Tuesday, May 06, 2008


What is the best fire safe available?
This question has several answers and depending on the application, security need, storage requirements and fire ratings there are several makes of safes that could be considered the best...for your unique needs.

Most businesses have a "best business practice" requirement to store both paper records and removable backup media such as tapes, DVD's, CD's, or portable and external hard drives. These types of records should be stored in a fireproof cabinet or safe. Depending on the space available there are many configurations to meet your exact needs.

It's important to remember that paper records need UL 350 fire rated files or safes to properly protect from fire while removable media will require the UL 125 fire rating on the safe or cabinet.

If you requirement is simply for security then you can choose from burglary rated safes, TL-30 or TL-15 rated safes (higher security) or the highest security level of GSA Approved Class 5 or Class 6.

Many homes utilize a hidden wall safe or in-floor safe as a deter ant to theft or burglary.

Yes, there are many choices and consideration when it comes time to buy a safe. Contact our expert staff any time Toll Free 866-867-0306 or visit us online at www.klsecurity.com or www.safefile.com

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