Thursday, March 04, 2010

S&G Audit Lock | Electronic Lock Battery Replacement |

electronic safe

Many of our clients choose to have an audit control lock installed on their safe or fireproof file cabinet. This includes safes from each brand we carry including; FireKing, SentrySafe, Hamiliton, and Gary safes as well as vaults or vault doors.

The preferred lock is the S&G Audit Lock as its superior engineering and user modes offer the best choice in audit trail locks. These locks are programmable via the keypad in the field for single control, dual control, as well as employee and manager modes. These operation modes can also be changed at any time for the best in flexibility during an audit situation. Multiple user codes allow organizations of all types to customize their lock security to match their own access control policies and procedures.

These S&G audit control locks allow management to track and manage the entry into cash safes, evidence rooms and other high security areas that have access control practices in place. Over time the audit control locks require battery replacement and the 9 volt batteries inside the lock can be changed quite easily. A complete look and detail of battery replacement can be found at

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