Monday, March 03, 2008

Rugged Hard Drives NAS

If you are looking for a ruggedized NAS or external hard drive then look no further than ioSafe hardware. These fireproof and waterproof backup devices can withstand a fire at 1700 Degrees F for 1-hour as well as fire hoses, sprinkler systems and floods (saltwater or freshwater) up to 30 feet for water for a month.

One of the best features that truly differentiates these backup devices from any other product on the market is their ability to provide airflow cooling during normal operation, yet still protect your data with complete recovery from fire or water disasters.
To learn more about the importance of proper cooling and airflow from please visit the HDD Temperature website or do a Google search about the importance of airflow and cooling for hard drives as it relates to reliability.

No matter if you have a small or medium business, an enterprise company or have several branch / remote offices, there is an ioSafe hardware device for you.

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