Friday, March 14, 2008

Photograph Negative and Film Storage

For film archives, mounted slides and even glass plate negatives proper storage is required for longevity. When it comes to fire protection it's important to remember that a fireproof safe for this type of media must have a UL 125 fire rating.

A fireproof safe with the UL 125 rating will ensure that the temperature inside the safe does not exceed 125 degrees F. By maintaining this temperature rating the negatives will maintain their integrity during a fire disaster.

Imagine if you left your film in your car during the summer with the windows rolled up...even these temperatures are enough to cause damage and warping to these sensitive materials.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

FireKing MediaVAULT Review

Looking for an easy way to get fire protection for the storage of portable hard drives, USB drive or thumb drives? The FireKing MediaVAULT is a stand alone fireproof box that can safely protect your disk drives from fire for up to one hour and is offered at a mere $345.00

Do you use tape backup? Another great application of this small fire safe is that it can hold up to 12 DLT, LTO or Ultrium backup tapes or a combination of disk backup drives and tapes. This is great for those businesses that use a disk to disk to tape backup strategy.

Weighing in at a mere 74 lbs. this unit can be stored under a desk or inside a file cabinet drawer for added security. One of the drawback of this item is that it comes with a simple key lock and is not built for security.

We use the Fire King Media Vault in our office for external hard drives, backup CD's and DVD storage. It's just the right size for the SOHO and SMB and when put inside our GSA Approved container we get the best security for our data.

If you are in the market for a fire safe that is easy on the pocketbook then look no further.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

File Cabinets

Office organization and storage of business documents is easy with KL Security Enterprises. We offer a complete line of fireproof filing cabinets from both FireKing and Schwab Corp. to meet all of your needs.

Vertical or Lateral?
Depending on what you are storing and how much space you have can easily determine whether you need a vertical cabinet or lateral file cabinet. Vertical cabinets have a much smaller footprint and come in several depths (31", 25", 22", 20") whereas the lateral storage cabinets are far wider at 44", 43", 36" or 30" wide. For those of you in the health care field we also offer end tab filing cabinets.

What is the best filing cabinet?
This depends on your document storage needs. Many companies only offer fire rated files, while others specialize in map and plan cabinets or over sized plan files for architectural drawings. Recently we came across the space saving Ulrich plan files which are great for large format documents and prints.

Every business is unique and most likely you should speak with a document storage expert before making your purchase.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Rugged Hard Drives NAS

If you are looking for a ruggedized NAS or external hard drive then look no further than ioSafe hardware. These fireproof and waterproof backup devices can withstand a fire at 1700 Degrees F for 1-hour as well as fire hoses, sprinkler systems and floods (saltwater or freshwater) up to 30 feet for water for a month.

One of the best features that truly differentiates these backup devices from any other product on the market is their ability to provide airflow cooling during normal operation, yet still protect your data with complete recovery from fire or water disasters.
To learn more about the importance of proper cooling and airflow from please visit the HDD Temperature website or do a Google search about the importance of airflow and cooling for hard drives as it relates to reliability.

No matter if you have a small or medium business, an enterprise company or have several branch / remote offices, there is an ioSafe hardware device for you.