Monday, December 10, 2007

GSA Approved Container Lead Times

Important Notice Regarding GSA Approved Container Lead Times:

Due to increased demand for new GSA Approved containers, safes and cabinets the current lead time on all NEW Class 6 containers is now approx. 60-75 days.

Lead time on all NEW Class 5 containers (IPS, Weapons Safes, etc) is approx. 90 days.

GSA Re-Certified / Refurbished Containers
Lead times on re-certified containers is approx. 5-14 business days .Wet painted containers typically leave the warehouse in 2-3 days. For powder coated finishes this lead time is approx. 7-14 business day.

All lead times are subject to change without notice. Please call Toll Free 866-867-0306 for specific lead times and DX or DO priority rated orders.

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