Monday, December 21, 2009

Alternate Testing for UL Rating

Testing for Safes and Digital Storage
Historically the Underwriters Laboratories, know collectively as UL, has been the world leader in the testing of fireproof safes, fire files and other products that require independent third party verification. While most consumers are familiar with the U.L. label on products there are other testing facilities that perform fire endurance tests.

ETL or Intertek is a very highly regarded testing laboratory for both fire and water endurance or resistance. ETL provides a full range of Product Testing, Certification and Inspection for benchmark setting, performance standards and more.

Another alternate testing for ul ratings is the Western Fire Center in Kelso, Washington. The fire experts at WFC specialize in fire testing, materials testing, materials properties, ICAL, calorimeter, fire investigation as well as fire litigation.

Omega Point Labs or OPL is another division of Intertek. OPL has the capability of testing to industry requirements, ASTM standards (fire curves) to quickly determine surface burning characteristics of products around the world.

Fire Safe Rating

burglary theft TL
There are a variety of fireproof safes on the market today that carry a wide range of fire ratings. Most business class safes carry the UL 1 hour fire rating (as well as 2 hour and 3 hour).

UL or Underwriters Laboratories is the world's foremost expert in independent fire testing and rated products and the trusted testing facility to know your safe is built to the best possible classification.

1 Hour Fire Rating vs 2 Hour Rating on a Safe
The UL system for fire protection means that a safe with a UL 350 1 hour rating will protect the contents (paper only) for up to one hour at 1700 degrees F. The 2 hour rated safe (UL 350) will protect it's contents (paper only) for up to two hours at 1700 degrees F.

The safe with the best highest fire rating would carry the UL 3 hour rating. Keep in mind this rating is for protection from fire, not necessarily designed for burglary.

Additional Safe Ratings

There are other types of safe ratings that pertain to security, burglary, fire and a combination of both. This includes media or data safes with UL 125 ratings, TL-15 safes up to TRTL x 6 as well as products that carry both UL rated stamps of approval.

In our next series of blogs we'll cover each rating in more depth.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

NSA Approved Safes

gsa container

Storage of documents, data and evidence requires a specialty security safe know as a GSA Approved container. These safes, cabinets and file cabinets are engineered to specific requirements set forth by the Dept. of Defense.

Throughout the course of history there have been several classifications of these safes that have been refined to meet specific criteria for security. Currently there are two (2) types of gsa containers including Class 5 and Class 6. The Class 6 safes are generally used for the storage of documents, external hard drives and laptops (in a powered off or non operational mode). Class 5 containers are used for the same materials as well as evidence, ammunition, cash, narcotics and weapons.

These safes also have specialized locks that are available in both digital electronic and mechanical combination depending upon the spec. More information is available on the GSA or NSA approved list in # FF-L-2740.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two Person Integrity Safes (TPI)

dual control access lock
Access control and preserving the integrity of the contents in a safe are a top consideration for many large companies. A powerful feature on the X-09 lock is two person integrity. This lock is the standard on many GSA Approved Safes and containers. The Class 6 safes (2 drawer, 4 drawer and 5 drawer, etc) for the storage of up to classified and top secret documents and materials have this lock standard.

The X-09 is a digital electronic dial combination lock that allows for TPI (Two Person Integrity). All GSA Approved containers that come standard with the X-09 electromechanical lock meet the federal specification #FF-L-2740. Other safes with TPI are the dual lock field safe which can be designated for two person integrity - whereby two individuals each have a combination to one lock. Other methods may apply.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Electronic Handgun Safes

Pistol Firearm Safe
Inside look at the GunVault Mini Deluxe

For handgun owners that are looking for an electronic safe that offers both security and safety, the GunVault line of pistol or handgun safes is a best buy. In this post we take a closer look at the GV1000C Deluxe, this safe offers lightning fast access to your weapon or sidearm of choice and includes several features that we will detail below.

Location of Batteries
Accessing the AA alkaline batteries on the GunVault isn't too difficult. If you have large hands though, you're going to need some assistance. The first step is to turn your electronic gun safe upside down. By doing so you can more easily access the battery compartment.

Battery Replacement
Gently pull the foam lining at the back of the GunVault, this will give you access to the battery compartment. Please do not tear the foam lining loose!

Simply remove the two fasteners that hold the compartment in place and gently remove the battery tray. Be careful that you do not pull the wires out of place!
Replacing the Batteries in the handgun safe

After you have removed the battery tray, install (8) eight Duracell AA batteries (recommended by GunVault) for best performance.
Replacement of Batteries

Once you have installed the new batteries simply replace the battery tray in the proper location and install the fastener nuts. Remember not to over tighten the fasteners.

