Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Does GSA Stand for?

catalog and vendors for safes
GSA is the acronym for General Services Administration. The GSA is the federal agency in the United States of America that support and are a resource for all federal agencies (DOJ, USDA, FWS, ARMY, NAVY, etc) for the procurement of goods, services, products, safes and general office supplies.

The GSA works to create and implement government-wide pricing programs to ensure the the best prices and reliable contractors are sourced. The official mission of the General Services Administration is "help federal agencies better serve the public by offering, at best value, superior workplaces, expert solutions, acquisition services and management policies."

GSA Advantage & GSA Schedules

The central website for procurement of GSA Approved products and services is designated at On this website any federal agency can search and sort for products needed for daily operation within their organization. The website includes all of the schedules for each contractor allowed to sell directly to the US Government. Each contractor that is listed on GSA has been pre-screened to evaluate the ability to provide their designated products or services in a timely and responsible manner, at the best price possible.

Procurement specialists, managers and supply chain officers can view the GSA Contracts and Schedules and make purchases with confidence, with full understanding that all legal obligations have been negotiated and put into effect.

KL Security Enterprises, Inc maintains a GSA Contract under FSC Group 71 III E

FSC Class 7110

Contract Number GS-03F-0031R

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