Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mosler GSA Safe History | Parts

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Many of or clients have old Mosler safes that are in need of reconditioning or refurbishing. These GSA safes have not been manufactured by the Ohio company since approx. 2001. Mosler Safe Company was one of the largest manufacturers of security equipment, safes and bank vaults.

Both Class 6 and Class 5 containers were manufactured throughout the years. Today many security companies offer refurbished and re certified GSA safes that were built by Mosler. It is possible to find parts for replacement through some locksmiths in the United States.

These used file and safes can be brought up to Federal Spec. # FF-L-2740 with the addition of an X-09 lock made by Kaba Mas. Our selection of used GSA files and safes come standard with the X-09 lock and include dock to dock shipping in the price.

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