Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meilink Safe

For well over a century Meilink high security safes have provided affordable and reliable protection from fire and theft. For businesses that need the best protection for assets that top the scales in the the tens and hundreds of thousands-of-dollars, these safes are engineered to be the strongest that money can buy.

Even with the discontinued production of the TRTL-60x6 Six-sided tool and torch resistant protection (60 minutes or 1 hour security). Meilink continues to be the world leader as a safe manufacturer of the TL-30, TL-30x6 and TL-15 torch and tool resistant safes. These high security safes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and features to fit into different spaces within your business or home.

As all businesses each have their own unique requirements for high security safes our safe specialists and consultants work with you to determine which high security safes will best fit your storage and physical security needs.

What is the TL Rating?
UL TL Rating: The safe must be meet specific construction requirements including thickness of the steel on all sides. The safe is also tested and UL rated to prevent access to contents by physical attack using specific tools including grinders, pick axe, sledge hammer, drills, and saws for a specified period. TL-15 means it passed a 15-man-minute test. TL-30 means it passed a 30-man-minute test. TL-30x6 means it must pass additional tests and added construction requirements on all six sides.

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