Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brands of Hard Drives for Review

There are several choices for hard drive storage today and choosing the best option for your business or personal digital storage isn't always an easy task. For your convenience we have compiled a list of the best brand name manufacturers of hard drives for review and comparison.

Your best source for high performance, rugged and designer style hard drives. LaCie® builds high performance storage products that are reliable and attractive additions to your buiness or home media entertainment center.

Fireproof and waterproof hard drive manufacturer that offers 3.5" internal drives for computers or servers as well as USB desktop storage with RAID or a NAS storage server. Compare ioSafe, Lacie® and Seagate®

CMS Desktop Hard Drives
CMS offers a wide variety of desktop hard disks. Our desktop hard disk solutions are available with universal mounting brackets to fit most desktop and server computers. We also have custom solutions for special configurations.

Imation® Solid State Drives from Imation® are industry leading solid state storage technology that provide an solution for drive-intensive applications and environments that experience heat and cold temperatures.

From optical disk drives to standard hard disk, Samsung® builds the best for desktops or mobile applications including surveillance or DVR and the large enterprise.

SimpleTech® portable hard drives that are built from recycled aluminum and bamboo offer both designer class and green storage. Find high performance read / write speeds and free online backup with purchase.

Buffalo Technology
Award winning network storage and external hard drives offer easy file access and sharing including flash drive storage for portable secure backup.

Fujitsu Hard Drives
Enterprise class performance and capacity in a small form factor make this the choice for fire safe hard drives safes for paper business documents and removable computer media from Sentry Security group.

Data storage products, solutions and services for storage infrastructure, networking and information management.

Western Digital®
Manufacturer of several brands and types of hard disk drives for the home entertainment / media server market as well as external storage

From DAS (direct attached storage) to Network storage drives this division of Seagate Technology® makes some of the most reliable hard drives built for the home, office or enterprise

Pocket card readers, USB 2.0 hubs SATA hard drive enclosures for desktop solutions.

Internal hard drives in a 2.5" or 1.8" form factor for consumer electronics, laptops, and portable mobile storage for mobile applications or environments.

Rugged external hard drives for military spec applications are the most durable and reliable disk drives for use as portable storage. With patented shock and vibration protection the drives can survive a fall or drop and now include optional encryption technology in Firewire, USB and SATA versions that are engineered for extreme heat and cold temperature and still stay operable.

Offers a wide range of products in many sizes with hard drive capacity, performance and reliability.

Kanguru Portable HD
High quality, high speed hard drives work with PCs, Notebooks and Macs! Fast and affordable, Kanguru Drives are a great way to increase your computers storage capacity! Offering external hard drives, removable hard drives and even scalable storage solutions.

Apricorn Portable External Hard Drives
Rugged storage that is small enough to fit in your pocket with 1.8" external disk drives, DVD drives or portable floppy disks are high capacity and built with the latest technology.

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