Wednesday, August 01, 2007

TL-30 and TL-15 High Security Safes

Loss Prevention and Fireproof Security of Valuables
When you or your business are storing tens of thousands of dollars in valuables you will want to ensure that you are protecting those items with high security fireproof safes. Protecting from fire is vital to ensuring you can recover post-disaster, but burglary is often a greater risk for loss.

Burglary Rated Fire Safes
For years FireKing Security Group has been protecting data and documents for businesses worldwide and also offers a complete line of Meilink TL-30 and TL-15 burglary rated safes for high security storage. These safes carry the tool resistant (TL) rating classification from UL to protect against forced entry and surreptitious entry with a variety of tools, pry bars, and in some cases torches. The doors and body of the safe are constructed of hardened steel to prevent covert entry or burglary for a specified period of time. TL-15 safes are rated for 15 minutes and TL-30 safes are rated for 30 minutes.

In addition to these stringent security ratings the Meilink Gibraltar Safe line carries an additional fire rating to 1700 degrees F for 1-hour - making these burglary rated fire safes the most secure products on the market today.

Available in several sizes with many lock options we can accommodate your unique business security needs with a safe that is customized around your storage needs. For added security we can equip these TL-30 or TL-15 safes with audit control locks, programmable electronic locks, alarm systems for unauthorized entry and heat sensors or vibration sensors.

Jewelry Safes and Money Safes
One of the most common applications of high security safes such as the Meilink Gibraltar Safe line is the storage of valuable jewelry and cash or money. Because of the TL rated security and value-added fireproof safe rating, these safes are the choice worldwide for protection and peace of mind. For new home construction that includes a fire rated security vault, these safes are the perfect compliment to your valuable investments.

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