Saturday, February 25, 2006

Office Environments and Storage Considerations

Whether your office is located in the suburbs, a downtown highrise, or just a small part of a regional or national business, the storage of and data will always be an important consideration in your overall operations.

On a daily basis our team works directly with facility managers, procurement officers, small business owners, IT directors, and quite often the personal assistant or secretary of the person that will be using the safe, filing cabinet or hard drive they purchase from us.

We've covered these topics in the past, but it never hurts to revist them :)

No matter your title, your company, or application for our products it all boils down to storage considerations. Here are a few things to consider when buying a secure storage solution from KL Security Enterprises.

1) Know what you are storing - Paper documents? Computer media such as tapes, CD's, DVD's, Optical Disks? Photographs? Floppy disks? Knowing what you need to store will help us find you the right product, at the right price, a lot faster :)

2) How much storage space do you need? Most businesses experience growth, and with growth comes more paper work, more computer data, and more storage solutions to handle your future needs. Many clients of ours prefer to purchase a larger safe (space requirements permitting) or multiple file cabinets for this specific reason - PLUS YOU"LL SAVE MORE $$$ WHEN YOU PURCHASE IN BULK FROM US!!!

3) If you are located on the 2nd floor or higher, do you have floor weight considerations? Most often no, but if you are purchasing several cabinets or safes, or if you are located in an older or historic office building it is advisable that you check the building codes for floor bearing load capacities

4) Do your documents or data require higher security?
Many contractors and sub contractors for the United States Govt. as well as the DOD are required to store documents and data in GSA Approved Security Containers, safes, or cabinets (check your specifications to be sure) but this will help us determine how to best serve you!

We can also upgrade locking options from key locks, to combination locks, dual control mechanisms and more - don't hesitate to ask if you are unsure!

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Businesses of all types Choose K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC

Our team has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of different businesses to assist with their fireproof and secure data and document storage needs. From banks, military bases (even FOB's in Iraq), universities, Fortune 500 companies, law firms, hospitals, construction companies, video game developers, movie producers, television shows, small business owners.... The list goes on...

We take pride in the referrals that these customers have given us - whether it be for a fireproof safe , Schwab file cabinet , GSA Approved Safe , or a fireproof hard drive - we would like to take this time to show you how our complete product line can apply to a variety of business's, whether you are implementing a disaster recovery plan, have regulatory requirements to meet, or simply need to backup your data in a secure fireproof container.

Medical Office Record Storage
From the safeguarding of confidential records and PHI, we offer a complete line of secure storage solutions (locking, HIPAA compliant) to meet the needs of any small office to the largest of hospitals. Many physician practices and HIPAA covered entities choose our Side Tab Filing Cabinet for secure storage.

Universities and Research Facilities
From the storage of paper records to the security of precious experiments, data, and research findings, KL Security Enterprises, LLC works with all types of laboratories and research parks to safely store their vital records. Whether you are a Govt. Prime or Sub-Contractor, Researcher for preventive medicine or disease, consumer demographics company, Marketing or Ad Agency, Fortune 500, or pharmaceutical or biological testing firm - we understand your storage needs and can meet your requirements on time and under budget.

Video Game Development and Video / TV Production
Some days when the phone rings at one of our offices you get a great surprise at who is on the other end. We've had the opportunity to not only speak with but protect the data of several large production companies who produce video games and Television programs that are distributed worldwide! ALWAYS BEAR IN MIND THAT COMPUTER MEDIA AND DIGITAL DATA REQUIRES specially RATED FIREPROOF STORAGE!
This means you must store in a safe, filing cabinet or hard drive that provides UL 125 or UL 72 Rated Protection! A product rated for document protection is rated for just that, paper documents!

Regulatory compliance - GSA Requirements, SOX, HIPAA and More
With a complete line of Class 5 and Class 6 Containers for both military and private enterprise applications we've worked with nearly every facet of the Department of Defense ( DOD ) from national research laboratories, military bases, as well as soldiers in the field - across the ocean in Iraq.

In addition to helping our clients meet GSA requirements, we can help move you toward HIPAA and SOX related issues with secure (lockable, access control, physical security from fire, etc) filing cabinets, safes and even hard drive or server storage applications.

So what can you gather from all of this? KL Security Enterprises, LLC has the expert knowledge, experience, and superb customer service to meet a wide variety of business needs. Every time you think of data or document storage, think KL Security!

