Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Working for Our Customers

For many small businesses the 2008 year and 2009 has added a new set of challenges to the marketplace. No matter how much time and energy is devoted to marketing through advertising, innovative lead conversion tools will always help our business stay one step ahead of the competition. Generating visitors to the website will always be one of the most cost effective ways to generate B2B leads, and with a tool called Echo Quote, our website visitors can create their own self service price quotes to meet their unique business needs. Every day we strive to increase both our lead generation and quality, with equal importance placed on lead conversion.

On the flip side, Echo Quote has allowed our sales team to customize the process internally, allowing our phone leads to receive custom quotes to their inbox by the time they hang up the receiver. This ‘speed’ differentiator has truly improved our bottom line by being the first in the door. By acting quickly our leads are far more impressed with our customer service and thus more likely to choose our company as their source for safes, file cabinets and hard drives.

We thank all of our customers past and present for choosing KL Security Enterprises, we look forward to continued success and will always make YOU our top priority.

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