Now you are ready to program your lock!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Electronic Lock Batteries

Replacing Digital Lock Battery
Electronic or digital locks are often standard on a variety of safes and fire file cabinets. Many of our clients choose these locks for security and access control - limiting who can see or view business documents, records and data. There are several pros and cons to electronic locks and we will discuss each of them below.

Convenience - electronic locks offer great convenience versus standard dial combination locks. For a business that requires entry into a safe or fire file several times during the day we recommend an electronic lock.
Quick-Change Combination - for the business that has a high turnover rate of employees (gas stations, retail stores) the combination can be easily changed to prevent theft.

Battery Powered - although this isn't really a con, it's just a fact...the majority of electronic locks are battery powered this leads to occasional maintenance. It's actually quite easy to replace a battery in a lock and generally involves removing the cover plate and installing a new 9 volt battery or several AA alkaline batteries.
Locksmiths Don't Like Working on them - to be as matter of fact as possible, the failure rate of electronic locks is much higher than standard dial combination locks.

When you take the time to look at the differences and compare the electronic lock to the combo lock it usually comes down to personal preference. If you have questions, we are always happy to help. Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306 at any time!

Brands of Electronic Locks

S&G - Sargent and Greenleaf offers safe locks, electronic locks and biometric locking mechanisms

La Gard - The LaGard lock brand is a division of Kaba Mas and includes ComboGard, AuditGard, Smart Series locks and a variety of Group 2 or 2M (Group II) mechanical locks.

Kaba Mas - a world leading manufacturer and supplier of high-security electronic locking solutions, Kaba Mas makes the X-09 Lock, Auditcon, Gitcon, Unicon and Vindicator series for audit and access control.

Bolt Down Safes and Kits

burglary resistant theft security
More often than not our customers are interested in bolting down their safes. Whether this be a safe for home, business or automobile, the bolt down kit is a valuable piece of the security puzzle.

Most safes that have bolt down kits give the customer the ability to bolt to the floor or wall. There are special circumstances whereby a locksmith will need to assist (often the case with large commercial safes).

Our FireKing FB Series safes come standard with bolt down kits. Most depositories or drop safes also have bolt down kits that come standard. Our entire line of Hamilton safes can be customized to meet security needs and resistance to burglary or theft.

Our expert staff can help you with the planning and buying of a new safe. We specialize in UL Rated products that offer up to 3 hour fire ratings as well as burglary or TL Safes (tool attack resistant).

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hurricane Window Protection

Standards and Coverings
Glass Requirements for Miami Dade County Hurricane Zone

Hurricane planning and protection are vital steps to improving safety and well being in areas prone to high winds and hurricanes. Specialty windows, frames and glass have been developed to meet the most stringent code requirements for hurricane force winds and flying debris.

Our Hamilton Safe windows are used in a variety of applications from banks, drive up or drive thru areas as well as homes, government and embassy buildings and more. These specialty and custom built windows reduce noise, improve safety and provide security against burglary, theft and intruders.

There are a variety of manufacturers and brands that supply specialty products, glass and windows for homes and businesses.

For more information and a detailed search of the Miami-Dade County Building Codes and Products please visit:

Monday, November 30, 2009

Storing Hard Drives

sentry safe
Hard Drive Storage in a Safe Environment

It has long been known that heat is an enemy of electronics - from TV's, stereo receivers to computers each of these devices needs to breath and keep cool. This ensures reliability.

Like other computer electronics, hard drives also create heat during normal operation. Because of this fact, it is important that the hard drive gets air flow to cool or disperse the heat. Traditional fire safes do not have air flow. This fact alone means that large hard drives or external drives with huge storage capacity will not function properly in a sealed (heat building) environment.

If you plan to store hard drives in a fireproof safe, please make sure that they are non-operational or source a fireproof hard drive with proper cooling / venting.

Friday, November 20, 2009

What Happens When Your Hard Drive is Almost Full?

slow computer crashed hard drive
Time to Buy a New Hard Drive or Dump Your Data

There comes a time in every computer users lifetime that the primary internal hard drive on your laptop, PC or Mac is filled to the brim. Typically this happens very quickly with the high resolution photos (read lots of megapixels) and video clips from birthday parties, nights out with friends and the family. One of the first signs of a full hard drive is slower performance. Read and write speeds or access to documents and programs begin to slow. There are several solutions to remedy the problem and this doesn't mean trash your computer and buy a brand new one (unless of course you are craving something fresh!)

