Monday, November 27, 2006

2 Hour Fire Safe Security

Longer Fire Ratings, High Security?

Our clients have varying options on the subject as there are several factors that play into the decision of answering this and many other questions regarding fire safe security.

Fire Statistics

1) The average fire burns between 600 - 800 degrees F for approx. 20 mins.

2) 1-hour fire rated safes and file cabinets are tested at 1700 degrees F for 60 minutes (most manufacturers give an additional warranty to 90 minutes at that temperature)

3) 2 hour fire safes
tested to 1700 degrees F for two full hours. Ideal for the storage of business documents where there could be a delay in the fire department reaching your location, i.e. rural or remote areas.

4) 3 hour fire safe ratings
Much like the two hour rated safe, the three hour extends the test to a full 180 minutes at 1700 degrees, while the internal temperature never exceeds 350 degrees.

Many clients believe that if their business documents are worth protecting, then they must buy the best fire protection possible - understandably so. It's important to remember the facts, understand which fire rating is applicable to your storage needs, and how far you are from the nearest fire department.

Have Questions?
Call John or Travis Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fire Resistant Safe Selection

Choosing the best Fire Resistant Safe

There are many fire resistant safes on the market today - and with such a wide variety of options how do you know which one is best for your business??

1) Media storage or Paper Storage?
Knowing what you are storing will determine what type of safe you need. Paper storage safes have different fire ratings than safes built for the storage of computer media or data backup. Look for the UL 350 (for paper) or UL 125 (for computer media) rating to determine this.

2) Storage Capacity
It's best to purchase a safe that will allow you room to grow. There is no need to spend the money if you are going to outgrow your safe in 1 month.

3) Fire Rating
Are you located near a fire department? Are your vital records priceless? There are several fire ratings to choose from including 1-hour, 2-hour and 3-hours of fire protection. Determining your need is very important as higher rated safes are more expensive.

If you have questions and need answers - Call John or Travis Today!! Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

Monday, September 11, 2006

Fireproof Safe

K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC provides complete solutions for business continuity, information assurance, and disaster recovery planning with consulting and a line of fireproof safes, filing cabinets, and hard drives backup systems for the GSA, banking, commercial, and small business markets.

For valuable tips and information on choosing the right fireproof safe for your storage needs, please visit the FAQ's section here:

Fireking File Cabinet

Introducing the FireKing Record Storage Cabinet for oversized documents, binders and other medical record storage.

Standard Features Include

High Security Oversized Record Storage
UL Rated 350 1/2 hour
Adjustable Shelves for customized interiors (additional shelves available)
Medeco Key lock - drill and pick resistant
Powder Coated finish for scratch resistance

At K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC you can finanace or lease your business office storage equipment today!

Tape Drive Replacement with ioSafe

Tape Drive Supplement and Replacement Strategies...
Are your monthly overheads from tape drives, tape rotation, and tape vaulting going up?
Does your organization need to backup data in a realtime to establish quick Recovery Time Objectives and recovery points?

Because of the speed, capacity and ease of use, disk based backup is preferred by many over tape and online strategies. It's important to recognize that traditional disk based backup should be used in conjunction with tape or online strategies to protect against natural disasters and comply with regulatory requirements - as a combination of strategies is always best.

ioSafe has developed disaster ready disk based backup hardware to protect businesses against disasters including: server failure, fire, flood, theft, building collapse and other disasters.

Learn how ioSafe technology can help the IT BC/DR professional in the following areas:

- Remote Office Backup / Edge Data Outside the Central Server: Fill the gaps in your existing enterprise DR strategy

- Supplement or in some cases eliminate Offsite Tape Vaulting or Slow Online Backup: Reduce IT hassle

- Onsite Security, Disk Based Speed and Disaster Protection

- Rapid Regulatory Compliance: Simple data protection and security strategies for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other similar regulations.

