Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Military Grade Hard Drives for the Computer

Rugged computer hard drives are a must for everyone who works in the field doing research or business operations. Protecting data from accidental drop, shock and vibration are paramount to data integrity.

There are several manufacturers that make rugged external hard drives as well as portable drives. One of the most reputable brand names in the military grade market is Olixir or Olixer (mispelled) engineer high end flash drives, solid state external disks as well as custom computer towers that offer extreme duty protection from accidental drop or impact.

Recently ioSafe debuted an SSD drive that compares to the Olixir in that it can withstand shock and vibration without data loss. The ArmorPlate military grade steel case on the ioSafe drive also features fireproof and waterproof layers to protect from data disaster of all type.

Both brands have attractive features and prices and take data storage very serious. Olixir stands out in the portable hard drive arena and the ioSafe brand is now very well known and trusted in the military spec market.

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