Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home Media Server

Redefining Entertainment, Photo Sharing and Digital Asset Storage
File servers and media servers have evolved on many levels and made their way into the homes of hundreds of thousands if not millions of homes. Sharing those favorite digital photos and images with family and friends has never been easier thanks to the drop in price and marketing of home media servers as a standard part of the home entertainment theater and suite.

One of the best ways to describe the benefits of this new movement toward media servers is to share a story of a my friend, his wife and their new baby boy. Like all parents, taking photos at the hospital, baby's first day at home, baby's first tooth, and each and every stage of life has now become the standard. [insert home media server] Sharing these wonderful moments with friends and family that don't live nearby is now easier than ever with the simple addition of a file server sitting next to the DVD player. With a wide variety of manufacturers selling these systems you can easily add a 4 TB server to your list of gadgets and holiday wish list.

For those wanting to preserve those digital family photos, videos and music from fire and water damage you may opt to purchase fireproof hard drives to install inside your server or even buy a home media server that already has fire safe disks standard. No matter if you bundle a Drobo or Netgear ReadyNAS with internal fireproof drives you can rest assured that precious family memories.

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