- Reduce DR/BC Plan Costs: Automated, onsite, centrally managed

- Small/Medium Business Solutions: “Disaster Plan in a Box”
Facilitates rapid RTO and full bare metal server rebuild

- Disaster Ready Disk Based Backup
- Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
- Tape Drive Supplement and / or Replacement
- Remote Office Backup
- Rapid Regulatory Compliance
- NAS/RAID/3 TB Interface Available
- USB2/FW/750 GB Available
- Best of Breed Active Air Flow Cooling

Used correctly, ioSafe solutions can greatly reduce IT/DR/BC costs and headaches. IT staff or SMB owners can deploy a simple onsite (or offsite) disaster ready backup solution in minutes.

Bear in mind that a the best strategies ALWAYS consist of multiple techniques to protect against disaster. Human error (losing a tape, misplacing or dropping one)does account for a large percentage of the risk associate with tape backup, and automation can serve to mitigate this risk.

Every business is unique, from SMB's to large enterprises, and your approach strategy and plan for data backup, archiving,and acheiving regulatory compliance will always have it's own attributes. The important part of the data backup equation to remember is that you are proactive and thorough. There are usually some gaps in your plan that still need to be filled.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

GSA Safe / Document Shredder Security Packages

GSA Approved Safe + DAHLE NSA Approved High Security Paper Shredder Packages

Recently the team at K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC has added a new line of Dahle High Security Paper Shredders to our product line. Carrying the NSA / CSS 02-01 Specification for the destruction of Top Secret COMSEC documents, these paper shredders are the perfect compliment to your Class 6 and Class 5 containers and can be purchased as packages for greater discounts.

Available in four different ranges:
Small Office
High Capacity

From 100 sheets to 28,000 sheet per day capacities these paper shredders are dependable for your daily operations.

For more information on Dahle high security paper shredders and discount pricing call Toll Free 866-867-0305 and ask for Travis Easter.

Monday, June 05, 2006

In House Financing Now Available!

K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC would like to announce our new In House Financing program. We understand that securing your vital documents and information can be expensive and financing your purchase is a great and simple way to spread those costs out over time. The process is very simple and allows you the ability to finance your Business Continuity Solution as well as the installation fees.

The process is simple:

Step 1. Discuss your storage needs with one of our sales team members and decide which products best meet those needs.

Step 2. Speak with our dedicated financing specialist to discuss your financing options.

Step 3. Fill out and fax back the simple one page application.

Step 4. Await response from Lender, usually within 24 hours

Step 5. Accept terms and proceed with your order.

Give us a call to find out how we can make your Business Continuity Solution more affordable today!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Data Management and Storage Enterprise Wide

For most companies the tasks of managing IT infrastructure, complying with federal regulations and laws, cutting costs, and moving forward with business objectives are no walk in the park.

When considering your IT infrastructure there are several elements that must be looked at, including;

Business Continuity
Disaster Recovery
IT Controls
Monitoring (web applications)
Business Goals

When looking at the framework involved in each of the above elements, one can conclude that there is a commonality across them all - that being technology. Busines continuity and disaster recovery require the use of data backup strategies and management of risk, the implemenation of controls and monitoring require software solutions that mesh seemlessly with your existing IT environment, all of which lead to the achievement of your specific business goals (cutting costs, demonstrating compliance with federal regulations, creating enterprise wide IT platforms, etc)

From a security consulting perspective all of these objectives can be met by customizing an IT based data backup strategy to your existing platforms.
Disaster Ready Digital Solutions allow for a system-based approach that provides flexibility, functionality, and are scalable to provide data backup for hundreds of locations back to a single point of analysis - offering control and security.

If your company is looking for a cost effective solution to regulatory data storage, seemless integration to your current software & hardware - all in a Plug and Play / No Training Required strategy, look no further than ioSafe.

K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC is your source for business continuity solutions that are dependable, hassle-free, drive out costs, provide ongoing support, and mesh seemlessly with your compliance / regulatory issues.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Fireproof NAS (Network Attached Storage)

NAS or Network Attached Storage is one of the most common forms of data backup today. Whether you are a large enterprise with several hundred locations or a small business, the advantages of NAS devices as they relate to business continuity and disaster recovery planning are very important to your overall operations.

What is a fireproof NAS?
Fireproof NAS devices are solutions that offer data backup in a secure environment that protects from fire, flood, and hard drive failure. These solutions are compatible with Linux, UNIX, Windows and MAC platforms and are quickly becoming popular for companies of all sizes.

