Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fireproof Data Storage - Hard Drives with Complete Disaster Protection

Every day we get phone calls and emails from business owners, purchasing agents, buyers and IT management looking for fireproof backup solutions.

Currently there are two companies who offer on-site hard drive backup that offer protection from fire, water, viruses, computer crash, unauthorized access and more. While ioSafe was the first on the market to offer a disaster ready / fire safe hard drive the latest to join the movement to protect critical company data with real-time backup is the DataFORTRESS from Schwab Corp.Fireprof Safe Manufacturer and Western Digital Hard Drives.

Both hard drives feature the following:

High Capacity Data Storage
ioSafe - 200GB to 400GB
DataFORTRESS - 120GB to 640GB

Disaster Protection Planning
ioSafe - Comes standard with 3 year disaster protection plan and 24/7/365 support.Data Recovery, and product replacement in the event of a fire disaster.
DataFORTRESS - 1 year parts warranty, Life-time after fire replacement guarantee, hard drive data recovery.

Business Backup Software

Both come standard with the Dantz Retrospect backup software for either Windows or MAC

Plug and Play Compatibility
USB 2.0 or FireWire Connections for fast data transfer

So if you are looking for the best fireproof hard drive...Call KL Security Enterprises today and let our experts help you choose the right solution for your storage needs.

KL Security is a Data Storage and Records Management company that specializes in the secure fireproof storage of your vital records, data, DVD's, CD's, disks, tapes and more.

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