Monday, August 03, 2009

Sentry Safe compared to Schwab Corp, New Model Numbers

In August of 2008 Sentry Safe, the world leader in residential and small office security-storage containers, announced the purchase of Schwab Corporation, a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-end security & fire resistant files, safes, cabinets and vault doors for the protection of records.

As the transition from Schwab to Sentry gets underway, you will begin to see new model numbers associated with the quality Schwab fire files you have come to trust.

2HC30-5000 compared to 2L3010
2HC36-5000 compared to 2L3610
2HC43-5000 compared to 2L4310
4HC30-5000 compared to 4L3010
4HC36-5000 compared to 4L3610
4HC43-5000 compared to 4L4310

The new model number system was created to better represent the overall size and type of fire file (in this case lateral cabinets with UL impact rated protection) and better match the model number system of Sentry Safe.

The new pages for our Sentry Safe fire files can be found here:

Two drawer fire files

Four Drawer fire files

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