If you have a computer tower, it's always best to add more RAM. In general there are one or more available slots for additional DDR RAM. Simply stop by the local computer store or big box store, grab a couple sticks and install them per the directions. You'll quickly realize that this is the best way to keep your old machine in tip top condition.

Another method to keep the best performance out of your hard drive is backup data to an external hard drive. This can be done with a USB, Network attached drive or even a media server / file server. Create a new folder on the backup device and move your data over. Once a copy is made you now have the information in two places (always a great thing in case your full hard drive crashes). Now that your data is backed up properly you have the option of installing an additional hard drive (in your PC or Mac tower) or replacing the old one.

Other tips for improving performance include emptying the recycle bin on a regular basis, cleaning up the Windows registry, running a disk cleanup, defrag the computer (defragmentation) and empty your cache. For complete details on how to improve PC performance, click here.

Keep up with these simple tips and you'll be rocking a fast computer in no time.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mosler GSA Safe History | Parts

safe company
Many of or clients have old Mosler safes that are in need of reconditioning or refurbishing. These GSA safes have not been manufactured by the Ohio company since approx. 2001. Mosler Safe Company was one of the largest manufacturers of security equipment, safes and bank vaults.

Both Class 6 and Class 5 containers were manufactured throughout the years. Today many security companies offer refurbished and re certified GSA safes that were built by Mosler. It is possible to find parts for replacement through some locksmiths in the United States.

These used file and safes can be brought up to Federal Spec. # FF-L-2740 with the addition of an X-09 lock made by Kaba Mas. Our selection of used GSA files and safes come standard with the X-09 lock and include dock to dock shipping in the price.

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Fireproof File Cabinet

Fire File Folders Storage

Fireproof Requirments for File Storage

Fire filing cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet a variety of storage requirements for businesses of all type.

Standard & Optional Features Include
UL Fire Rating and Listing - this means the file cabinet (vertical or lateral) has passed the UL testing requirement for 350 degrees for a minimum of 1 hour and up to 2 hours.

Lockable Storage - key locks, digital keypads or combination locks are available on any brand name fireproof storage cabinet including FireKing, Schwab Corp and SentrySafe

Water Resistant - in addition to having a UL fire rating to protect paper documents, folders or other business records, select vertical filing cabinets include rubber seals to protect from water sprinklers and fire hoses. Waterproof file cabinets is not the appropriate terminology and "water resistant" vs. "waterproof" is a constant educational point for filing cabinets.

Safe in a File - FireKing is only manufacturer of a fireproof safe hidden inside a filing cabinet. The top drawer can be unlocked to reveal a hidden safe for storage of valuables or documents.
Auction Sale Discount

Computer Media vs. Paper
Traditional fireproof filing cabinets will not protect computer media from a fire. These cabinets are meant for paper documents only. The UL 350 fire rated will protect paper, the UL 125 rating will protect computer media, hard drives and backup tapes. There are special inserts available to put inside your file cabinet to add UL 125 protection for data backup storage.

Lateral vs. Vertical Filing

There are several reasons to choose a vertical over a lateral cabinet and vice versa. Space considerations, weight, location and budget all play a factor in determining which fire file is the best buy.

Most manufacturer brands offer 2 drawer, 3 drawer and 4 drawer models to accommodate nearly every storage requirement. Additionally there are different depths and widths.

Important Considerations for Lateral File Cabinets
Width - from 30" wide up to 44" wide means that you can maximize storage capacity for file folders, binders or side tab medical records.

Depth - vertical filing cabinets start as small as 20" deep and go up to a full 31" deep. When considering the overall value, a 31" deep cabinet offers far more filing space for the dollar.

Stackable File Cabinets
- to keep safety in perspective we do not recommend that fire file cabinets are stacked on top of one another.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, it's best to consult with an expert who can better understand your current storage needs and help find a product that will allow you to continue to store additional files and business records into the future.

Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306 at any time to speak directly to an experienced professional at KL Security Enterprises, Inc.

What Does GSA Stand for?

catalog and vendors for safes
GSA is the acronym for General Services Administration. The GSA is the federal agency in the United States of America that support and are a resource for all federal agencies (DOJ, USDA, FWS, ARMY, NAVY, etc) for the procurement of goods, services, products, safes and general office supplies.

The GSA works to create and implement government-wide pricing programs to ensure the the best prices and reliable contractors are sourced. The official mission of the General Services Administration is "help federal agencies better serve the public by offering, at best value, superior workplaces, expert solutions, acquisition services and management policies."

