Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Documents Should I put in my Fire Safe?

When considering the purchase of a fireproof safe or fire file cabinet there are many documents that can be stored to protect from disaster. Some of these includes the deed to your home, vehicle or recreational vehicle titles as well as insurance papers such as house, car and life insurance.

Many of our clients also choose to store social security cards and birth certificates. Remember that these documents are required for obtaining a passport should you need one. Another important consideration are tax records which you should keep for a minimum of seven years or if you are business these are needed for up to 10 years.

One of the most important considerations are the UL fire ratings of your safe or fireproof file cabinet. Computer media should be kept in a safe with a UL 125 rating or better (plastic begins to melt at temperatures higher than 125 degrees F).

Insurance Documents for your House, Cars and Life (term, whole, etc)
Social Security cards & birth certificates
Deeds and titles to vehicles
Tax Records (both Federal and State) for the last 7-10 years
Trust Documents