Cost savings - no longer do you have to worry about recurring monthly charges for off-site storage. You get a complete solution that is plug and play, along with total support for data retrieval in one package. No longer do you have to worry about taking tapes offsite, replacing tapes or storing the tapes.

Support - In the event of a disaster (fire, flood, hard drive failure, etc) you are guaranteed to get your data recovered, keeping your company operations going strong even through a crisis.

Compatibility - These systems work with a wide range of platforms, including Windows, UNIX, Linux, MAC and more, providing a scalable solution for even the most complex operating systems

Federal Regulation Compliance - Whether your company needs to meet requirements for HIPAA, SOX or the California Privacy act, a fireproof / waterproof data backup system can move you toward compliance with LESS HEADACHE, NO MAINTENANCE, NO TRAINING, all at a price that is quite lower that other options.

Ask the Business Continuity Experts at K.L. Security Enterprises how a fireproof NAS device could benefit your company. We are more than happy to offer a free consultation.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

International Size Filing - A-4, Folio, 3-Ring Binders and More

For the storage of international size files, including A-4, Folio, foolscap, 3-ring binders, ledgers and more have a look at the Fire King Signature Series vertical filing cabinets.

These cabinets comes standard with all of the features you would expect from any Fire King Cabinet - UL 350 Fire, Impact and Explosion Rated - but also recessed handles, customized colors and larger size drawers to accept International sized files.

For global organizations with diverse filing requirements these cabinets are often one of the best choices.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

online photo gallery - digital backup

from the bin
Originally uploaded by johnnyalive.

I've posted on digital photo storage in the past, but every time I come across a special photograph, I can't help but think how grateful I am for having these memories stored in both my online photo gallery
, as well as in my fire safe hard drive.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The K.L. Security Sales Philosophy

I decided to write this post to explain the thinking behind our sales process. I seem to get a lot of compliments from potential clients about how we approach our sales, and usually each person that offers a compliment also has a story about other companies in our industry that they were completely unhappy with. I personally have been in some form of management with various companies for the last 12 years. My experience has included farming, major technology stores, restaurants, and finally led to my involvement with K.L. Security Enterprises, Inc. Each step of the way there were different challenges that had to be met, some weighed heavily on motivating employees to do their best, while others were more customer oriented. Over time I have formed what is now the sales approach that I use each and every day within our company.

Personally, I don't think about my actual sales process all that often due to the fact that I don't consider it sales. Recently a customer, or future customer I should say, called and spoke with me for about a half hour or so. She, like most people, knew she needed a fireproof safe or file cabinet, she just didn't know the first thing about them. The problem that she was having was that each company that she had called before calling K.L. Security was more concerned with making a sale rather than making sure that she got what she needed, nothing more but certainly nothing less. About 15 minutes into our conversation she actually thanked me in the middle of explaining the difference between the UL 350 rating and the UL 125 rating. The whole reason she needed fireproof storage was to protect her many (10 to be exact) shoeboxes of pictures of her children. No one previous to calling our business, had told her that there was a difference between the two, and that if she used a standard fire proof file cabinet and was unfortunate enough to experience a fire, that she would lose the one thing she was most concerned with protecting. Instead, each of the other companies she had contacted had quoted her a standard fireproof file cabinet, and most of them quoted the smallest depth cabinet in order to make the price look more enticing. This is a sales technique that is completely based around money, and while we all like making some quick cash, the real value comes in knowing that you have offered the best possible product, at the best possible price, for each individual customer that needs your product or service.

In short and for what it's worth, we really don't sell anything at K.L. Security. We ask questions and offer solutions. If you have questions and need answers just give us a call and judge for yourself. 765-463-7972

Travis Easter

Monday, March 20, 2006

Flickr Digital Photostreams - backing up your memories

I am a very avid photographer (aspiring to do this full time). I shoot most of my pictures on 35mm and Medium format film (I love my Lomo-LCA and Pinhole Camera), and my digital stills are on a Nikon D100. For film I always scan my negatives, save them on a dedicated fire safe hard drive, as well as upload them to my Flickr Digital Photograhpy Photostream.

