Monday, March 20, 2006

Flickr Digital Photostreams - backing up your memories

I am a very avid photographer (aspiring to do this full time). I shoot most of my pictures on 35mm and Medium format film (I love my Lomo-LCA and Pinhole Camera), and my digital stills are on a Nikon D100. For film I always scan my negatives, save them on a dedicated fire safe hard drive, as well as upload them to my Flickr Digital Photograhpy Photostream.

It's nice to not only be able share my photos with friends and family - but I rest easy knowing that I have all of these memories preserved both here at home where I can easily access them, as well as on a remote server.

In short, if you take a lot of pictures - be you a weekend warrior, or just a picture person - you should take the time to learn more about backing up your photos in the digital age.

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