GSA Advantage & GSA Schedules

The central website for procurement of GSA Approved products and services is designated at On this website any federal agency can search and sort for products needed for daily operation within their organization. The website includes all of the schedules for each contractor allowed to sell directly to the US Government. Each contractor that is listed on GSA has been pre-screened to evaluate the ability to provide their designated products or services in a timely and responsible manner, at the best price possible.

Procurement specialists, managers and supply chain officers can view the GSA Contracts and Schedules and make purchases with confidence, with full understanding that all legal obligations have been negotiated and put into effect.

KL Security Enterprises, Inc maintains a GSA Contract under FSC Group 71 III E

FSC Class 7110

Contract Number GS-03F-0031R

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2TB External Hard Drive

Find the best price and deals on the new ioSafe Solo hard drive with 2TB of storage capacity.

Engineered fireproof and waterproof data storage solutions for home and small businesses from ioSafe are teh choice of professional photographers, small business owners, large enterprise and the savvy home computer or Mac user. The availability of a 2 TB version of the award-winning ioSafe Solo family of USB desktop external hard drives is a great step toward meeting consumer needs and working toward driving costs down in the market.

"The 2 TB ioSafe Solo is a great product for anyone looking to buy a desktop external hard drive who needs the high capacity and single drive simplicity. When used as a backup device, the ioSafe can protect against data loss from primary hard drive failure, accidental deletions as well as fires, floods and other forms of physical disasters," said ioSafe CEO, Robb Moore. "Businesses struggling with disaster recovery or regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI or Sarbanes Oxley can also use ioSafe hardware to add simple and secure protection. The ioSafe Solo is one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to protect your data."

Pricing and availability

The 2 TB ioSafe Solo is available now from domestic and international resellers as well as,,, and Distribution for the ioSafe Solo is available through Ingram Micro, a stocking distribution partner of ioSafe. Suggested retail pricing is $399 USD.

About ioSafe

Like an aircraft black box for data, ioSafe designs and manufactures innovative disaster-proof hardware as a cost-effective way for corporations and consumers to protect their irreplaceable data. Physical security, natural disaster protection and regulatory compliance features are an integral part of all ioSafe's USB and NAS data storage devices. ioSafe is privately held with headquarters in Auburn, C

Sentry Safe Sale / Free Delivery

Fire Files and Safes

As a THANK YOU to our valued clients we are offering FREE INSIDE DELIVERY on select Sentry Safe fire file cabinets. This offer is valid until December 31, 2009!

We greatly appreciate all of our previous business and look forward to helping our clients with secure, fire safe storage of your vital business documents and data as they continue to grow.

As always we strive to offer our clients and friends the best products, support and service before and after your purchase - that's what K.L. Security delivers.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

An Evening with Business Coach John Schallert

business coach B2B
Last night I had the pleasure of attending a seminar with nationally recognized business coach, Mr. John Schallert. With over 100 local businesses in attendance were able to learn several new methods of business promotion and marketing as well how to tailor our unique positioning statements.

Mr. Schallert did a great job of presenting, had just the right amount of humor and always made sure to provide some real world examples of other destination cities and businesses that are doing great through a tougher economy.

It's always great to reaffirm that you are doing many things right within your business such as social media websites LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Overall it's great to be reminded that business is continually evolving and you need to stay ahead of the curve. We pride our business on the ultra service of self service pricing for our safes and gsa approved containers. This allows all of our clients to get budgetary pricing in just a matter of minutes. It's very useful for last minute budget meetings and comparing prices to our competitors and other brands.

We'll continue to work hard at making our business the best choice for safes, fire files and bank equipment by providing tremendous service, expert product knowledge and 24/7 quotes and estimates.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Luxury Safes for High Security

fire safe and cracking burlary resistant

When it comes to keeping precious valuables, jewelry, coins or collectibles at home, the German safe makers dominate the luxury-class safe niche with Doettling and Stcokinger.

These high end safes feature solid wood, glass, leather, natural fabrics, aluminum and carbon. The interior components include electronic locks, display with backlight, shelves with adjustable height settings and is resistant to both cracking and fire.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BPAs Blanket Purchase Agreements

GSA Approved Safes and Containers
Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) are a business tool that our company uses to help our client fulfill their needs for safes, fire files and paper shredders.

A blanket purchase agreement (BPA) is a simplified method of purchasing and acquisition that we use for trusted clients to fulfill their needs for specialty products. In a nut shell, the BPA is a charge account.

