Monday, January 07, 2008

Fire Resistant Hard Drive

There are several fire resistant and waterproof USB hard disk drives on the market today and choosing the right product to meet your data storage needs is very important. For the consumer and home user, data storage requirements are usually not as challenging as those for the business or enterprise, however it's of great importance for your fire resistant hard drive to be as reliable as your primary computer system.

Air Flow - Cooling - Heat Dissipation
Air flow and cooling are very important to the reliability of any hard disk drive. Just take a look at your laptop or desktop PC and think about the importance of fans for your computer. Heat is the number one enemy of any hard drive, cooling and air flow are by far the most important element to ensuring your computer or server will last! Would you ever consider cutting the fan on your computer?? NO.

Hard disk drives create heat while in operation (even a little while they are not spinning) and removing that heat with air flow and cooling fins will always remain the number one challenge for hardware manufacturers. Technology will always become faster and smaller, while heat buildup will forever pose a threat to reliability of backup devices.

When choosing the best fire safe USB hard drive for your data backup plan make sure that you're getting more than just a hard drive inside a fire safe, make sure you are buying a reliable backup device!

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