation.

Bottom Line: If you store any type or level of Classified Information YOU WILL be directly affected by this policy shift.