It's nice to not only be able share my photos with friends and family - but I rest easy knowing that I have all of these memories preserved both here at home where I can easily access them, as well as on a remote server.

In short, if you take a lot of pictures - be you a weekend warrior, or just a picture person - you should take the time to learn more about backing up your photos in the digital age.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lateral vs. Vertical

So it's time to buy a Fireproof File Cabinet. First question...Should you buy a Lateral or a Vertical Cabinet? The Answer... There are a couple of things to think about when deciding between the two options. Making sure you get the most filing space for your money is as important to K.L. Security as it is to you - so here are a few things to think about before you make your decision.

First of all, how much filing space do you need? Actually measure your documents - Do you have 50 inches of files? 200 in? This is very important becuase if you have over 104 inches but less than 152 inches, a lateral might be your best option.

Second, are there any space restrictions? This is very important because when it comes right down to it if it won't fit, there is no sense in debating. Keep in mind, Laterals come in varying widths so there are options, but if you have less than 30 inches in width, Vertical it is!

Both Vertical and Lateral cabinets can accommodate Letter or Legal size files. If you need to store Legal size documents and are looking at Vertical cabinets make sure you get one that is Legal Size. You can store Letter size in a Legal size file cabinet, but not vise versa. If you decide on a Lateral cabinet you will be able to store both sizes regardless of which width you choose.

Now for some numbers....

Vertical File Cabinets are available in 20", 25", and 31" Depths. Meaning, inches worth of filing space per drawer can vary. Take the Depth x No. of Drawers and that will give you the total inches of filing space.

We will use Four Drawer cabinets for an example as they are purchased most frequently.

Four Drawer 20" has an interior depth of 15 inches for a total of 60 inches.
Four Drawer 25" has an interior depth of 20 inches for a total of 80 inches.
Four Drawer 31" has an interior depth of 26 inches for a total of 104 inches.

Lateral file cabinets are measured in widths instead of depth. They are available in 30", 36", and 43" widths.

Four Drawer 30" has an interior width of 25 inches for a total of 100 inches.
Four Drawer 36" has an interior width of 31 inches for a total of 124 inches.
Four Drawer 43" has an interior width of 38 inches for a total of 152 inches.

As you can see, you get quite a bit more filing space out of a Lateral cabinet vs a Vertical cabinet. Now you just need to figure out how much space you have available and make your decision! Of course, as always if you have any questions feel free to give us a call and we will help you with your decision.

Toll Free 866-867-0306

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Here is $50.00 from KL Security

K.L. Security wants to give you $50.00

Ok, now that we have your attention, we really do want to give you some cash. Every week we get calls from new potential clients that have been given our information through a friend, family member, or business colleague. This has become one of the best forms of advertising for our small business and we want to thank you for the help. In order to add even more incentive we have decided to start a New Client Referral Program where we actually pay you for sending new customers our way. For each new client you refer to us that makes a purchase valued over $500.00 and mentions your name and the referral program, we will send you a check for $50.00 or discount your next purchase. This is not a gimmick. We understand the value of client referrals and we think it's only fair to reward you for helping our business. Look for more information in our next newsletter. If you are not signed up for the newsletter click here and fill out the form. Our newsletter will help you stay up to date with the latest news in the Vital Records Protection industry, including advice, explanations, and new product releases such as the new Fireproof Hard Drive Backup Solutions. AS WELL AS OUR LATEST SALES AND DISCOUNTS!

Thanks again to all of our current and past clients - we appreciate your business!

Travis, John "JFK" Klemme, Johnny, and Roxie

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Office Environments and Storage Considerations

Whether your office is located in the suburbs, a downtown highrise, or just a small part of a regional or national business, the storage of and data will always be an important consideration in your overall operations.

On a daily basis our team works directly with facility managers, procurement officers, small business owners, IT directors, and quite often the personal assistant or secretary of the person that will be using the safe, filing cabinet or hard drive they purchase from us.