By utilizing a BPA for your GSA Approved Safe and container needs we can better plan and forecast production needs. Throughout the year there are peak times for acquisition and the need to buy a GSA Approved Safe, by having a BPA in place we can reduce the lead times and provide products in a timely fashion.

Delivery schedules can then be adjusted to meet the unique needs of each client no matter if safes are being delivered to 100 locations or by the truckload to a central warehouse. We specialize in working out logistics to ensure that you are meeting your goals and deadlines for secure document storage.

For more information in establishing a BPA for your business call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Friday, October 23, 2009

Record Storage Cabinets from FireKing

Oversized record storage often requires a special cabinet that can meet a wide range of needs. For businesses that store binders, end tab files or side tab files, the FireKing Record Storage Cabinet is often the best choice.

Available in two (2) sizes and many optional features for storing medical records, plans, files or boxes this versatile fireproof cabinet might be right for your business.

Standard Features Include:
High Security Oversized Record Storage

UL Rated 350 1 hour

Adjustable Shelves for customized interiors

Medeco Key lock - drill and pick resistant

Powder Coated finish for scratch resistance

The model CF7236-D and the CF44236-D are each 72" and 44" High respectively, giving you the most storage capacity in a UL Fire Rated Cabinet.

Optional Accessories

End-Tab Filing
Store end-tab files with adjustable and modular end-tab filing shelves for easy, at-a-glance records archiving.
Side Tab Filing Cabinet

File Drawer
The optional modular File Drawer comes in either a legal configuration, storing two rows of legal-sized folders side by side, or letter configuration, holding letter-sized folders in a single row.
Fire File Cabinet

Pull-Out Tray
Create a convenient tabletop workspace in seconds with the Pull-Out Tray. It’s sturdy enough to act as a writing surface, and discreet enough to slide out of the way when not in use.
desk writing tray

Blueprint Holder
Organize, store and access blueprints quickly with this convenient accessory. Blueprints are stored unfurled and upright so that designs and schematics are stored for easy access fire safe protection.
fireproof blueprint plan cabinet

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Backup Hard Drives: Lessons Learned

ioSafe hard drives

Back up your data.

Repeat: Back up your data.

We can never say this enough to our clients, friends and family, but please back up your data. I am often baffled when I speak with clients and other business owners who have never taken the time to backup their important databases, email or confidential information. More often than not the reasoning tends to be 'laziness' or not 'having enough time' in the day.

No matter if you are a business owner or simply have a personal computer or laptop, the fact of the matter is that at some point your hard drive will crash. Often times this means the loss of family photos, video of birthday parties, etc. Your data and priceless and spending a few moments of your time and a few dollars on a backup hard drive or flash drive is well worth it.

You never realize how priceless your data is until you have lost it forever.

If you would like to learn more about external hard drives visit our website at

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Compare GunVault Bio and MiniVault; Review the Pros and Cons

Gun Safes
The Gun Vault lines of safes from Cannon has been a great solution to several challenges of gun ownership - Safety and Security.

For gun owners that want to ensure the safety of their families from burglary or intruders the GunVault comes in two flavors, a hand operated touchpad or keypad lock or the biometric fingerprint lock. Each of these locks has its pros and cons and we'll take a look at each one below.

GunVault Bio

The biometric lock on the BIO gun vault safe offers convenience and safety for children. Programmable up to 30 fingerprints, you can limit access to the safe very easily. If you buy the gunvault bio you can rest assured that children or teenagers will be deterred from getting into the safe.

Pros: Limits Access (access control), Improved Safety for Families with Children.

Easy to install the 9V volt battery.
fingerprint safe
Cons: One downside to the Biometric lock is that it does not open as quickly as the keypad or touchpad version. If you require lighting fast entry to this gun safe it is suggested that you demo each model to determine which works best for you.


The MiniDeluxe features an interior courtesy light just like the biometric safe and utilizes a four button touchpad lock for entry.

Pros: Easy programming of combination lock. Fast entry. With just a little practice you can open the GunVault mini or mini deluxe in mere seconds.
keypad lock

Cons: Difficult to install batteries. This gun safe requires eight (8) AA batteries for operation without the power supply and they are difficult to install if you have large hands.

Overall both of these gun safes from Cannon are great for safety and security. Ultimately it is up to you to decide which is best for your situation.

For those of you with children, the biometric fingerprint lock offers great safety from loaded handguns. For those looking for security and to keep a loaded firearm in the home, the Mini Deluxe might be the best choice.

