Monday, January 30, 2012

Fireproof Bankers Boxes

Sometimes the Security You Need is in the Area You Forgot About

When you think of security or fireproof objects at your local bank, what do you think of? Strong safes made of metal; the big vault at the back of the building? You probably don’t think of one of the most common objects in a bank, the Bankers box. These storage boxes are so common, you don’t even see them but they perform an important function. Not all documents are digital or stored in the safety of a vault/safe. Customer files, invoices, receipts, loan forms and other legal and letter-sized paper work are often stored in these cardboard/plastic containers and stored either in a workstation, office or storage room. Both the boxes and the contents within are vulnerable to risks such as fire and water damage.

These documents need to be protected and there is an effective and affordable way to do so; the GB20L SentrySafe Guardian Fireproof and Water Safe Storage Box.

Fireproof Bankers Boxes

This long-term storage container is proven to protect your paperwork from fire, water and other types of environmental damage. Its fire protection is ETL verified for 20 minutes at 1200 F/649 C and ETL graded for water spray resistance. The cover has two secure latches that will keep out any debris and the Guardian holds both letter and legal-sized documents.

Its size and weight make it ideal for a bank or small business environment. The exterior dimensions are 15.8”H by 12.6”W by 19.8”D and the interior size is 12”H by 10”W by 15”D. That is a tremendous amount of storage space (over 1.04 cubic feet or 7.5 gallons!) for your documents. The Guardian only weighs 20lb and that combined with its size make it easy to fit in any nooks or crannies of your office or storage room. It is comparable to the size of traditional Banker boxes and would not require any intensive reorganizing of your filing space.

HELPFUL TIP; you can safely stack three of them on top of one another to save room.

The SentrySafe Guardian is suitable for many different industries where you might need to not only safely store documents but might need easy access to them. Not only banks but any office such as; car dealerships, law firms, accounting offices, retail spaces or for your home workspace.

The importance of securing your files from potential environmental damage cannot be overstated. The Guardian’s most important advantage over the traditional cardboard and plastic storage boxes is the safety and durable of the model. Your paperwork would not only be safe from a fire but also from leaky pipes and sprinkler systems. Do you need to carry files when you’re mobile? The Guardian protects them in car accidents and you wouldn’t have to worry about weather damage while transferring them a vehicle to your office or onsite location. Using fireproof models improves your operations and your ability to serve your customers; it’s a small investment that can reap a great benefit.

Written by Joseph Fowler

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