Wednesday, October 05, 2005

GSA Approved Security Containers…What are they and where can I find one?

The General Service Administration (GSA) has approved certain safes (although many look like file cabinets) for the storage of classified documents, weapons, ammunition, valuables, pharmaceuticals, etc. So how do you know who is required to use them, what type you are required to use, and where you can you get them?
Anyone that has information that is deemed Classified by the Government is required to store that information in one of these containers. This could be a Federal office, a University, a Government Contractor or Sub-Contractor, or the Military to name a few.

Throughout the history of these containers there have been a total of 7 Classes designed and manufactured. However, only Class 5 and Class 6 are still currently approved and manufactured, all others have become obsolete. Class 6 is the lesser rated container and is approved only for the storage of classified documents, Class 5 holds a higher rating designed to resist forced entry and is required for weapons, ammunition, pharmaceuticals, and other valuables. Considering the price difference it is a good idea to be familiar with the requirements.

All GSA Approved Safes and containers have locks that meet the Federal Requirements listed under Federal Specification FF-L-2740. Currently the standard for most of these containers is the X-09 Lock that is designed to allow for either a single or dual combination.

Additionally, one of the discontinued GSA Approved containers was a fireproof container. Currently there are NO Federal Specifications for this type of product, however it is advised that if you purchase a Fireproof Filing Cabinet or Fireproof Safe that you make sure that it is UL Rated(Underwriters Laboratories).

I have looked everywhere online! Where can I find them?

Available Class 6 Security Containers:

Two, Four, and Five Drawer File Cabinets / Single or Multi Lock

Field Safes / Single or Dual Lock

Map and Plan Cabinets / Custom Interiors

Available Class 5 Security Containers:

Two and Four Drawer File Cabinets / Single or Multi Lock

Map and Plan Cabinets / Custom Interiors

Weapons Containers / Custom Interiors

For more information regarding GSA Approved Security Container call 1-866-867-0305

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