Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Secure Filing Cabinet

Your office has plenty of paper records stacked in boxes, in desks and you simply don't have the time to scan and digitally archive each and every document. It's time to itemized those vital records and put together a storage plan, buy a filing cabinet and protect the assets that are key to keeping your business going strong in a safe and secure cabinet.

No matter what size your business is, it's important to be able to protect important business papers from fire, flood, theft, etc. You've got several options to choose from including FireKing, Schwab Corp. and many others including Sentry to offer both security and fireproof storage protection.

All fire file cabinets should carry the UL fire-resistance rating for 1-hour, if you need more protection you can also add an impact rating or bump up to a 2-hour fire file for maximum protection. Typically if you are located in a city you will only need the 1-hour rating, 2-hour ratings are certainly more important to rural areas.

Always keep in mind that sensitive internal documents and customer records may need to be shredded on site or with a business-class paper shreddder. Proper document destruction can prevent your business from being liable for lost or stolen records which can be quite damaging to your reputation.

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