Monday, October 24, 2005

Fireproof Network Backup System

In today's digital age when a company is faced with a computer or disk failure, the disaster recovery can be very difficult. It would be wise to put into a place your own personal contingency plan for your personal computer or small business network. So how can this be accomplished? There are several simple steps that you can take, as well as products on the market that we will review here today.

Regular Backup of your Computer or Network
Even if you don't use a fireproof network backup safe, offsite storage, or a combination of the two - it is wise to get in the habit of regularly backing up your computer data. If you experience a hardware crash or malicious virus, you can rest assured that all of your hard work is not lost.

Disaster Contingency
According to statistics, 80% of small businesses that go through a disaster such as a fire do not last more than two years. Why is this?? Often times this can be blamed on lost records and data - a customer database, sales records, receipts, insurance documents, etc. are all lost in the fire, with no chance of every recovering them. One solution is to purchase a fireproof safe, another is to use offsite storage. Increasingly, as our reliance on computers continues to grow, it is important to note that there are products available on the market today for continuous computer backup, directly into a fireproof hard drive. These cost effective solutions offer you a complete Disaster contingency plan with one investment. Not only is your data safe from the ravages of fire, but it's guaranteed to be recovered in the event of a disaster! That in itself is worth the intial cost, as most companies can never put a dollar amount on their critical data - it's priceless.

Product Review
Disaster Ready Drive from ioSafe - Recently our company, KL Security Enterprises partnered with ioSafe to offer our customers the only fireproof hard drive on the market today. We recognized the need for a product like the ioSafe, especially for small businesses, and are convinced that products like the ioSafe are the most cost effective solution for business continuity on both a small and large scale. With prices starting at just over $2,000, the ioSafe should be considered a one time investment to preserve the future of your business.

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