Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Goal-Driven Choices are the Best for Your Business
Storing and protect documents and business data is an important part of both daily and future business operations. A lost, deleted or stolen document is a headache that no one in the company wants to deal with, given the amount of actions and tasks already required to move forward in an unsure economy.

When considering a fireproof safe for paper documents and removable media or a hard drive storage device for digital assets it it important to remember that you are making an investment in the viability of your company. Properly securing data and documents is a vital part of business continuity. Proper storage in the event of fire or flood disasters can mean the difference between a simple set back or complete loss of business operations.

Buy a fire safe with your future storage considerations in mind. If your company must comply with Federal Regulations for document or data storage you'll need to make sure that your safe has all of the necessary security features (generally a TL-30 or Class 5 rating) to ensure compliance. For data backup storage requirements it's important to consider capacity (for DLT or LTO tapes) as well as Gigabytes if you are going toward a hard drive, external USB or NAS storage server.

A great question to ask yourself when considering your safe purchase is "What percentage of your total assets do you want to use to protect all of your assets?"

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