For more information call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IPS Containers Revisited

Detailed Look at at Class 5 Containers for SIPRNet and Compusec

Our full line of GSA Approved IPS Containers and Safes are fully approved for the storage of computer equipment, encryption devices, servers and PC's that process classified and top secret materials and data. When comparing IPS safes it is important to take a look at the full features available.

Our Hamilton Safe brand include the following:

• 2 fans, 10 inches diameter circulate up to 550 CFM free air each

• 12" X 12" X 1" air filter slot for proper air filtration

• Cable-entry box with six (6) half inch diameter openings for power and signal input cables

• Optional Hoffman box for cables inside of conduit

• 19" EIA rackmounts or 24" EIA vertical rackmount

• X-09 Digital Lock

• Class 5 protection

Some GSA safes for IPS concerns in extreme environments are required. For specialized containers with air conditioning, climate control and shielded environments we refer clients to Trusted Systems @

Transactiion Drawers & Bank Drive Up Deal Drawers

Emphasizing Bank Teller Comfort

Transaction drawers for banks and retail restaurant drive up and drive thru business are primarily designed with safety and security in mind. This includes UL Rated Level 3 bullet resistance rugged construction to handle a variety of sizes and weights during the transaction process. Today, Hamilton Safe manufacturers in the USA a variety of deal drawers that also place importance on customer relationship management (CRM) and comfort of the employee.

The microphone and speaker (audio system) communication is built to provide years of reliable performance is serviceable from outside your bank branch or restaurant drive thru. This allows for improved security and mitigates risk of having non-employees in secure areas of the bank safe.

From a comfort perspective the deal drawer is sealed to outside air; outside and inside doors are never open at the same time to keep employees comfortable during winter weather months. Optional heaters will warm any cold air inside the deal drawer during the process.

Most clients choose the 400DD or DCD-18 for the best in value and price.

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Monday, October 19, 2009


Hard drives and storage represent a very large market in the United States. Research indicated that by 2014 there will be approx. 12TB of data in the home and storage is compounding by 60-100% per yr.

When you factor in the thousands of digital family photos and videos of precious memories you are talking about some very important data. From a business standpoint this mean customer databases, lists, documents, literature as well as confidential digital files that cannot be stored off site or in the 'cloud.'

ioSafe, the leading manufacturer of hard drives now offers home and businesses users a better value per gigabyte when comparing backup hard drives. The ioSafe drives are fireproof and waterproof and meant to be used a backup of your primary computer hard drive, Mac, laptop or server. When choosing storage options, ioSafe delivers tremendous value, support and included data recovery service (think of it as an insurance policy on your data) for all of your important data.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

TRTL Rated Safes Made In America

Hamilton Safe recently announced that their line of TRTL 30x6 safes are the only dual rated high security safes Made in America. As the premier manufacturer of safes in the United States, Hamilton continues to serve the banking and financial markets as well as pharmaceutical, government and retail environments with the best in physical and electronic security equipment.

In 2009, the TL rated safes from Hamilton also passed the UL 1-Hour fire rating and carry a dual label. This engineering feat allows businesses to achieve business goals for physical security and business continuity or disaster recovery (DR) with a single solution.

For more information call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Computer Media Fire Safes

Storing computer media over the long term, often called archiving or archival storage is a very important part of business continuity planning for many businesses.

Data retention policies, or the need to retrieve data from a certain number of years prior is very common in today's climate of information security. Many companies choose to archive data on media tapes such as DLT or LTO tapes. These magnetic media backup copies are much like the "cassettes" you used to play in your tape deck. Albeit these forms of backup computer media can store a large volume of Gigabytes (GB).

Proper storage of removable backup tapes includes limiting moisture or humidity levels as well as protecting from dust, fire and water. In order to properly store magnetic media it is suggested that the humidity levels stay below 80% (especially during a fire) and that the storage temperature never exceed 125 degrees F.

Imagine if you put your computer hard drive or SD card in the oven and baked them at 350 degrees for 1 hour? What would you get? Melted plastic!

Media or Data fire safes are engineered to specifically protect precious backup media tapes from fire, water and other natural disasters. Just as important they offer physical security to prevent theft of priceless or regulated data.

While media safes come in a variety of sizes, UL fire ratings and security ratings it's best to consult with experienced professionals before you purchase.


- Make sure you store computer media in a UL 125 Rated Safe
- DO NOT store removable computer tapes or external hard drives in a UL 350 fire rated safe or cabinet, this fire rating will not keep your devices from melting!
- A 3 hour fire safe is not always necessary! Understand your location relative to the fire department and make an educated decision from there.

