Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Coping with Primary Hard Drive Failure

Consider me coping... yes, that's correct - recently I had a hard drive failure, my desktop workstation decided it was time for a break. Perhaps it was one too many power surges, or maybe the hundreds of times that I would reset the power strip with my feet, possibly the nearly full drive, maxxed out RAM, and too much solitaire when the boss wasn't around... Certainly a combination of all of the above, right?!

So I've been doing my best to deal with it and here are my reactions in order:

1) Disbelief
2) Anger
3) More disbelief
4) More Anger
5) Relief that I now have a clean slate to work from

Yes, there is a silver lining here - I have a fresh new hard drive, that is just waiting for me to fill it up with my latest marketing strategy document, multi-tiered public relations campaign, and 2006 advertising platforms for the company.
In all fairness, I went into data recovery mode and some things were recovered. But from now on when our company is faced with a primary hard drive failure we have all of our company data stored on a fireproof hard drive from ioSafe. It offers security from natural disasters such as fire, flood, water, etc. But also redundant backup (which should be part of everyone's business continuity plan!) and additional security from a potential virus.

Next time my computer takes a dump... well, I won't loose a thing... and better yet, I should be able to get back to playing solitaire that much sooner.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Digital Photograph Storage - Fireproof Hard Drives!

What would you do if your computer crashed or got a virus and you lost all of your favorite digital photos? All of your digital storage gone...

From family photos, vacations, to birthday parties... all gone.

I spend a large part of my free time taking pictures. Both with my Minolta AF5000 SLR Film camera (this camera takes splendid black & whites by the way...), a Nikon D100, Lomo LC-A, Orbit 360F, and with a canon powershot digital camera. Nearly every roll of film that I use ends up getting digitized and loaded on my hard drive so I can email family and friends and upload my photos to my Flickr Photostream... and of course the digital files get dumped directly to a dedicated hard drive. if I were ever to loose these images - in a computer crash or worse yet a fire... I would be devastated.

But along comes a man with an idea... His name, Robb Moore and he designed and created the first fireproof hard drive for redundant computer backup - in the event of a virus, crash, fire, or flood - the ioSafe Disaster Ready Drive will set your mind at ease.

As a photographer - I would reccomend that you look closely at both the ioSafe especially professional photographers who have their own businesses, as you can store all of your important company documents, etc in a manner that ensures the integrity of your digital data.

Many professional photographers choose the NAS storage device, ioSafe R4 for its high data storage capacity and RAID redundancy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fireproof Data Storage - Hard Drives with Complete Disaster Protection

Every day we get phone calls and emails from business owners, purchasing agents, buyers and IT management looking for fireproof backup solutions.

Currently there are two companies who offer on-site hard drive backup that offer protection from fire, water, viruses, computer crash, unauthorized access and more. While ioSafe was the first on the market to offer a disaster ready / fire safe hard drive the latest to join the movement to protect critical company data with real-time backup is the DataFORTRESS from Schwab Corp.Fireprof Safe Manufacturer and Western Digital Hard Drives.

Both hard drives feature the following:

High Capacity Data Storage
ioSafe - 200GB to 400GB
DataFORTRESS - 120GB to 640GB

Disaster Protection Planning
ioSafe - Comes standard with 3 year disaster protection plan and 24/7/365 support.Data Recovery, and product replacement in the event of a fire disaster.
DataFORTRESS - 1 year parts warranty, Life-time after fire replacement guarantee, hard drive data recovery.

Business Backup Software

Both come standard with the Dantz Retrospect backup software for either Windows or MAC

Plug and Play Compatibility
USB 2.0 or FireWire Connections for fast data transfer

So if you are looking for the best fireproof hard drive...Call KL Security Enterprises today and let our experts help you choose the right solution for your storage needs.

KL Security is a Data Storage and Records Management company that specializes in the secure fireproof storage of your vital records, data, DVD's, CD's, disks, tapes and more.