Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Schwab 1000 Series File Cabinet

Sentry Safe vs Schwab 1000
The Schwab Corp 1000 series vertical fire file cabinet was equivalent to the Schwab 5000. This cabinet was a private label fireproof file for big box stores such as Office Max, Staples, etc. As of February 2010, the 1000 series has been discontinued.

Discontinued Model #'s


5000 Series vs. 1000 Series
The Schwab 1000 had the same dimensions as the 5000 series. The main differences were the lack of hanger bars, cheaper handles and no follower blocks. These features are standard on any 5000 series cabinet.

Schwab Corp is now owned by Sentry Safe and new model numbers have replaced the older ones.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GSA Safe Pricing

Price Lists & Requesting Quotations
We offer a complete line of GSA Approved Safes, containers and cabinets to all branches of the military, contractors and others. To obtain pricing you can simply email us at or Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306


Our best prices are available in a non-published list.

UPDATE: Per the ISOO Notice 2012-4 we only offer brand new GSA approved security containers. We no longer offer refurbished, recertified or remanufactured containers from Mosler, Diebold or Hamilton Products Group safes.

You can also request a self service price quote 24/7/365 here:


Monday, February 22, 2010

Mosler GSA Safe

parts g.s.a.
The Mosler safe company no longer builds GSA Approved Safes. The company ceased production in 2001.

Many of these safes and containers are still in use today. Keep in mind that most need refurbished or reconditioned to meet the current Federal Spec #FF-L-2740. This includes a new plate stating that the product is re-certified and updating the lock to an X-09. It is suggested that new moving parts, mechanisms be replaced for maximum reliability.

For information on parts and safes call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Friday, February 19, 2010

Safes in Lafayette, Indiana

West Lafayette, IN

With over 34 years combined experience in the safe, vault and security industry we at KL Security Enterprises, Inc offer a full line of fire safes, depository, floor, wall, and GSA Approved Safes. We also provide complete consulting and installation services for vault doors, modular vaults and pneumatic air tube systems for banks, commercial applications and manufacturing facilities.

KL Security Enterprises, Inc began as a family owned business, and continues to do so by maintaining hometown values. We're proud to have served both the Greater Lafayette, Indiana community and our clients in all 50 states and abroad with best service and products in our industry. We work hard to ensure that our clients achieve their goals by improving profitability through risk management, data backup and security and compliance with Federal regulations.

In addition to safes, hard drives and banking equipment we offer specialized GSA Locksmith services as well as nationwide delivery & installation services.

For more information Call Travis, Johnny Klemme, Roxie or John at 765-463-7972

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Class 6 Safes are NOT Fire Rated or Fireproof

MYTH: GSA Approved Safes are fire rated

FACT: The current spec. for GSA Approved safes and containers does not include a fire rating. The specification is for security against unauthorized entry, not fire protection.

There is a common misconception that Class 6 containers and safes have a UL fire rating. Quite simply, it has been suggested that top secret or classified documents and materials are better off being destroyed that to come into the wrong hands. After all, security is about mitigating risk, not exposing more.

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Military Grade Safes

Military Spec Safes

For the best in security, the US Government and Department of Defense have specialized safes For the storage of high security documents, both classified and top secret level. A GSA Approved Safe is required by all branches of the military, Federal agencies and contractors or sub-contractors that work on high security projects for the military. These DoD approved safes are available in both file cabinets, containers and field use safes.

There currently are two classifications of mil spec safes including Class 6 and Class 5. Known as "gsa safes" or "gsa approved containers" there are distinct differences in both construction and specific use.

mil spec
The Class 6 safes are the lower rated of the two containers (opposite of what most people think) and are approved for the storage of Classified and Top Secret documents, materials as well as hard drives. The Class 5 safes can store the same documents and materials as the Class 6 but are also approved for the storage of weapons, evidence, ammunition, narcotics and weapons.

For more information on our military grade safes and a quote Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Monday, February 15, 2010

Laptop Notebook Computer Safes

electronic safe for computer
For many home owners, college students and business persons that travel, laptop safes and car safes have quickly become a standard for security and protection from identity theft.

