Friday, September 18, 2009

Pros and Cons of B2B Website Pricing

At KL Security we work very hard to ensure that our clients and customers have the best product information to make educated buying decisions as well as the best possible pricing available to meet budgetary needs and goals.

For many of our fire files and safes we post our retail prices and standard selling prices. This allows you, our valued customers to gather information quickly for small ticket item purchases.

On many of our higher end products we provide 'self service' price quotes that allow budgetary quotes to be obtained from our company websites 24/7. This valuable feature is made available for many reasons including;

Our customers do not want to calculate or work through pricing matrix forms. By simply listing our product catalog online in a simple format we are able to provide far more quotes per day and improve conversions.

Certain products offerings involve a much more complex sales process. This includes but is not limited to installation, set up, delivery and special discounts on package purchases.

Self service pricing models are very straight forward and allow both our sales and marketing staff to reach goals for customer satisfaction, website conversions and sales. After all, our top priority is to engage our current clients and web visitors with the most value possible.

K.I.S.S. - The 'Keep It Simple Stupid' means we don't collect a large amount of contact information. Our forms are clean and require only a name, email address and phone number to get price quotes within minutes.

For deeper support questions and as standard customer service practice we have two (2) Toll Free numbers to connect our clients directly to an expert sales rep. By maintaining a total of four (4) phone lines we ensure that customers speak with a real live person EVERY time. This allows our staff to ensure that you get the right product for your unique business needs the first time - at the best price possible.

As an added measure we also use our self service pricing model internally, giving our sales staff the ability to generate quotes while on the phone with customers. Typically by the time they finish the call our customers already have a PDF quote in their inbox.

CRM best practices give our business the edge over our competition and we will continue to evaluate and improve every aspect of B2B customer relations as our company grows.

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