Friday, March 24, 2006

The K.L. Security Sales Philosophy

I decided to write this post to explain the thinking behind our sales process. I seem to get a lot of compliments from potential clients about how we approach our sales, and usually each person that offers a compliment also has a story about other companies in our industry that they were completely unhappy with. I personally have been in some form of management with various companies for the last 12 years. My experience has included farming, major technology stores, restaurants, and finally led to my involvement with K.L. Security Enterprises, Inc. Each step of the way there were different challenges that had to be met, some weighed heavily on motivating employees to do their best, while others were more customer oriented. Over time I have formed what is now the sales approach that I use each and every day within our company.

Personally, I don't think about my actual sales process all that often due to the fact that I don't consider it sales. Recently a customer, or future customer I should say, called and spoke with me for about a half hour or so. She, like most people, knew she needed a fireproof safe or file cabinet, she just didn't know the first thing about them. The problem that she was having was that each company that she had called before calling K.L. Security was more concerned with making a sale rather than making sure that she got what she needed, nothing more but certainly nothing less. About 15 minutes into our conversation she actually thanked me in the middle of explaining the difference between the UL 350 rating and the UL 125 rating. The whole reason she needed fireproof storage was to protect her many (10 to be exact) shoeboxes of pictures of her children. No one previous to calling our business, had told her that there was a difference between the two, and that if she used a standard fire proof file cabinet and was unfortunate enough to experience a fire, that she would lose the one thing she was most concerned with protecting. Instead, each of the other companies she had contacted had quoted her a standard fireproof file cabinet, and most of them quoted the smallest depth cabinet in order to make the price look more enticing. This is a sales technique that is completely based around money, and while we all like making some quick cash, the real value comes in knowing that you have offered the best possible product, at the best possible price, for each individual customer that needs your product or service.

In short and for what it's worth, we really don't sell anything at K.L. Security. We ask questions and offer solutions. If you have questions and need answers just give us a call and judge for yourself. 765-463-7972

Travis Easter

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