Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Preventing Fire in Your Business and Home

Building Codes Changes Improve Fire Safety

Old or questionable wiring has long been a cause for electrical fires that contribute to the $2.23 Billion in annual loss from fire in the United States. While an overwhelming number of businesses (90%) close their doors after losing records due to a fire many of these fire disasters can be prevented or mitigated by being proactive on electrical safety, updates and upgrading.

New construction codes continually evolve to improve safety and a more recent update involves the use of arch fault breakers. This style of breaker offers better protection and sensing of arc faults and greatly reduces the risk of fire.

Learn more about these breakers from our friends at Artisan with the Electrical Tip of the Day.

The Artisan Electric Blog is a great resource for anyone that is planning to upgrade existing electrical service or in the process of building a new home or business office. The daily electrical fire safety tips offer practical advice and insight on knowing how to prevent electrical fires.

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