Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Coping with Primary Hard Drive Failure

Consider me coping... yes, that's correct - recently I had a hard drive failure, my desktop workstation decided it was time for a break. Perhaps it was one too many power surges, or maybe the hundreds of times that I would reset the power strip with my feet, possibly the nearly full drive, maxxed out RAM, and too much solitaire when the boss wasn't around... Certainly a combination of all of the above, right?!

So I've been doing my best to deal with it and here are my reactions in order:

1) Disbelief
2) Anger
3) More disbelief
4) More Anger
5) Relief that I now have a clean slate to work from

Yes, there is a silver lining here - I have a fresh new hard drive, that is just waiting for me to fill it up with my latest marketing strategy document, multi-tiered public relations campaign, and 2006 advertising platforms for the company.
In all fairness, I went into data recovery mode and some things were recovered. But from now on when our company is faced with a primary hard drive failure we have all of our company data stored on a fireproof hard drive from ioSafe. It offers security from natural disasters such as fire, flood, water, etc. But also redundant backup (which should be part of everyone's business continuity plan!) and additional security from a potential virus.

Next time my computer takes a dump... well, I won't loose a thing... and better yet, I should be able to get back to playing solitaire that much sooner.

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