We've covered these topics in the past, but it never hurts to revist them :)

No matter your title, your company, or application for our products it all boils down to storage considerations. Here are a few things to consider when buying a secure storage solution from KL Security Enterprises.

1) Know what you are storing - Paper documents? Computer media such as tapes, CD's, DVD's, Optical Disks? Photographs? Floppy disks? Knowing what you need to store will help us find you the right product, at the right price, a lot faster :)

2) How much storage space do you need? Most businesses experience growth, and with growth comes more paper work, more computer data, and more storage solutions to handle your future needs. Many clients of ours prefer to purchase a larger safe (space requirements permitting) or multiple file cabinets for this specific reason - PLUS YOU"LL SAVE MORE $$$ WHEN YOU PURCHASE IN BULK FROM US!!!

3) If you are located on the 2nd floor or higher, do you have floor weight considerations? Most often no, but if you are purchasing several cabinets or safes, or if you are located in an older or historic office building it is advisable that you check the building codes for floor bearing load capacities

4) Do your documents or data require higher security?
Many contractors and sub contractors for the United States Govt. as well as the DOD are required to store documents and data in GSA Approved Security Containers, safes, or cabinets (check your specifications to be sure) but this will help us determine how to best serve you!

We can also upgrade locking options from key locks, to combination locks, dual control mechanisms and more - don't hesitate to ask if you are unsure!

For more FREE tips, advice, articles and monthly SALES and DISCOUNTS - Sign Up for our Monthly Newsletter - HERE

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Businesses of all types Choose K.L. Security Enterprises, LLC

Our team has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of different businesses to assist with their fireproof and secure data and document storage needs. From banks, military bases (even FOB's in Iraq), universities, Fortune 500 companies, law firms, hospitals, construction companies, video game developers, movie producers, television shows, small business owners.... The list goes on...

We take pride in the referrals that these customers have given us - whether it be for a fireproof safe , Schwab file cabinet , GSA Approved Safe , or a fireproof hard drive - we would like to take this time to show you how our complete product line can apply to a variety of business's, whether you are implementing a disaster recovery plan, have regulatory requirements to meet, or simply need to backup your data in a secure fireproof container.

Medical Office Record Storage
From the safeguarding of confidential records and PHI, we offer a complete line of secure storage solutions (locking, HIPAA compliant) to meet the needs of any small office to the largest of hospitals. Many physician practices and HIPAA covered entities choose our Side Tab Filing Cabinet for secure storage.

Universities and Research Facilities
From the storage of paper records to the security of precious experiments, data, and research findings, KL Security Enterprises, LLC works with all types of laboratories and research parks to safely store their vital records. Whether you are a Govt. Prime or Sub-Contractor, Researcher for preventive medicine or disease, consumer demographics company, Marketing or Ad Agency, Fortune 500, or pharmaceutical or biological testing firm - we understand your storage needs and can meet your requirements on time and under budget.

Video Game Development and Video / TV Production
Some days when the phone rings at one of our offices you get a great surprise at who is on the other end. We've had the opportunity to not only speak with but protect the data of several large production companies who produce video games and Television programs that are distributed worldwide! ALWAYS BEAR IN MIND THAT COMPUTER MEDIA AND DIGITAL DATA REQUIRES specially RATED FIREPROOF STORAGE!
This means you must store in a safe, filing cabinet or hard drive that provides UL 125 or UL 72 Rated Protection! A product rated for document protection is rated for just that, paper documents!

Regulatory compliance - GSA Requirements, SOX, HIPAA and More
With a complete line of Class 5 and Class 6 Containers for both military and private enterprise applications we've worked with nearly every facet of the Department of Defense ( DOD ) from national research laboratories, military bases, as well as soldiers in the field - across the ocean in Iraq.

In addition to helping our clients meet GSA requirements, we can help move you toward HIPAA and SOX related issues with secure (lockable, access control, physical security from fire, etc) filing cabinets, safes and even hard drive or server storage applications.

So what can you gather from all of this? KL Security Enterprises, LLC has the expert knowledge, experience, and superb customer service to meet a wide variety of business needs. Every time you think of data or document storage, think KL Security!