Friday, February 24, 2006


Without a doubt small businesses are an integral part of our economy, considered by many as the backbone. As our reliance on all things digital becomes deeper rooted in traditional small business models there are many important considerations to keep in mind as you experience growth - like having a backup plan.

While the technology age has given entrepreneurs with dedication, passion, and motivation a leg up on many a brick and mortar - the reliance on digital data, computer systems, servers, email, & more can and will always be double edged swords.

1) Computers crash and burn - you might as well accept this fact of life now, because it's not a question of "if?", it's a matter of "when?"
A) Back up your data - this could be as simple as burning it to a CD or DVD, the important thing is that you have a backup copy!
B) Get a basic understanding of how to recover your data when that time comes - You'll save yourself some grief and headache if you can get your data back in a timely fashion

2) As a small business owner you have the advantage of FLEXIBILITY - you can ADAPT to challenges that arise, both quickly and efficiently with proper planning.
If you computer does crash, keep in mind that your business can still function! Wireless internet and laptop computers allow you to relocate and still stay online. From the local coffee shop to your cell phone, responding and sending emails is not out of the question.

3) PASSION - it's why you started into business in the first place!
You passion and resilience will keep you going strong no matter what obstacles you may encounter along the way. One of the many great things about being an entrepreneur is that as you will continually learn and grow - and as a result your outlook on life and the positive effects will guide you toward the goals you have set before you.

Below you'll find a collection of some amazing entrepreneurs, who just like you have weathered their own storms along the way to success.

Donna Gunter - Small Business Owner and Hurricane Survivor
How to turn a hobby into a Business - Stay at home Mom turns her passion for her children into a business she can run from home
Leap of Faith - A stay at home Dad gives it his all and is named entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Louisiana

Now Get Back To Work!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Home Security Safes for your Small office

Choosing the right fireproof safe for your home or small office can be tricky - with so many makes and models to choose from, it's important to keep several considerations in mind before you decide to spend your money.

What is a home security safe?
A fireproof home safe offers protection for personal documents ( such as wills, insurance papers, life insurance documentation, savings bonds, etc) as well as cash, and even your computer data backup like a CD or DVD.


1) Know what you are storing. If you are only using your home safe for paper documents, then you need to look for a UL 350 Fire rating. If you are storing computer media (tapes, photographs, CD's, DVD,s etc) you need a UL 125 rating and will be spending more money.

2) UL Ratings
There are two main UL Fire Ratings for home safes - UL 350 and UL 125. The UL 350 rated home safe will protect ONLY PAPER DOCUMENTS.
A UL 125 Rated safe will protect BOTH PAPER AND COMPUTER MEDIA in the event of a fire disaster.

3) Security Measures
Most home fire safes come with either a combination, key or biometric lock. If you have a need for greater security - consider a safe with a bolt down kit ( you can bolt it to your floor), or look for an in-wall or hidden fireproof safe.

4) Storage Capacity
When buying a safe always bear in mind that your may be require more storage space in the future - make sure you buy the right safe in the beginning, you'll save yourself some hassle in the long run!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Enterprise Backup

In the past several months we have recieved many inquiries regarding network attached storage or NAS as the IT world calls it. So to clear up many of the questions we have gotten, the following is a bit of a FAQ on the subject;

What is a NAS Device?
A NAS device is simply a server or hard drive that offers storage for data or files that can be accessed by the computer network that it is attached to. In some networks, only certain users or computer will have access to the NAS Device depending upon how it is configured.

Does Network attached storage apply to my small business?Yes it does. On one hand NAS is typically associated with large business enterprises, but even small businesses have computer networks. The main consideration here is that there are NAS products that are specially designed for small business and home offices [read industry acronym SOHO] that offer the same advantages of network attached storage, but with price tags that make them hard to not pass up.

What is the difference between a NAS Device and and External Hard Drive?The main difference is in how they are connected to your computer and how computer users access the device. Typically an external hard drive is connected directly to a computer via usb, firewire, or scsi ports (generally a plug and play device). The NAS allows all networked computers to access it, not just one computer that it is attached to. Note that if you have your computers networked (such as in your small business or home office) you can configure your backups to the external hard drive as well.

What fireproof products are available to meet my Network Storage needs?Currently ioSafe disaster proof hardware is the only manufacturer of a NAS specific fireproof hard drive for server backup.