Speak with a consultant by calling Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bank Drive Thru Tubes

Drive up banking and drive through teller lanes are very common in suburban areas and smaller cities across the United States. A common question our staff is asked is how do bank air tubes work?

Quite simply, air tubes (known as pneumatic tube systems) is a closed system of compressed air that is powered by a blower or fan. Through computer control the air is able to move your bank transaction from the drive thru lane to the bank in a system of vacuum tubes.

These "point to point tubes" are also used in a wide variety of industries to transport documents, medications in the drive up pharmacy or even heavy objects in a manufacturing facility.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hurricane Rated Window Applications

We offer a full line of Miami Dade County Approved windows that can withstand hurricane and high wind conditions. Through specialized high velocity wind tests these windows are tested by shooting boards and wooden posts at high speeds with a pneumatic air gun. To pass the test the windows must meet the following specs.:

Air Infiltration Test, per FBC, TAS 202-94
Uniform Static Air Pressure Test, FBC, TAS 202-94
Water Resistance Test, per FBC, TAS 202-94
Large Missle Impact Test, per FBC, TAS 201-94
Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading per FBC, TAS 203-94
Forced Entry Test, per FBC TAS 202-94

The frames of each window are maintenance-free stainless steel inside and out and are made with bullet resistive glass. The frames have also been UL rated.

Hurricane rated:
- approved by Miami-Dade County, Florida, building code compliance
- approved for second-story installation

Other applications include:

- Bank Transaction Windows
- High security needs (business executive offices and homes, Embassy rooms, etc)

For more information or a Free Consultation call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Thursday, October 08, 2009

File Cabinet Drawers and Safety

When storing documents in your file cabinet it is very important to consider how much weight you are adding. From a safety perspective the manufacturer of the fire file cabinet only allows for a maximum of two drawers to be open at any given time.

By limiting the number of drawers being open this helps prevent accidental tipping of the cabinet. The average weight of a 4 drawer fire file cabinet is approx. 400-600 lbs empty. When you add in the weight of 4 drawers of paper documents (about 50 lbs per drawer) you are looking at a combined weight of up to 800 lbs. This significant weight can be deadly if it falls.

Remember, it is a best practice to only open one drawer at a time!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Space Heater Fire Safety for Your Business

It's that time of the year again when the temperatures begin to drop and space heaters get pulled out of the storage closet.

One of the most common causes of fires is the misuse of portable electrical space heaters and there are simple steps that you can take to avoid a fire disaster in your business or home. Here are 5 Tips for fire safety.

1) For starters it is imperative that the space heater be used on a dedicated grounded circuit or grounded extension cord.
2) Make sure you look for UL Ratings and UL Listed Equipment.
3) Do not use plug adapters and multi-outlet plug strips with electric heaters
4) Never leave a heater unattended with pets and small children
5) Make sure you have working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your home, ALWAYS!

These practical tips for space heater safety can always be found at the Electrical Tip of the day from our friends at Artisan Electric. Check back often and book mark the blog at Artisan for a constant stream of useful information that can be put to great use!

Monday, October 05, 2009

FREE Hard Drives

That is correct! Win on the best hard drives in the world from ioSafe by simply becoming a fan of the ioSafe on Facebook!

You can get a free 1TB external hard drive by becoming one of the first 5000 fans to join their group.

You can sign up as a friend for the giveaway at:

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Postivie Take on Fire Disaster from Wildfires

Fire disaster can strike at any time. The causes range from electrical circuit fires to natural disaster such as lighting strikes or wildfires in California. In positive news, iosafe, the manufacturer of hard drives that are fireproof and waterproof announced that they are giving away free ioSafe solo hard drives to the victims of the Highway 49 wildfire.

This California wildfire took place in Auburn, CA the headquarters of ioSafe, Inc. where the CEO Robb Moore and his family live. Fire insurance can help victims rebuild homes, but often times the photographs and videos are gone forever. Read more about this story in the Auburn Journal

Photo by Michael Kirby

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictures of Vault Construction

Building a gun vault in your home can be accomplished with our modular vault panels. These easy to assemble panels require heavy machinery or fork lifts, but can can be build on a concrete reinforced floor and welded in place with anchors.

For your reference we have uploaded several photos of a gun vault room that can be used for gun or firearm storage or a safe room.

Welding a Gun Vault

Proper Construction of a modular gun vault room includes secure welding of panels, corners and seams. More information can be found on our modular vault construction blog entry

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Modular Vault Construction

Building and constructing a modular bank vault or panel vault for security and storage is no easy task. With vaults weighing tens of thousands of pounds they require heavy equipment and several trained installers to ensure that the vault is plumb, level and square at all key points.

