Friday, January 11, 2008

Schwab Corp Vault Door

- UL 155 Compliant Vault Door
- Class B Mercantile Burglary Insurance Rating
- (2) UL 140 Compliant Re-locking Devices
- UL Class 350 - 1,2,4 or 6 Hour Rated

File Room and Vault Door installation is made easy with the Schwab Corp brand. Their vault doors are tested by UL for security features such as the dual re-locking devices, fire protection and water resistance.

When ordering a vault door there are a few bits of information that you will need to provide. First, we will need to know the thickness of the surrounding walls as the jam is set at the factory. For contractors, this is a key feature, as it takes a lot of the physical work out of of the installation. Jams can be set anywhere between 7"-18" and can be installed around block or poured concrete.

Second, we will need to know if you need left or right hand swing. To figure the swing, stand in front of the doorway and decide which side should have the hinges. Right hinge is right swing, left hinge is left swing.

Additional accessories such as daygates, automatic door closers, and additional lock upgrades are available as well.

If you are in the market and are considering the installation of a Vault Door, contact us today to find out which options best suit your needs!

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