Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What is the Cost of Flood Insurance?

There are many ways to assess the true cost of loss from a flood. First you can look at the cost of monthly premiums (determined by a number of factors). This includes the amount and type of coverage being purchased, the location of the building (commercial or residential) and flood zone as well as the design and age of the structure itself.

To determine rates and policy costs you will certainly need to visit your local insurance agent to determine exact costs.

Computer Data and Loss From Flood
What's on your hard drive? This question needs to also be answered when considering your options for flood insurance. Precious family photos and business data are worth backing up and its in your best interest to backup to a hard drive that offers both flood and fire protection. ioSafe, the manufacturer of fire safe and floodproof hard drives offers an elegant and inexpensive way to backup your data and provide protection and coverage that your insurance policy cannot replace - a lost hard drive.

Hard drives are susceptible to damage from water, sprinklers and submersion from a flood, often leaving them inoperable and unrecoverable. By investing in a flood protected hard drive you can recover the third most important part of your home (after your family and pets) and that is your digital photo album and business data.

For more information on Coverage, Loss Paid, Premiums and more - vist the FEMA Website

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