Typical wall panels in new vault construction have 8"x8" a 1/4" steel in each corner.
The vault panels should be attached to each other and to the floor anchor plates by 3" of weld. This can be done as a 3" long weld or three 1" beads.

Included in the image above are the primary welding points that must be made for proper construction and vault assembly. This welding detail is one of the most important features in the erection of a modular vault.

For more information on constructing a new vault call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Preventing Fire in Your Business and Home

Building Codes Changes Improve Fire Safety

Old or questionable wiring has long been a cause for electrical fires that contribute to the $2.23 Billion in annual loss from fire in the United States. While an overwhelming number of businesses (90%) close their doors after losing records due to a fire many of these fire disasters can be prevented or mitigated by being proactive on electrical safety, updates and upgrading.

New construction codes continually evolve to improve safety and a more recent update involves the use of arch fault breakers. This style of breaker offers better protection and sensing of arc faults and greatly reduces the risk of fire.

Learn more about these breakers from our friends at Artisan with the Electrical Tip of the Day.

The Artisan Electric Blog is a great resource for anyone that is planning to upgrade existing electrical service or in the process of building a new home or business office. The daily electrical fire safety tips offer practical advice and insight on knowing how to prevent electrical fires.

More information at

Monday, September 21, 2009

IPS Containers

IPS or information processing containers are modified class 5 safes engineered for closed-door, unmanned on-line operation of computers, network servers, computer workstations, hard drives or encryption equipment that process classified information.

At KL Security we offer the Hamilton Safe line of Class 5 containers with the following features:

Junction Boxes (Hoffman Box)
Adjustable Shelves
19" or 24" Rack Mount Rails
Cable exit/entry
Two (2) Fans to circulate air
Lock that meets Federal Spec FF-L-2740A

Our IPS containers do not include air conditioning cooling system units or environmental monitoring such as temperature, humidity, etc. For specialized severe climate IPS Safes we recommend contacting Trusted Systems

If you have specific questions please call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Sentry Gun Safes

At KLSecurity we now offer the complete line of Executive security safes from SentrySafe. Since the recent acquisition of Schwab Corp. our product offering has expanded to include Sentry executive fire files, safes as well as the most affordable gun safes on the market today.

'When theft deterrence is the main consideration, your choice of the best gun safes from the family of Sentry should be evaluated before you make a purchase. Standard features include:

Carpeted Interiors
Door Back Organizational Hooks
Bungee Organizational System
Flush floor compartment
Bolt Down Capability

A UL Listed RSC (residential security container) rating make these safes and fire rated gun safes the most affordable security for your firearms collection available.

Adjustable shelves provide storage for documents, business records, valuables and ammunition or handgun firearms.

To Learn more about these affordable gun safes call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pros and Cons of B2B Website Pricing

At KL Security we work very hard to ensure that our clients and customers have the best product information to make educated buying decisions as well as the best possible pricing available to meet budgetary needs and goals.

For many of our fire files and safes we post our retail prices and standard selling prices. This allows you, our valued customers to gather information quickly for small ticket item purchases.

On many of our higher end products we provide 'self service' price quotes that allow budgetary quotes to be obtained from our company websites 24/7. This valuable feature is made available for many reasons including;

Our customers do not want to calculate or work through pricing matrix forms. By simply listing our product catalog online in a simple format we are able to provide far more quotes per day and improve conversions.

Certain products offerings involve a much more complex sales process. This includes but is not limited to installation, set up, delivery and special discounts on package purchases.

Self service pricing models are very straight forward and allow both our sales and marketing staff to reach goals for customer satisfaction, website conversions and sales. After all, our top priority is to engage our current clients and web visitors with the most value possible.

K.I.S.S. - The 'Keep It Simple Stupid' means we don't collect a large amount of contact information. Our forms are clean and require only a name, email address and phone number to get price quotes within minutes.

For deeper support questions and as standard customer service practice we have two (2) Toll Free numbers to connect our clients directly to an expert sales rep. By maintaining a total of four (4) phone lines we ensure that customers speak with a real live person EVERY time. This allows our staff to ensure that you get the right product for your unique business needs the first time - at the best price possible.

As an added measure we also use our self service pricing model internally, giving our sales staff the ability to generate quotes while on the phone with customers. Typically by the time they finish the call our customers already have a PDF quote in their inbox.

CRM best practices give our business the edge over our competition and we will continue to evaluate and improve every aspect of B2B customer relations as our company grows.