How to Buy a Data Safe

How to Buy a Data Safe

Data & Computer Media Safes
Data safes are engineered and designed to protect and store removable computer media such as LTO tapes, DLT Tapes, CD's, DVD's as well as portable external hard drives. Data safes differ from standard fire safes in that they specifically protect from humidity, moisture (e.g. steam, fire hoses, sprinkler systems) and high temperatures that can damage or warp plastic and electronic media.

Fire Safe Protection

Standard fire safes are built to protect paper. Remember the books Fahrenheit 451? This is the temperature at which paper burns. Computer media on the other hand begins to damage at temperatures just above 125 Degrees F. Imaging putting a DVD or magnetic media tape in your oven and baking it...these formats are fragile when subjected to extreme mild or extreme temperature.

Data and media safes carry a far superior fire rating of UL 125. This is the most important information to look for in a media safe. The UL 125 fire rating will ensure that the interior temperature of the safe will not exceed 125 degrees F during the specified time frame. Data safes are available with 1 hour, 2 hour and 3 hour fire protection.

What are you storing?

By answering this single question alone you can best determine which safe is right for you. If you have CD's vs. DLT Tapes you have different space requirements and different interior accessories to help you stay organized. Additionally if you have X number of media tapes or DVD's right now, how many will you have in 1 year? In 2 years?. By purchasing a higher capacity safe you can grow into it, you will save you money in the long term. A safe is an investment and you want the best return!

Home Safes

Smaller and more affordable data safes are available for home and personal use. These data safes are smaller and often fit inside file cabinet drawers. One example is the FireKing MediaVault, a stand alone media safe that offers a full 1 hour fireproof rating. Keep in mind that the storage capacity is small, so only a handful of tapes or hard drives can be safely protected from fire.

Burglary & Theft Protection

Commercial data safes weigh in at hundreds and up to thousands of pounds. Data Safes are typically not the type of safe that can be easily moved or stolen. The weight is a great deterrent from theft.

Smaller home safes should be locked inside closets or choose to purchase a burglary fire safe that offers multiple layers of protection.

1 Hour Safes
UL 125 1 Hour Rated

2 Hour Safes
UL 125 2 Hour fire rated safe

3 Hour Safes
UL 125 2 Hour rated fireproof media safes