Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Lock for Field Safes and Weapons Safes

Beginning March 1st, 2008, all Class 6 Field Safes and Class 5 Weapons Safes will be equipped with the new Sargent and Greenleaf model 2937 Lock. This change will replace the Sargent and Greenleaf 8550 that is currently the standard.

Here is a brief explanation of this new lock, courtesy of the Sargent and Greenleaf website:

"The Sargent and Greenleaf model 2937 lock is a UL® Group 1 lock designed to meet the recent federal specification FF-L-2937. The model 2937 offers rugged all metal- 3 wheel construction, twenty man-hours of resistance to expert manipulation, and stainless steel bolt strong enough to resist 600lbs of force. It comes standard with Spy-Proof® dial for added dialing security. The model 2937 installs and operates like all other Sargent and Greenleaf three wheel locks to ensure easy retrofits and new installations alike."

The Sargent and Greenleaf model 8550 lock is still approved for use on existing GSA containers.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Waterproofing Your Data Backup Tapes and Documents

Best Business Practices for protection your data backup tapes from water, flood, sprinklers and fire hoses

Taking steps to protect your business data (servers, hard drives, backup tapes) from fire is a tremendous step toward ensuring your resiliency and financial health. It remains equally important to protect these backups from water as well. With over 95% of fires there is water present. Fire hoses and water sprinkler systems can cause just as much damage to your data as fire. Below are several best practices for safeguarding your backup data and business documents.

Plastic Bags and Rubberized Containers

Removable media tapes (DLT, LTO, VXA, etc) are more prone to damage from fire and water. While the items do remain protected from fire in a UL 125 rated safe they also need protection from smoke and water. By simply storing the tapes in a sealed plastic bag, Tupperware or other rubberized container, water damage can easily be avoided. This best business practice is often overlooked by many businesses. This one simple step can mean the difference between fully recovery or partial recovery.

Waterproof Hard Drive

A fire resistant and waterproof hard drive is a common approach to protecting your data backup. These USB external hard drives offer a great alternative to automated the data backup process as well as mitigating data security risks. Offering protection from a 1700 degree fire for 1-hour and waterproof data backup to 30 feet for 30 days, the ioSafe hard drives and Network attached storage systems are the best choice for businesses.

Water Resistant File Cabinets

Protecting paper documents from fire and water is also a common best practice for business continuity. Schwab Corp., one of the largest manufacturers of fire filing cabinets makes their TRIDENT Series cabinet with additional protection from water. Inside the drawer heads of every one of these fireproof files is a rubber seal to give unprecedented protection from fire hoses and water sprinklers systems.

Off Site Backup

Combining an on site and off site backup strategy is a preferred method to protect from water damage as well as fire damage. In the event of a natural disaster an offsite backup plan is one of the best insurance policies for data and document recovery. Many business use a combination of tape backup with hard drive disk or NAS storage in both the primary business location and at an off site storage facility. This ensures the best recovery time objective possible with a 'belts and suspenders' approach.

Monday, January 21, 2008

TL Rated Safes

Financial insitutions, jewelers, payroll departments, and businesses who carry large amounts of cash and other valuables require the highest level of security. TL rated safes offer that security by adhering to some of the most rigorous testing in the industry. The "TL" stands for Tool, and the number reflects the length of time, in minutes, the safe was subjected to testing.

Available in TL-15, TL-30 safe, and TL-30x6, these safes are tested against attack by grinders, pick axes, sledge hammers, drills, and saws. In addition, the Gibraltar line of safes are also fire rated through the Omega Point 1700 degree fire test during which the internal temperature is not allowed to exceed 275 degrees.

Internal options include various shelves, drawers, and lockers for user customization. Locking options include standard combination locks, electronic locks, and time audit capabilities.

When high security and fire protection are at the top of your priority list, trust a Meilink safe, tl-15 safe, tl 30 or the tl 30x6.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Schwab Corp Vault Door

- UL 155 Compliant Vault Door
- Class B Mercantile Burglary Insurance Rating
- (2) UL 140 Compliant Re-locking Devices
- UL Class 350 - 1,2,4 or 6 Hour Rated

File Room and Vault Door installation is made easy with the Schwab Corp brand. Their vault doors are tested by UL for security features such as the dual re-locking devices, fire protection and water resistance.

When ordering a vault door there are a few bits of information that you will need to provide. First, we will need to know the thickness of the surrounding walls as the jam is set at the factory. For contractors, this is a key feature, as it takes a lot of the physical work out of of the installation. Jams can be set anywhere between 7"-18" and can be installed around block or poured concrete.

Second, we will need to know if you need left or right hand swing. To figure the swing, stand in front of the doorway and decide which side should have the hinges. Right hinge is right swing, left hinge is left swing.

Additional accessories such as daygates, automatic door closers, and additional lock upgrades are available as well.

If you are in the market and are considering the installation of a Vault Door, contact us today to find out which options best suit your needs!

Physical Security Containers

Physical Security Containers, or GSA Containers as they are generally referred to as, are designed for use by the Federal Government and Government Sub Contractors that store items such as Classified Documents, weapons, ammunition, and various items deemed to require the utmost in physical security.

Identifying an approved container is as simple as reading the label. If you are storing any of the above mentioned items in a container that does not have a GSA Approved Label as shown on the right, you may be in violation of Federal Law.

Beginning in 2012 all Classified Information needs to be stored in a GSA Approved Container that is equipped with the X-09 Lock. This is a major shift in policy and will require advanced planning as orders for new containers will be delayed due to increasingly high order volume.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Fire Resistant Hard Drive

There are several fire resistant and waterproof USB hard disk drives on the market today and choosing the right product to meet your data storage needs is very important. For the consumer and home user, data storage requirements are usually not as challenging as those for the business or enterprise, however it's of great importance for your fire resistant hard drive to be as reliable as your primary computer system.

Air Flow - Cooling - Heat Dissipation
Air flow and cooling are very important to the reliability of any hard disk drive. Just take a look at your laptop or desktop PC and think about the importance of fans for your computer. Heat is the number one enemy of any hard drive, cooling and air flow are by far the most important element to ensuring your computer or server will last! Would you ever consider cutting the fan on your computer?? NO.

Hard disk drives create heat while in operation (even a little while they are not spinning) and removing that heat with air flow and cooling fins will always remain the number one challenge for hardware manufacturers. Technology will always become faster and smaller, while heat buildup will forever pose a threat to reliability of backup devices.

When choosing the best fire safe USB hard drive for your data backup plan make sure that you're getting more than just a hard drive inside a fire safe, make sure you are buying a reliable backup device!