Notebook and especially netbook computers are a common item that is targeted for theft due to the portability. The loss of personal information and data is a risk that can be mitigated with the right steps. This includes password protection as well as physical security. Most laptop computers are never recovered after a theft, but keep in mind these tips.

Laptop Safes
A laptop safe offers several layers of protection from burglary or theft by locking your computer behind a key or electronic keypad. This single action makes it more difficult for a thief to take due to the weight of the safe and 'inconvenience' factor.

Most computer safes can be bolted down or include a security cable for added protection. The bolt down kits are a tremendous deterrent from theft.

Car Safes | Auto Safes
Many safes include bolt down plates for installation inside your vehicle. Additional plates can be used in a desk drawer and allow you to move your safe from car to office and vice versa. With a wide range of sizes available you can easily find a car safe to fit both your laptop and even external hard drives in the mobile environment.

Cable Locks
A simple steel cable lock can be used with your notebook computer to attach it to your desk, file cabinet or any solid structure to prevent theft.

Many of these safes include electronic locks. Changing or replacing the batteries is simple and by doing so every 6 - 12 months you'll never be locked out. All safes with electronic locks have bypass systems that allow you to open them with a key.

For more information Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Class 5 Guns Safes

Gun Safe

For the storage of long barrel or short barrel weapons and ammunition a GSA Approved Gun Safe is required for Federal Agencies, contractors and sub-contractors working on Government projects or contacts.

Class 5 GSA Approved Weapons Storage safes can be ordered empty or with roll out rifle carts. Additional Storage Boxes built in the upper corners of the safe allow for the storage of ammunition or accessories. A 1 yr. parts and labor warranty and Free Dock to dock shipping and delivery in the Continental United States come standard with each gun safe.

The current lock standard is the S&G 8550 dial combination lock.


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fireproof Files, Receipts and Tax Season

fire safe
Oh snap, you know it’s that time of year again. America’s favorite time of the year, Tax Season. Not quite as popular as baseball season, but equally important. April 15, 2010 will be here soon and if you haven’t already gotten your fire file cabinet in order, then now is the time! The majority of our clients are businesses, all of them bursting at the seams with receipts, invoices, contracts and purchase orders. All of them have filing cabinets.

We are very fortunate to have a well organized office manager who keeps all of our files orderly and neat. Each file is labeled with tabs and hangs in properly labeled filing drawers. She has cabinet after cabinet for purchase orders and another set of fireproof file cabinets for accounts receivable and accounts payable. One thing is for sure, organization is the key to a well run office! Even if our office manager is out to lunch or on vacation we can find any file at any time. This includes both the original on paper and the electronic version on our file server.
tax file cabinet
When the New Year is upon us, we move older files to storage, still in fireproof filing cabinets to ensure that they can be retrieved no matter the situation.
New fire files are not the most affordable for everyone. Many small businesses will find that our used fireproof file cabinets are a great choice for those on a budget. Scratch and dent files are often the only choice from many of our clients.

Need a quote? FREE SHIPPING? Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306. We accept purchase orders and offer best online price discounts to universities, schools and non profit organizations.

GSA Class 6

class 6 approved security
The class six (6) GSA Approved container or file cabinet comes standard in gray, black or parchment color with an X-09 digital lock. This KabaMas electronic lock is self powered and offers two person integrity locking (TPI). Two user access codes can be programmed to ensure dual control or access control where required.

Also available in 4 drawer or 5 drawer models, these file cabinets are built to DoD specifications for the storage of classified and top secret materials. Locks are available on a single drawer or all drawers. When locks are installed on each drawer the safe is referred to as a GSA Approved multi lock container.

For containers used for the storage of computer media (DLT tapes, LTO tapes or external hard drives) it is often recommended that a supplementary container or MediaVault be inserted into the drawer to add fireproof protection.


There is a common myth that gsa safes have fire ratings and this is not true. The current specifications for Class 6 and Class 5 do not require a fire rating, only a security rating against forced entry.

For more information contact our GSA Safe Experts, Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Monday, February 08, 2010

Modular Vault

At KL Security we specialize in high security modular vault systems for a wide range of businesses and applications. From commercial business needs in the pharmaceutical, government and precious metals or jewelry industry to complete bank vault systems, our vaults and quality construction make a best choice.