Friday, February 24, 2006


Without a doubt small businesses are an integral part of our economy, considered by many as the backbone. As our reliance on all things digital becomes deeper rooted in traditional small business models there are many important considerations to keep in mind as you experience growth - like having a backup plan.

While the technology age has given entrepreneurs with dedication, passion, and motivation a leg up on many a brick and mortar - the reliance on digital data, computer systems, servers, email, & more can and will always be double edged swords.

1) Computers crash and burn - you might as well accept this fact of life now, because it's not a question of "if?", it's a matter of "when?"
A) Back up your data - this could be as simple as burning it to a CD or DVD, the important thing is that you have a backup copy!
B) Get a basic understanding of how to recover your data when that time comes - You'll save yourself some grief and headache if you can get your data back in a timely fashion

2) As a small business owner you have the advantage of FLEXIBILITY - you can ADAPT to challenges that arise, both quickly and efficiently with proper planning.
If you computer does crash, keep in mind that your business can still function! Wireless internet and laptop computers allow you to relocate and still stay online. From the local coffee shop to your cell phone, responding and sending emails is not out of the question.

3) PASSION - it's why you started into business in the first place!
You passion and resilience will keep you going strong no matter what obstacles you may encounter along the way. One of the many great things about being an entrepreneur is that as you will continually learn and grow - and as a result your outlook on life and the positive effects will guide you toward the goals you have set before you.

Below you'll find a collection of some amazing entrepreneurs, who just like you have weathered their own storms along the way to success.

Donna Gunter - Small Business Owner and Hurricane Survivor
How to turn a hobby into a Business - Stay at home Mom turns her passion for her children into a business she can run from home
Leap of Faith - A stay at home Dad gives it his all and is named entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Louisiana

Now Get Back To Work!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Home Security Safes for your Small office

Choosing the right fireproof safe for your home or small office can be tricky - with so many makes and models to choose from, it's important to keep several considerations in mind before you decide to spend your money.

What is a home security safe?
A fireproof home safe offers protection for personal documents ( such as wills, insurance papers, life insurance documentation, savings bonds, etc) as well as cash, and even your computer data backup like a CD or DVD.


1) Know what you are storing. If you are only using your home safe for paper documents, then you need to look for a UL 350 Fire rating. If you are storing computer media (tapes, photographs, CD's, DVD,s etc) you need a UL 125 rating and will be spending more money.

2) UL Ratings
There are two main UL Fire Ratings for home safes - UL 350 and UL 125. The UL 350 rated home safe will protect ONLY PAPER DOCUMENTS.
A UL 125 Rated safe will protect BOTH PAPER AND COMPUTER MEDIA in the event of a fire disaster.

3) Security Measures
Most home fire safes come with either a combination, key or biometric lock. If you have a need for greater security - consider a safe with a bolt down kit ( you can bolt it to your floor), or look for an in-wall or hidden fireproof safe.

4) Storage Capacity
When buying a safe always bear in mind that your may be require more storage space in the future - make sure you buy the right safe in the beginning, you'll save yourself some hassle in the long run!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Enterprise Backup

In the past several months we have recieved many inquiries regarding network attached storage or NAS as the IT world calls it. So to clear up many of the questions we have gotten, the following is a bit of a FAQ on the subject;

What is a NAS Device?
A NAS device is simply a server or hard drive that offers storage for data or files that can be accessed by the computer network that it is attached to. In some networks, only certain users or computer will have access to the NAS Device depending upon how it is configured.

Does Network attached storage apply to my small business?Yes it does. On one hand NAS is typically associated with large business enterprises, but even small businesses have computer networks. The main consideration here is that there are NAS products that are specially designed for small business and home offices [read industry acronym SOHO] that offer the same advantages of network attached storage, but with price tags that make them hard to not pass up.

What is the difference between a NAS Device and and External Hard Drive?The main difference is in how they are connected to your computer and how computer users access the device. Typically an external hard drive is connected directly to a computer via usb, firewire, or scsi ports (generally a plug and play device). The NAS allows all networked computers to access it, not just one computer that it is attached to. Note that if you have your computers networked (such as in your small business or home office) you can configure your backups to the external hard drive as well.

