Monday, December 21, 2009

Alternate Testing for UL Rating

Testing for Safes and Digital Storage
Historically the Underwriters Laboratories, know collectively as UL, has been the world leader in the testing of fireproof safes, fire files and other products that require independent third party verification. While most consumers are familiar with the U.L. label on products there are other testing facilities that perform fire endurance tests.

ETL or Intertek is a very highly regarded testing laboratory for both fire and water endurance or resistance. ETL provides a full range of Product Testing, Certification and Inspection for benchmark setting, performance standards and more.

Another alternate testing for ul ratings is the Western Fire Center in Kelso, Washington. The fire experts at WFC specialize in fire testing, materials testing, materials properties, ICAL, calorimeter, fire investigation as well as fire litigation.

Omega Point Labs or OPL is another division of Intertek. OPL has the capability of testing to industry requirements, ASTM standards (fire curves) to quickly determine surface burning characteristics of products around the world.

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