When it comes to residential home vaults we can customize each panel and piece for the storage of guns or armory room collections, collectibles, documents and even for use as safe rooms. Specialized doors that are hidden bookcases or sliding pocket doors pair nicely with a high security vault.
Modular Armory Room
Specialized floor plans and drawings allow us to meet the needs of any secure environment, GSA or UL specifications as well as other government regulatory requirements.

Pictures of Vault Construction

For more information Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306


fireproof file cabinet

Back by popular demand is our FREE INSIDE DELIVERY promotion from now until March 31, 2010!

Select Sentry Safe fire file cabinets include FREE Inside delivery! This means you SAVE$195 Per File Cabinet!

Terms & Conditions:

FREE Inside Delivery Offer ends 03/31/2010

NOTE: This promotion does not apply to Special Bid Pricing or Contract Orders
*Inside Delivery Restrictions Apply Delivery will include removal of product from pallet, unpacking of goods, placement
in room of choice, stair carry up to 20 steps and removal of all debris.
Site preparation not included

Offer valid only with the following Model Numbers: 4T3130, 4G3130, 2T3120, 2G3120, 4T3120, 4G3120, 2L3610, 4L3610, 2L4310, 4L4310, 2L3600,


Sentry Safe Elite Protection Line | Discontinued Models

Side Tab File Cabinet
SentrySafe continues to add tremendous value to the recently acquired Schwab Safe brand of fireproof file cabinets and business class media & records protection products. 2010 brings a few changes including several model numbers that are now discontinued

1. Series 5000 Mixed Media Files
a. 2CC1 fire file
b. 3CC1 fireproof file
c. 3CC2 fire safe filing cabinet
d. 4CC1 fire resistant
e. 4CC2 fire retardant
f. 4CC3 Schwab filing cabinet

2. Series 2500 Media Manager
a. 2C125

3. Series 5000 Insulated Side Tab Lateral Files
a. 1HD43+1
b. 4HD43ST
c. 1HD36ST
d. 2HD36ST
e. 2HD36+1
f. 2HD36+2
g. 3HD36ST
h. 3HD36+1
i. 4HD36ST

4. Post Office Safe
a. 29X

5. 1000 Series
a. 2CFC-1000
b. 4CFC-1000
c. 4LFC-1000

If you currently have any of the above cabinets at your office and would like to replace or upgrade your storage, Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

NIMH vs. Alkaline Batteries in Electronic Safes

As daily users of the safes we sell, our staff is often asked what types of batteries we recommend in our electronics safes. No matter if the brand name is SentrySafe, GunVault, FireKing or Cannon if you plan on using standard alkaline batteries, it's best to choose Duracell or Energizer. They tend to last the longest and ensure that you can open your safe reliably and consistently. There are arguments on both sides of the fence when it comes to rechargeable batteries vs. AA alkaline type and here is our two cents.

Electronic Safes and Battery Discharge Rates
Regular Alkaline batteries when not in daily use hold their charge much longer than rechargeable batteries. If you don't open and close your electronic safe on a daily basis it is best to use standard alkaline (Duracell or Energizer). However if you open your safe every day (e.g. retail cash safe, jewelry safe, etc) it is worth considering the switch to NIMH... and here is the argument...

Convenience and Initial Cost
It's easy to buy regular alkaline batteries at any store or e-Tailer, they are affordable and priced to sell. If you buy in bulk you generally get some great savings and the convenience of having an extra set around when your old batteries die or lose their charge.

Long Term $$$ Savings $$$
Rechargeable batteries cost more out of the gate, there is no arguing that point. However, when you consider how quickly the rechargeables can pay for themselves you might consider making the switch for your everyday usage. Personally I use AA Duracell rechargeable batteries for all of my electronic gizmos and gadgets. From the wireless mouse on my office PC to my mighty mouse on the home Mac Mini, I find these batteries offer a great charge and by having two sets of four AA's I never run out of battery power (except those rare times where I forget to charge the extra set). Typically you can get up to 1000 charges out of your NIMH rechargeable batteries and this mean they pay for themselves in 5 or so charges!

At the end of the day you need to consider how you utilize your security safe. If convenience and daily access are needed, you can save money in the long run by using rechargeable batteries. If you rarely access the fire safe, AA alkaline will suit you just fine.

Questions? Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306