What fireproof products are available to meet my Network Storage needs?Currently ioSafe disaster proof hardware is the only manufacturer of a NAS specific fireproof hard drive for server backup.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Coping with Primary Hard Drive Failure

Consider me coping... yes, that's correct - recently I had a hard drive failure, my desktop workstation decided it was time for a break. Perhaps it was one too many power surges, or maybe the hundreds of times that I would reset the power strip with my feet, possibly the nearly full drive, maxxed out RAM, and too much solitaire when the boss wasn't around... Certainly a combination of all of the above, right?!

So I've been doing my best to deal with it and here are my reactions in order:

1) Disbelief
2) Anger
3) More disbelief
4) More Anger
5) Relief that I now have a clean slate to work from

Yes, there is a silver lining here - I have a fresh new hard drive, that is just waiting for me to fill it up with my latest marketing strategy document, multi-tiered public relations campaign, and 2006 advertising platforms for the company.
In all fairness, I went into data recovery mode and some things were recovered. But from now on when our company is faced with a primary hard drive failure we have all of our company data stored on a fireproof hard drive from ioSafe. It offers security from natural disasters such as fire, flood, water, etc. But also redundant backup (which should be part of everyone's business continuity plan!) and additional security from a potential virus.

Next time my computer takes a dump... well, I won't loose a thing... and better yet, I should be able to get back to playing solitaire that much sooner.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Digital Photograph Storage - Fireproof Hard Drives!

What would you do if your computer crashed or got a virus and you lost all of your favorite digital photos? All of your digital storage gone...

From family photos, vacations, to birthday parties... all gone.

I spend a large part of my free time taking pictures. Both with my Minolta AF5000 SLR Film camera (this camera takes splendid black & whites by the way...), a Nikon D100, Lomo LC-A, Orbit 360F, and with a canon powershot digital camera. Nearly every roll of film that I use ends up getting digitized and loaded on my hard drive so I can email family and friends and upload my photos to my Flickr Photostream... and of course the digital files get dumped directly to a dedicated hard drive. if I were ever to loose these images - in a computer crash or worse yet a fire... I would be devastated.

But along comes a man with an idea... His name, Robb Moore and he designed and created the first fireproof hard drive for redundant computer backup - in the event of a virus, crash, fire, or flood - the ioSafe Disaster Ready Drive will set your mind at ease.

As a photographer - I would reccomend that you look closely at both the ioSafe especially professional photographers who have their own businesses, as you can store all of your important company documents, etc in a manner that ensures the integrity of your digital data.

Many professional photographers choose the NAS storage device, ioSafe R4 for its high data storage capacity and RAID redundancy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fireproof Data Storage - Hard Drives with Complete Disaster Protection

Every day we get phone calls and emails from business owners, purchasing agents, buyers and IT management looking for fireproof backup solutions.

Currently there are two companies who offer on-site hard drive backup that offer protection from fire, water, viruses, computer crash, unauthorized access and more. While ioSafe was the first on the market to offer a disaster ready / fire safe hard drive the latest to join the movement to protect critical company data with real-time backup is the DataFORTRESS from Schwab Corp.Fireprof Safe Manufacturer and Western Digital Hard Drives.

Both hard drives feature the following:

High Capacity Data Storage
ioSafe - 200GB to 400GB
DataFORTRESS - 120GB to 640GB

Disaster Protection Planning
ioSafe - Comes standard with 3 year disaster protection plan and 24/7/365 support.Data Recovery, and product replacement in the event of a fire disaster.
DataFORTRESS - 1 year parts warranty, Life-time after fire replacement guarantee, hard drive data recovery.

Business Backup Software

Both come standard with the Dantz Retrospect backup software for either Windows or MAC

Plug and Play Compatibility
USB 2.0 or FireWire Connections for fast data transfer

So if you are looking for the best fireproof hard drive...Call KL Security Enterprises today and let our experts help you choose the right solution for your storage needs.

KL Security is a Data Storage and Records Management company that specializes in the secure fireproof storage of your vital records, data, DVD's, CD's, disks, tapes and more.