Monday, November 27, 2006

2 Hour Fire Safe Security

Longer Fire Ratings, High Security?

Our clients have varying options on the subject as there are several factors that play into the decision of answering this and many other questions regarding fire safe security.

Fire Statistics

1) The average fire burns between 600 - 800 degrees F for approx. 20 mins.

2) 1-hour fire rated safes and file cabinets are tested at 1700 degrees F for 60 minutes (most manufacturers give an additional warranty to 90 minutes at that temperature)

3) 2 hour fire safes
tested to 1700 degrees F for two full hours. Ideal for the storage of business documents where there could be a delay in the fire department reaching your location, i.e. rural or remote areas.

4) 3 hour fire safe ratings
Much like the two hour rated safe, the three hour extends the test to a full 180 minutes at 1700 degrees, while the internal temperature never exceeds 350 degrees.

Many clients believe that if their business documents are worth protecting, then they must buy the best fire protection possible - understandably so. It's important to remember the facts, understand which fire rating is applicable to your storage needs, and how far you are from the nearest fire department.

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