Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shredding On Site

Document security is an essential element of doing business. When considering a mobile paper shredding service you should ask yourself a few questions to determine if it may be better to buy a paper shredder.

How much will a full year of mobile shredding cost you? The cost of a mobile shredding service will increase & never go away. With the rising cost of fuel and surcharges you could easily pay for a paper shredder very quickly.

Do you know the actual person shredding your documents and are they trustworthy? While most companies have strong reputations you have opened yourself up to a security risk by allowing papers to be taken off site.

Who has access to the paper bins at your office? If documents have confidential information, how secure are they now?

If the information is not shredded on site, where does it go and who else gets to see it?

No matter which service takes your documents, you are ultimately responsible for all the information.

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