Monday, January 16, 2006

Digital Photograph Storage - Fireproof Hard Drives!

What would you do if your computer crashed or got a virus and you lost all of your favorite digital photos? All of your digital storage gone...

From family photos, vacations, to birthday parties... all gone.

I spend a large part of my free time taking pictures. Both with my Minolta AF5000 SLR Film camera (this camera takes splendid black & whites by the way...), a Nikon D100, Lomo LC-A, Orbit 360F, and with a canon powershot digital camera. Nearly every roll of film that I use ends up getting digitized and loaded on my hard drive so I can email family and friends and upload my photos to my Flickr Photostream... and of course the digital files get dumped directly to a dedicated hard drive. if I were ever to loose these images - in a computer crash or worse yet a fire... I would be devastated.

But along comes a man with an idea... His name, Robb Moore and he designed and created the first fireproof hard drive for redundant computer backup - in the event of a virus, crash, fire, or flood - the ioSafe Disaster Ready Drive will set your mind at ease.

As a photographer - I would reccomend that you look closely at both the ioSafe especially professional photographers who have their own businesses, as you can store all of your important company documents, etc in a manner that ensures the integrity of your digital data.

Many professional photographers choose the NAS storage device, ioSafe R4 for its high data storage capacity and RAID redundancy.

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