Friday, March 12, 2010

Mosler Safe Serial Numbers

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All used GSA safes from Mosler, Diebold and Hamilton have a serial number that indicates the date of manufacture for each brand. The label will also include the model number or NSN number (National Stock Number) and the Government contract number that was used as the vehicle to purchase the safe, container or file cabinet.

Location of the Serial Number
Finding the serial number on a two drawer container or 4 drawer container is fairly simple and requires just a few steps.

Step 1.
Open the top drawer of the container. Some used safes have the older X-08 or X-07 locks, all new containers have the X-09 TPI lock.

Step 2.
Pull open the control drawer head and look on the outside right of the drawer head.
TPI Control Drawer Head
Step 3.
The serial numbers are located on the outside right when facing the GSA Approved Container.

For more information on all used safes, parts and file cabinets including storage cabinets for evidence and narcotics lockers Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306.

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