Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Home Security Safes

Protecting Jewelry, Valuables, Collectibles and Guns
There are literally hundreds if not thousands of home safes to choose from to ensure your priceless possessions are secure from theft, burglary as well as fire disaster. Before you rush into a purchase it's best to consider your options and storage needs before you buy the best home safe for your money.

What are you storing?
If you only need to protect paper documents such as titles, deeds, insurance or business records you should compare a standard security safe to a fireproof safe. If your documents are worth protecting then a dual label fire and burglary safe would be a wise choice. You'll get more security and protection for your dollar.

Computer Media, Film Negatives, Etc.
Should you need to preserve and protect any type of plastic or removable computer media MAKE SURE that your safe has a UL 125 fire rating. If not, you've just wasted your money on a safe that will not protect these items.

Jewelry Safes
When it comes to precious gems, stones or jewelry you should make the comparison between a burglary rated safe and a TL Rated Safe. Both offer security and protection against theft, however the TL Safes offer the highest and best security rated protection available today. Many TL Safes also carry a UL or Omega Point fire rating. TL Rated safes are the top choice for jewelers and jewelry stores across the USA. If you are protecting items that reach into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars then a TL 30 or TL-15 safe would be ideal.

Hidden Safes
Security safes that are hidden in the wall or floor are ideal when being discreet about your valuables is a must. Keep in mind that only a few manufacturers build fireproof wall safes or floor safes. Dual protection is always a better investment!

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