Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Repair vs. Replacement of GSA Approved Containers

compare used versus new safes
With many budgets shrinking there is an increase in the number of requests for used Mosler safes, Hamilton containers and other brands of refurbished and re-certified GSA Approved Containers.

Opting for a repaired container versus a new replacement is an option that many Federal agencies and contractors choose for time constraints related to audit procedures and/or budget concerns. It is important to understand several aspects of GSA security to ensure that the repaired or used containers meet current specifications and regulations for the storage of top secret and classified materials.

Detailed information can be found at:

Department of Defense Lock Program:
Technical Support Hotline
Phone: (805) 982-1212, toll-free (800) 290-7607, or DSN 551-1212
Website: https://portal.navfac.navy.mil/go/locks/

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