Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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Recently I again contemplated how personal perspective can change your perception and definition of so many of life's' events and possibilities - even how we view disasters or disappointments.

Most days I go about my day to day activities (from breakfast, interaction with my friends - many of who are also business colleagues -, to work and my free time) with a positive attitude. Positive thinking, positive planning, sharing, and learning... Ther are always those times though, that the unexpected happens and throws a wrench in your entire system.

Case in point: As a small business owner in the 21st century I rely on many resources, services, products, information and tools that are beyond my control. From an internet connection, to a phone line, to even the electricity that makes this blog possible - my business functions with so many others as an intregal part of the 80% of our economy's' backbone.

Recently I attempted to switch a business phone line from a phone service provider to an audio and data phone service provider (VOIP) and I am still experiencing several business disruptions per day because of it. From service outtages (e.g. no outgoing faxes for 9 days straight) to hours of phone calls with technical support, it quickly became apparent that without our teams ability to adapt to the service disruption our business could suffer a very large loss of income.

Fortunately for us, (and at a larger level for the manufacturers we represent)our sales team has kept their cool, we're able to stay online, thought ahead, and everyone has continued to do what they do best - helping small and large businesses with their own resiliency in the time of real disasters like fires or floods.

As Bono of U2 so eloquently put it, "some days are better than others".

From 8 am until quiting time, my day revolves around resiliency as it relates to the business world

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